Les know, thing too say

Light misconverswayshuns with mycelph.

. People have eyes which sense, light and pass the information to the “brain.” which defines it, gives it meaning,
Young ones looking for their mother.

The camera is a tool to record light to be printed as an image, an image people believe is “close to a real representation of a thing.” The camera can be adjusted to read and print an image which corresponds to the image seen by the human eye. That seems logical— the printed image resembles what we see with our human eyes, or why would people make a camera which recorded things the human eye cannot see..

“Seen by the human eye” itself begs many questions——

Photographs are acceptable as proof in legal matters—they serve as proof of identification; people are comfortable to order things from printed and digital catalogs,;marriages are destroyed by photographs of unfaithfulness, .

In a sense the universe, from the human visual perspective, is a bunch of “things” with “space ” (no thins) between them, though as we “learn more about the universe” we also learn the space containing “no things” is made up of mor smaller things.

Is “no thing”really a thing itself?

Does a dog have Buddha nature?

In the Universe there is no such thing as no thing, nothing., the thing of no-thing —outside of the Universe? We only know things when we can compare to another thing., bt when we do that, we misbelieve the thing exists all by itself separate from anything else.

And even when The Light points the Way people may ignore it.

Alameda Creek

I walk along Alameda Creek Trail mos’ everyday, and make these images, sometimes a meet with another person and walk, but mostly I walk by myself, listen to podcasts and think about stuff.

The camera records a moment of light which may be printed to a medium. We can also “see” that moment, but cannot make a “photographic record of it like the camera. image which no matter how many times it is printed it looks the same.

People do record the image, it goes to their brains , gets a definition, a meaning but as one lives the recall of that moment often becomes different, it gets a different meaning.

In same photo people will also see different things even when the camera sees the same thing.

People may also see the same photograph, agree they see the same thing an at the same time also see different things . . . . .

In a photograph of a poor family, two people agree its an image of a poor family but one feels compassion and injustice while another sees a “loser” and feels proud of their personal achievements.

In a sense a person’s life is like a snowball rolling down a never ending mountain, getting bigger and bigger.

Sometimes the snow it rolls through may be more or less sticky, sometimes the sun comes out and melts some snow off it. and sometimes its really cold and freezes it up, maybe it even stops rolling down until the sun comes back out to melt it a little..

And sometimes various pieces which joined the snowball at different places melt together to become some different thing, maybe some thing which never existed before.

Our snapshots are visual records of things in our lives. If you owned a “famous photograph” worth mucho money and you house caught on fire, and you could only grab one load, would you take the “famous photograph” or your book of family snapshots?

Sometimes we refer to people who can remember things more accurately than most as having a “photographic memory.”

While others who make photographs seek to have knowthing to say


Monday, nothing
Tuesday, nothing
Wednesday and Thursday nothing
Friday, for a change
A little more nothing
Saturday once more nothing

Song by the Village Fugs (middle 1960s)

Is the kid seeding the field with a new crop or throwing a bomb?

A summer afternoon in western Massachusetts.

When the right hand does not no what the left hand is doing .

The Morris Bellis Tire Center, Arlington MA, circa 1971

For a couple of years we did furniture moving in Boston with a van, ran an ongoing ad in The Pheonix , a bed, table, chest of drawers, maybe a couch and stereo, and who knows what in black opaque plastic bags, though it it were books ora set of dishes we found out when the bag broke from too much weight.

We would buy used 6 or 8 ply tires from from Mr.. Morris Bellis.

Sengakuji on a late Spring afternoon, no one there to pay respects to the 47 Ronin For ¥500 buy a package of stick incense and light one for each plus Lord Asano and his wife as the city continues to grow up around them.

And young people have better things to do than dote on the past.

Mom was in memory care for 3 1/2 years, we saw her at least once a day,. often went out shopping, eating, sightseeing and for doctor visits. At this place everyday I would sit with her for supper.. Mom was very bright, since her stroke and severe memory loss, she knew something had happened, that something was different, and she was constantly trying to figure it out, but he could never understand why or how things changed .


When we were young is now a thing of the past, and still many fail to meet the standards set by Dan, Duke Wen of early Zhou. dynasty.

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bohdhi Svaha

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