Les know, thing too say

Light misconverswayshuns with mycelph.

. People have eyes which sense, light and pass the information to the “brain.” which defines it, gives it meaning,
Young ones looking for their mother.

The camera is a tool to record light to be printed as an image, an image people believe is “close to a real representation of a thing.” The camera can be adjusted to read and print an image which corresponds to the image seen by the human eye. That seems logical— the printed image resembles what we see with our human eyes, or why would people make a camera which recorded things the human eye cannot see..

“Seen by the human eye” itself begs many questions——

Photographs are acceptable as proof in legal matters—they serve as proof of identification; people are comfortable to order things from printed and digital catalogs,;marriages are destroyed by photographs of unfaithfulness, .

In a sense the universe, from the human visual perspective, is a bunch of “things” with “space ” (no thins) between them, though as we “learn more about the universe” we also learn the space containing “no things” is made up of mor smaller things.

Is “no thing”really a thing itself?

Does a dog have Buddha nature?

In the Universe there is no such thing as no thing, nothing., the thing of no-thing —outside of the Universe? We only know things when we can compare to another thing., bt when we do that, we misbelieve the thing exists all by itself separate from anything else.

And even when The Light points the Way people may ignore it.

Alameda Creek

I walk along Alameda Creek Trail mos’ everyday, and make these images, sometimes a meet with another person and walk, but mostly I walk by myself, listen to podcasts and think about stuff.

The camera records a moment of light which may be printed to a medium. We can also “see” that moment, but cannot make a “photographic record of it like the camera. image which no matter how many times it is printed it looks the same.

People do record the image, it goes to their brains , gets a definition, a meaning but as one lives the recall of that moment often becomes different, it gets a different meaning.

In same photo people will also see different things even when the camera sees the same thing.

People may also see the same photograph, agree they see the same thing an at the same time also see different things . . . . .

In a photograph of a poor family, two people agree its an image of a poor family but one feels compassion and injustice while another sees a “loser” and feels proud of their personal achievements.

In a sense a person’s life is like a snowball rolling down a never ending mountain, getting bigger and bigger.

Sometimes the snow it rolls through may be more or less sticky, sometimes the sun comes out and melts some snow off it. and sometimes its really cold and freezes it up, maybe it even stops rolling down until the sun comes back out to melt it a little..

And sometimes various pieces which joined the snowball at different places melt together to become some different thing, maybe some thing which never existed before.

Our snapshots are visual records of things in our lives. If you owned a “famous photograph” worth mucho money and you house caught on fire, and you could only grab one load, would you take the “famous photograph” or your book of family snapshots?

Sometimes we refer to people who can remember things more accurately than most as having a “photographic memory.”

While others who make photographs seek to have knowthing to say


Monday, nothing
Tuesday, nothing
Wednesday and Thursday nothing
Friday, for a change
A little more nothing
Saturday once more nothing

Song by the Village Fugs (middle 1960s)

Is the kid seeding the field with a new crop or throwing a bomb?

A summer afternoon in western Massachusetts.

When the right hand does not no what the left hand is doing .

The Morris Bellis Tire Center, Arlington MA, circa 1971

For a couple of years we did furniture moving in Boston with a van, ran an ongoing ad in The Pheonix , a bed, table, chest of drawers, maybe a couch and stereo, and who knows what in black opaque plastic bags, though it it were books ora set of dishes we found out when the bag broke from too much weight.

We would buy used 6 or 8 ply tires from from Mr.. Morris Bellis.

Sengakuji on a late Spring afternoon, no one there to pay respects to the 47 Ronin For ¥500 buy a package of stick incense and light one for each plus Lord Asano and his wife as the city continues to grow up around them.

And young people have better things to do than dote on the past.

Mom was in memory care for 3 1/2 years, we saw her at least once a day,. often went out shopping, eating, sightseeing and for doctor visits. At this place everyday I would sit with her for supper.. Mom was very bright, since her stroke and severe memory loss, she knew something had happened, that something was different, and she was constantly trying to figure it out, but he could never understand why or how things changed .


When we were young is now a thing of the past, and still many fail to meet the standards set by Dan, Duke Wen of early Zhou. dynasty.

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bohdhi Svaha

Miggleman & Leicester

“Sometimes its not what you need to remember, but what you need to learn.”

Emerson MIggleman, from his Second tribute speech for Wallace “Wally” Leicester at his Fifth Retirement Dinner

Many governments have been founded upon the principle of the subordination and serfdom of certain classes of the same race; such were and are in violation of the laws of nature. Our system commits no such violation of nature’s laws. With us, all of the white race, however high or low, rich or poor, are equal in the eye of the law. Not so with the negro. Subordination is his place.”

Cornerstone Speech Alexander H.Stephens Vice President of the Confederate States of America Savannah, Georgia, 1861

Toledo Ohio, 1969 Model Cities funded pre school.in the Old West End.

Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner-stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.

Cornerstone Speech Alexander H.Stephens Vice President of the Confederate States of America Savannah, Georgia, 1861

Model Cities office 1969 This couple had just arrived from  Appalachia in an old car full of dirty clothes and fast food packages strewn around the backseat.. They had not eaten for some time—don’t remember—and they were not really going to Toledo, they just ran out of gas and money.

After the war, Stephens was imprisoned until October 1865. The following year, the Georgia legislature elected Stephens to the United States Senate, but the Senate declined to seat him due to his role in the Civil War. He won election to the House of Representatives in 1873 and held that office until 1882, when he resigned from Congress to become governor of Georgia. Stephens served as governor until his death in March 1883.

From Wikipedia

;On Tuesday (12-07-2021) a bi-partisan group of Japanese lawmakers visited Yasukuni Shrine, regarded as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism by its Asian neighbors, for the first time in more than two years. The group of 99 politicians, headed by Hidehisa Otsuji of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, visited the Tokyo shrine in the morning to pay respects to the country’s war dead. Otsuji is a former vice president of the House of Councilors.

This photograph (from Reuters) successfully communicates multiple levels of important political and human feelings about this issue.

The stone torii at Yasakuni Jinja visually feels authoritative .with a softness — “fatherly authoritative.”

People come for may different reasons. It was founded to commemorate the Japanese national spirit by honoring military achievements. Following WWII some Japanese high level military and political individuals found guilty of War Crimes against the Chinese and Koreans who were sentenced to prison or executed, have their remains “enshrined/interred” at Yasukuni Jinja.

Preparing an Ikebana Exhibition at Yasukuni Jinja. Shrines and temples are not so much places where people come to worship as places where people come together to do community social things. In Japan temples and shrines are often involved with daily community activities, even if its only taking the daily shortcut through the temple grounds on your way to work.

Shinto priest approaching, visitors leaving

Alameda Creek

Light misconverswayshuns with my self

I walk along Alameda Creek mos’ every day, usually about 3-4 miles Its just down the street, its free, and I can fit it in whenever I want. I can listen to podcasts or I can have a conversation with myself. Sometimes I will walk with other people I meet, or have met.

The good thing about walking with others is that we talk and I don’t think about, or have conversation with my self—or whichever self I happen to be then.

Along Alameda Creek people are different, how they look for example. Many people have purchased clothes specifically for jogging, .walking or bike riding along the trail. Some are members of a group and have same shirts with the name of the group , some are please to advertise, for free, for the manufacturer of the clothing.

Nylon, a synthetic fiber made of polymers, doesn’t break down easily and accounts for about 10% of the debris in the ocean. .Plastic products are non-biodegradable and an last as long as 40 to 50 years without being broken down.

Humans generally do not dwell on what life was like in history. We don’t experience it, and we are daily further and further removed from it.

Consider all the “things” we have in our every day life that did not exist 200 years ago, much less 35,000 years much less 300,000 years ago, i.e. the beginning of Homo Sapiens. Tools reflect this and you can learn a lot from working with old tools

Still humans are basically doing the same things, aren’t we?

Eating, sleeping sheltering, traveling, raising chldren, .pooping & peeing. and . . . working .

Look at what wealth has brought to us. . . .

But just who is this “us”?

Last year there was a 60% increase in the sales of $500,000,000 yachts . . .US??? and still billions in poverty

We humans are all here born on this earth, each of us has a birthright claim to this earth. The Universe is 13.8 billion years old, . one life @75 years, or about 0.00000000057% of the time.

Here we are, on a big rock zooming through space, we don”t know from where we came, no idea where we are going —and just focus onour0.00000000057%. its expanding and we just along for the ride, as short as it may be.

Consider the billions of human lives which have been lost to the greed of a few individuals—There is more than enough to ensure that no one on Earth is in poverty, no one lacks education or basic health care, yet so many very wealthy perceive those that do not have wealth as their enemy. while they could so easily be bought off by the very wealthy for so little — just some basic food, education and health care.


Bart gives a hand to himself—Bart Simpson was a character in Nathanael West’s The Day of the Locusts.

The show was reminder how much fun people can have with satirical social comment and how much work it takes to be convincingly stupid.


Little birdie, little birdie,
What makes your head so red?
You’ve a short time for to be here
An’ a long time to be dead

Appalachian folk song

Box Art, a la Joseph Cornell by Winifred Baker Russell, She gave this to me when I was art school living in Cambridge about 1973-74 while on her way to a new job and a new life in LA as curator of a museum, a position she had been working for and rightfully earned, since graduating college. Shortly afterward way, too shortly, one rainy night she was in an automobile accident and died..She was an amazing person. and after moving cross country in a tiny little car, I still have this piece of “recycled ”art.

Wear two go

志野焼 Shino-yaki

Antique e-shino plate: Shino is a Japanese “folk pottery” kiln from the Seto-Mino area of Japan. The “e” refers to picture; e-shino means shino pottery with a picture, such as a brush drawing of a plant.

Generally quality Japanese pottery, folk or Kyoto style, comes packaged in a wooden box called a “Tomobaku” (link to Robert Yellin’s explanation). often the box is also a piece of Art.

This is how Sidney Cardozo writes about an encounter in his book The Art of Rosanjin. 

When Rosanjin did call on Picasso, he brought this most renowned Western artist an example of his potting. Naturally it was in the finest of paulownia wood boxes. Picasso was fascinated by the smoothness of the wood and glowed with pleasure as he stroked the surface. Impatiently, Rosanjin thundered “Not the box, not the box, you simple child! What I made is inside the box!”  
Quoted from Robert Yellin’s excellent site on Japanese pottery : http://www.e-yakimono.net/html/thebox.HTM

This box top says:
Large kanji = Set (of dishes); small kanji refers to e-shino,
They are (likely) antique I b ought them some years ago from Robert Yellin who told me they came from a “roadhouse,.’ its a nice story, I don”’t know if its true, however the large characters are an old way of referring to a set of dishes. In Japan where a set of stuff for serving food is generally five—plates, ,bowls, yunomi, hashioki, etc.

Pottery is a tool created by human beings to improve the quality of life. Its been around for over 25,000 years . Who thought of making a bowl out of mud?; who thought of firing the piece of mud and figured out how to make a container which could hold liquid? Pottery is a tool people use in their daily life. and the quality of the potter is both technical and ascetic.

Unohanagaki style shino chawan, after style of a famous tea bowl., also purchased from Robert Yellin,

Do you have a favorite cup or bowl. which you use regularly because you enjoy using it? ?? Which artists first created pottery to gave meaning to the lives of everyday users, I think the artistic experience of daily using a wonderful rice bowl is more important than going to a museum where I have to pay, stand in line, can only go at certain times. and No Touching Please!

An aka shino (red) guionmi. for sake

grey shino guinomi

Gray shino yunomi for every day sencha or buncha..

Alameda Creek

Invited by our parents
We came here

As temporary guests,
And without remaining mind,
We go back to our native place

Takuan Sōhō  沢庵 宗彭, December 24, 1573 – January 27, 1645

Mos’ days I walk along Alameda Creek . I have a small p&s —Nikon 8200—camera. I’m walking for 3-4 miles for exercise so I don’t carry the heavier SLR , and the SLR would focus me on protecting the camera when the main purpose of being there is the exercise.

Some people express “Its a wonder that people are so different!!”

There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night.
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone

Ripple song by Grateful Dead

Equally amazing is that even though each individual has “unique experiences” using their five senses to “know” the Universe, these unique experiences, through reason, become common experiences..and it can do this while maintaining the unique experience. Houses are al different , but we can talk about houses n general—common meaning— and our Dream House or a F.L. Wright house .

Its a wonder we are so much the same— humans have common languages. A language is a complex thing to learn and individuals learn, at whatever different levels, a language—even people who may not have .all five senses are able to learn/create some kind of language to communicate with others and to share common meanings.

Words, audible sounds, which originally were unique meaningful expressions of an individual became homogenized common sounds for a networked group of people, a society.

When western anthropologists first “discovered” different small societies there were not so many material variables and/or they were not able to see them, but they could “feel” and “see” this“ process of culture” as it worked in a small setting..

As part of the “European colonialization period” social scientists, still in its infancy, like most Europeans tended to view these others as “technologically not so advanced” which probably leads to an observational methodological bias that the more advanced can observe the less advanced and understand what is going on and the less advanced cannot have this understanding.

Along with the negative aspects, the concept of “culture,” the process of the homogenization of individual unique experiences so that people speak the same language with common meanings was, to some extant, at the expense of individuals not having sounds to express their unique experiences which few, if any others, outside of family would understand.

Learning your language just happens by growing up. Its a natural process of human beings.and a good example of how natural human qualities are quantitatively distributed among human beings. What is the difference between an obsession and an ability to focus?

Through written human history, we know there were other people who as adults traveled around the Earth, learned to speak and read/write other languages. Centuries before CE, peoples were migrating, traveling, trading, conquering building civilizations all over the Earth.—basically :

The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been
opening lines from Romance of the Three Kingdoms  三國演義 14th century Classic Chinese novel.

What we call “Globalization” is a process which has been going on for a long time , since the beginning of Humanity, when homo sapiens decided they could not survive here and moved there.

But very slowly. . .

Home sapiens are 200,000 years history, These technological changes creating a Global Village have rapidly accelerated during the past centuries, faster during the past few decades and even faster during the past 20 years.

People all over the Globe have quality “culture-process” inter-communication, and increasingly humans all over the world are affected by, and are effecting, a world culture. In the he human past is hows this kind of process has been cycles of killing, stealing , subjugating and the “law & order” of a political elite. Who owns the Earth? Why do I own this piece of land my house sits on? Going back 25 years its because I paid for it, but going back centuries, its because some people committed genocide and property theft to colonialize and later found this country.

If in the present and future process of Globalization, humans cannot develop a better process to unite and create a global political entity, who’s to say, but for sure hundreds of millions of innocent humans on Earth will die.


I do not believe that Art has to make a social or political statement, but I do believe Art can be used to make a social or political statement, and that sometimes the Art makes a social or political statement without the intention of the artist to do so.

To whom does Art belong?

This family used to walk by my apartment regularly on their way to shopping. He looks like a good son but sometimes I feel sorry for him Jamacia Plain, 1973

See how they are dressed, the expressions on their faces and their gestures. It feels like Iron Curtain countries, 1950s. I used to wonder, here is a young man about my age, did he work at a job with a career track? What kind of goals he had for his life? did he date or join buddies for Saturday night at a neighborhood bar with a pool table which served boilermakers with beer chasers? Jamaica Plain, circa 1973

A snowing day in the Back Bay (about 1972)

Early one morning, Sometimes people like photographs of themselves, sometimes they object. Making photographs of myself has been a combination of a readily available and cheap model ,

This man looks like a walking meditation.

This is really not graffiti., I stand in front of the sun, the image is there, and after I make the photograph and walk away the image is gone just as if I had never been there. Still theoretically the area of sunlight blocked f would for a second or two have a made an impression on the paint. Suppose we had a machine which 200 years from now could read the paint and visually recall the moment of the image and measure the difference—would that change history?

Words can be more perfect than behavior, they can describe a utopia, but while its only behavior which can make it happen, its the words that inspire and direct.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā,

A small image of buddha from the temple where grew the Bodhi Tree under which Shaka Buddha was enlightened.