Know stop too win

Tao does not belong to knowing or to not-knowing. Knowing  is illusion , no-knowing is blankness. If you really attain to Tao of no-doubt, it is like a great void, so vast and boundless, How then, can there be right and wrong in Tao? 
At these words  Chao-chou was suddenly enlightened.

Weigh two inn lie ten mint

Datuma brought “Dhyana” to China where it met Tao and Kǒng Fūzǐ to become Chan.

Paper flowers by Mieko in a bizen container in the afternoon light,

Fort Hill, Roxbury MA was a kind of retreat for an afternoon, just far enough to be quiet , look over the city to Back Bay and still see the traffic busy moving. Once read, in its great time it was a one-day wagon ride with house hold stuff and family to the summer retreat for the wealthy from Beacon hill . This is or was, a Revolutionary War monument .

Lurking in the shadows a wood sculpture of some guardian protector. Image that the skill your father taught you was how to carve traditional wooden guardians.

Two hundred millions hours everyday is the time spent by women collecting water. (Living in places where there is no residential running water. Ed.)
From a report on DW TV .

Pilot, Boston Harbor 1971, This pier has probably been gentrified by now,

Looking over Cambridge near Porter Square.

Gerry’s Record Shop in Boston

Western MA

Alameda Creek

Waling along Alameda Creek, seeing the same things everyday makes me wonder about other same things I see everyday. in other parts of my life.

Government? What is the purpose of government? Why do we have it ? Where did it come from?

Should we assume as long as there have been human beings there has always been government? Did humans develop government to (attempt) to solve a problem and government evolved from there?

What?, or better When? is a human being?. Everyone knows what it means —that place along the evolutionary scale that a qualitative change in consciousness occurred. Yet there is no scientific interval or ratio level standard to measure this “consciousness.” We are both subject and object , the Universe looking at itself.

Mammals in the human line of evolution developed social living behaviors before they became human, we could say conceptually its in the DNA.

Social interaction, even pre-human, generates it own “field of culture” initially coming from the successful behavior of individuals who live in a group (society), influencing the structure of human behavior.— where on this continuum is the beginning of humans—where ever the behavior started it was behaviors which were successful for living a stable enough life to raise a family which were necessary and sufficient.

“Not that each and every person behaved in accordance, all human survival needs is “enough” individuals in the group survive— just enough to enable families to survive.

In this sense History is story of the “some” of that survival and the kinds of social order created by people.

One quality of human beings is they can communicate with each other.—still, “poor communication” is considered a major problem in society, the part that makes the “poor” part of human communication by percentage of all human communication which is “poor” is very small— we drive cars, and ride in airplanes, make billions of daily purchases, 50,000 people can come together for a sports event and not have a gang war. But that small amount can also be very divisive problematic. . .

And may lead to situations where people, and often innocent people, are killed or severely injured, families are destroyed, war , and the list goes on and on and on.

Enough individuals need to do enough for the group to survive, whether by personal choice actively and directly involved in survival behaviour, or authoritarian structure where some do work under different level sf duress and others benefit enforced by law..

One interesting thing about human beings is that there are many things which may not be necessary for human survival have become essential for survival—our mass consumer economy has created a cacophony of products, businesses and markets creating new behaviors some instead of and others opposed to, existing behaviors

Science & technology qualitatively improve human access to survival necessities increasing survival outcomes,

Past behavior creates a structure of behavior in the society to which people become adjusted, where doing it reinforces the structure and reinforce it but Science and Technology create new things which require changes in the established behavior —notice how behavior at jobs has changed in our own history.

People create new, and often better, ways to meet needs which bring changes to their society, changes which in turn bring new needs, new products and new changes—and new confrontations between the old and new way of doing things.

People developed history which makes us thankful for our personal survival but still its more than sad to also see the injustice, the inhumanity and the suffering of so many innocent people to reach this level . . . still it only encourages the social problems to grow if knowledge of these injustices and inhumanities are censored by political opportunists.

Those “bad” behaviors are embedded in each of us biologically —as are the good behaviors!—as we grow from birth to adult and as adults reinforced by our sense of reality.

Only thank God men have done learned how to forget quick what they ain’t brave enough to cure.

Faulkner The Hamlet


What do you think an economy should do?—Maybe another time! I have a few of these images, sitting at computer I lean back, look down, and often enjoy the design of line and color.

The camera is a tool that sees but needs the person to tell it what to see.

My mother had a stroke, which impaired her cognitive ability enough to activate my Power of Attorney, she also developed expressive aphasia. When I was with her I was often measuring her sensual abilities needed for everyday situations such as identifying steps.surfaces, distances, letters and words.

Feets don’ fail me now.

Sometimes I would compare categories, see could see a tree, she could reach out and touch it, if she encountered it in the path she would walk around it and she would call it a “keller” or a a “pugne.” After lunch she would look out the window and count the “kellors.”

Interesting New England building

When I took her to a new place such as to a doctor, I would first make the trip by myself, scout it out, measuring the time and identifying any problems such as parking, distances, stairs.

Cambridge, 1970 Music in the park

By the time you get to here you may be wondering what is a photograph supposed to do. Photographs have been around for about two centuries, Art is creating an image to communicate instead of using visual symbols representing spoken language, and Chinese characters are somewhere in between and graphic designers often use design of the type to make a word express a feeling. 5.13 billion people—66.5%— around the world have cell phones and of that three billion are smart phones—

Looks like a bus stop in HIghland Ave in Somerville .

Three billion people are carrying around a high quality camera and can use that camera to instantly send the photograph to someone else.—Billions of photographs are created everyday., I would often see this bus stop in in early 1970s and people would often would often be talking, people might come early to socialize a little before the bus. Now everyone is busy talking or listening to their phones.

Bus stop on HIghland Ave, Somerville MA

Gate, Gate, Paragate, , Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha

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