Weighting forego, dough?

I prefer to go slo o o o o o o o o o o o o o then godot.

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A painting on a building along Market, St and the east end of UN plaza. All kinds of people will be here everyday. The first time I came from around a corner, saw the building, the “local business men” lining the sidewalk and then the painted part of the building was bright in the sunlight. I got into a conversation with the father of the artist who painted it, I wanted to know how she did it, he thought I was judging the it.

The man feels safe enough to rest with his eyes shut, or perhaps is even sleeping, while riding BART. How does he know where to get off? How does he know when to wake up ? How does he know?

Where ever I have been I never fit in much . . .

I can understand feeling alone in a group, . . .

even a group united with a common cause..
Do you believe the world can be a better place?

Alameda Creek

A photograph is that small moment connecting the past and the future. Does it make any difference in the photograph if that moment of exposure time was longer or shorter? Well not really, Its not a matter of collecting more information but the camera adjustments controls the light which comes into the lens to record an image which can be sensed by the human eye and the exposure time may be adjusted to get the image which is seeable by the eye. . Do we see in the photograph what we see when we see it.? or Do we see what we think we see.

The light we are seeing from outer space now is very old, compare it to our day light which we are seeing about 8 minutes old or seeing the face of someone standing in your face while experiencing an adrenaline rush.

Why is light from space so dim, is this the best our eyes can do? Is the problem the light is so dim or our eye cannt see it.

Light travels through the Universe in waves but interacts as a particle. Light is photons which behave as waves when traveling and as particles when interacting with some thing which detects them, such as the human eye. Traveling through space the waves stretch out and get dimmer.

Imagine a powerful star very very far away from Earth and in between a very large number of planets and stars, galaxies even, with each one reflecting, i. e., blocking parts of or all of the light from the far star as it travels towards Earth. As scientists get the pieces it must be like a jig saw puzzle which you assemble over long periods of time.

What happens when light meets light? Light coming from the far away star passing through other solar systems (on its way to Earth) will pass through light originating from other stars —Will light from the far away star join with, pass by or even interact at all with newer light it meets while on its journey to Earth.

Because Earth will reflect/absorb the light from the far away star any planet or light detector on the other side of Earth will not experience (detect) that light and whatever information it carries.

When light interacts with some solid thing which does not let the light pass through it may absorb and reflect, sending the light in another direction . . . on another path somewhere else in the Universe. Or perhaps the camera catches the soul of the photo, imprisoning it forever or until the image, like love, just fades aways.

All this time perhaps the wave, the part which moves through space until it is detected, is carrying the image information until it reaches an interaction and converts to particles , maybe randomly scattering an image here or there.

The camera is a tool to detect and record this image information and put it on film and paper or make a digital image which needs a screen to print on. We could make a camera to “see” the history of the whole Universe as it passes us by as it becomes too dim to see.

Perhaps as long as light is traveling through space, as a wave, it carries no visual information. but once it reflects off something, it carries visual information.

Does the light convert back from a particle to a wave continue to carry the image information? Once its a particle it can it reconvert back to a wave? And would it still contain the visual information?

Maybe light is a bunch of images searching for a medium (light detector), just a living camera in itself, and the Universe is full of “latent images” embedded in light, just waiting for an opportunity to “bang into something ” and print itself out.

Alameda Creek Trail runs along Paseo Padre from Thornton to Decoto Road. Just above Isherwood, on the Oakland side, I don’t know the story, I read it long ago, I believe a death of a young female. For many years some one or some people always put In Memory flowers there.

Perhaps there is no end to the Universe, the light, after so far going out—if light would have such a choice?—has stretched so thin, it has dimmed so much, here is not enough light for the human eye to see. I guess that would be “dark matter,” —Not really a quality of the matter but an absence of light. Make’s you wonder .“What the hell is light?”


Myanmar has faced many political difficulties during the past years. Here are efforts of, perhaps immigrants, to improve the lives of others.

Brother/sister faces in a window, Cambridge, 1971., somewhere down Magazine Street from Central Square., That’s over fifty years ago,

I wear the red vest walking almost every day, I wear vests because I like to have the pockets.

Oribe chawan posing for a snapshot

If I get there too early the sun is not low enough to light the face. and I wonder how many people actually reflect thoughtfully on the things they say they believe in.

Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi svaha

Mythchievous inconceptions

I see, thus I be

Sewer on a Tokyo Street

Toyodo City, used to be Obara-mura until Toyodo City increased its tax base by merging . Obara is the only place in Japan where 10,000 rare shikizakura (四季桜, “four-seasons-cherry blossom”) cherry trees grow, which bloom twice a year in spring and autumn. 

Fsrmhouse in Obara-mura

Thinking one and two dimensions are not real, they do not exist in Nature; they are concepts which we use in daily life. A shadow has no depth, its not a “normal “thing, it has no material substance but its not a concept–we can see it. Its the absence of light. If you stand in one place the shado moves around you, naturally.

From Shado Series

No one is being fooled? In Tokyo subways there is no talking on the phone, Internet and texting, ok, as long as it}s quiet Once on BART there was a guy talking personal stuff on the phone with a therapist,–loudly– his mother had just died, –that morning– and he1 was not there. After about 15 minutes of this, the subject changes to he has cancer and he is dying.. We had about 45 minutes of this.

Alameda Creek

Is what we see a matter of biology?

Many life forms have eyes, ears, mouth, taste and smell and while they use the same physical senses as we do some use their same senses for knowing differently than upeople

When the camera is adjusted properly, it creates a photographic image meaningful to the human eye,

Meaningful means people look at the photograph and unconsciously, without thinking, by feeling, know what the things are in the photograph. and what is their relationship to each other.. When the unconscious has questions about this a warning alert activates “conscious looking.” as it begins to form words and make a literal question in the mind.

Knowledge and skills are learned from others..

One quality of humans in general is that individuals naturally differentiate “things” from each other. and give them a name. For example, what can be eaten from what cannot be eaten? Berry–a logical step in evolution and those that did it naturally would survive,

Sometime people see the same photograph, can admit it has not been “photoshopped” and still have different descriptions of the photograph.

Humans not only differentiate one thing from another but give it a name–a sound or a written symbol –to be used as language. Language ,at its very root of existence, is a social quality, Humans learn from each other doing the normative behavior of survival ,

Many of the words we use are not really the thing in itself, but just sounds and words which over time people came come to use. This s a tree, not because it is a “tree as named by the Universe” but because people agreed in the past and by using the word are daily agreeing in the present to call it a tree.

We did not have a name for it before, and there was no dictionary, no manual, and no youtube with do-your-self videos. People have language, which differentiates us from other animals which may have developed sounds with have common meanings

Little birdie, little birdie
Come and sing me your song.
Got a short time to stay here.
And a long time to be gone.

Over 20 years ago in spring and fall, the migrating red-wing blackbirds used to appear in tens of thousands along Alameda Creek . . .then they disappeared for over 10 years maybe global warming changed their migration

But a person being able to say or write a word does not mean that person understands its meaning,

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.

Through theLooking Glass Lewis


Science is a tool for finding knowledge., for knowing . Many people seem to believe that science, like The Bible, should have answers for any and all problems, . . .

But Science is not a storehouse of knowledge as much as a process, a method of knowing to understand the Universe . In our society Technology uses science to do things. such as solve problems.

When a new problem occurs, science may not have an answer–such as the Covad virus– and Science seeks to find it, . . using a specific behavior called the scientific method.

The problems science has found answers to are no longer problems, or perhaps thought of as “problems solved.”

Unlike a religious text which has “answers” for any and all problems–though the reader has to mix in some of their fears and hopes– the scientific method is not magic. Answers do not magically appear without disciplined practice– empirical method, hypothesis, experiment, data, analyzation and concept/theory development, trials. and peer review.

There are failures along the way, and often “critics“ of science are all too eager to point at failures in research as proof that the process of science itself is a failure. But failure is an essential part of scientific knowing, ,it sorts things out.

And in science, even when some success has been achieved, knowledge has been established which is acceptable to science, even then future criticism, using the scientific method, may find changes to be necessary.

Even only a couple hundred years one way we knew “things” was because of the empty space –air– between them, such as between a mountain and a tree. Now, because of science we know that “air” is not “nothing,” but a bunch of small particles we cannot see with the normal human eye.

Photographs began as things we see with the human eye, recorded with a cameras, Now cameras are able to record images beyond the light sensitive to the human eye giving us a view of the Universe which was off limits to human biology. A photograph is our material record of a moment between the past and the future. Until humans came along the Universe just went on doing things with no records of itself and its achievements.

Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi svaha

Fete of know Fait

I am curious as to what people do–what is their actual behavior compared to the words used to express it

Some words are general, these people are waiting for a bus, they are doing the same thing,–waiting for the bus– but each is doing it differently in a different place.

I use the term society to mean a group of people who interact with each other in shared social networks, “Culture” as a popular term has developed a meaning different than the original sociological and anthropological intentions,.

To one person he is getting dressed , to another he is being disgusting.

Think of culture as a field resulting from individual‘s interactive behavior which defines the structure of human behavior within a specific area defined by the network of interaction.. Probably worked much better in the 1800 ’s; now the Earth is The Only Area . . .The only culture on this Earth is a global culture..

Graffitti–Art or vandalism? What is being communicated and Who‘s on first?

Culture is a unifying force, or field, like a gravitational field with natural forces between stars, planets and particles acting upon each other to move things around in an ordered manner enabling functionality and survival, while constantly changing.

Its the same with people, when they behave in ways that enable survival those behaviors are repeated because they work. Imagine if each person had to develop their language instead of learning one, how little conversation there would be, how little evolution.

This is what happens when people behave as society, is this human nature?

Alameda Creek

Human Nature and Social Solidarity

Pretty much every day I walk along Alameda Creek, usually between Beard Road Staging and Isherwood. I usually have a point&shoot camera with me.

Man in society must be under rulers.
St Thomas Aquinas

Is Human Nature a Thing or a a Set of Things which all individuals have in equal or differing quantities. If everyone has these qualities, are they good or bad? or are some qualities good and some bad. or can a quality be good in one situation and bad in another?

Mostly people behave in ways which enable the functioning of the society, taking a walk along the levee i spretty safe

Some authoritarian philosophies of social solidarity support government policy to defend those who hold political power using law.: The purpose of law is order, not justice.

Man in society must be under rulers.” Saint Thomas Aquinas

The private good and the public good are not the same.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

Just rule by one person is the best form of government, Its opposite is the worst.
Just as government by a king is best, so government by a tyrant is the worst.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

So many tyrants, so little time. and it only gets worse with nation states–national sovereignty, tax payer funded military, laws defending the state, patriotism, demagogues_is it human nature that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely..

Authoritarian philosophies usually are built on the belief that parts of human nature are good and other parts bad,

Those parts which are bad, defined ideally, are parts which create disorder in the society having a negative effect on the equality of life for people. and need to be prevented by any means necessary.

In real life, parts which are bad, are defined by the personal interests of the ruler.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,

From a distance there is always peace in the valley, but when you try to go its so far away.

Three sets of sunglasses

Siddhartha Gautuma had four sightings of the outside world which so moved him he left his princely life to search, as a holy man to understand the source of suffering from sickness, old age and death .

He not busy being born is busy dying .
Bob Dylan It‘s alright Ma

Half of the people can be part right all of the time
And some of the people can be all right part of the time
But all of the people can’t be all right all of the time”
I think Abraham Lincoln said that.
“I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours”
I said that.

Talkin‘ WWWIII Blues Bob Dylan


For some time I wondered if the goal of Buddhist practice was to awaken the Buddha inside myrself, then why was the Buddha hiding inside myself in the first place?

Was it at one time human nature t was o be a Buddha and then humans and Buddhas become separated?
the person and their Buddha were alienated from each other?
Or maybe there was no first place. . .in the first place.

One day Hui-chung asked Tzu-lin,
“What is the meaning of Buddha?”
Tzu-lin answered, “Awakening.”
Hui-chung asked “Is Buddha confused?”
Tzu-lin answered., “Buddha is never confused.”
Hui-chung said, “Why does he need awakening?”

The Mind of Chinese Ch’an The Ch’an school masters and their kung-ans by Yi Wu

I was married in a Buddhist Temple. My face looks weird but I was never comfortable in a suit . My parents look happier than us. Priest Murakami was hesitant to marry us, he wondered if I was an ”American fad&fashion buddhist.”

Older Japanese houses may not have central heating, especially n the more rural the area.. In cold times people sit around the kotatsu, a table with a heat source underneath and a padded cover.

A pair of kotatsu repurposed as tables

Do words express true meanings,
I mean no words are still the same.

What is it that is so confusing about words??
Young . . .

or old . Why is it that I must awaken the Buddha inside me instead of the Buddha awaking the I holding him. imprisoned?

.Gate gate para gate, parasamgate Bodhi svaha

For tunes knot hurd

“Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know.”
Francis Bacon

A couple of loose turkeys running up Whitehead Road one afternoon about 4:30 pm towards intersection with Paseo Padre, a very busy street during the commute time with stop lights, at the intersection, speeding traffic and a couple of turkeys.

Interesting to watch, it appeared (to me) their behavior indicated they were inspecting “new things” with their senses. to understand – as if they were differentiating —Here is is something new—then defining— adding it to their knowledge storage.

After a minor hip operation Mom was in “rehab” at a nursing home for eight weeks doing PT and OT. I regularly joined her . . .

hopefully it gave some kind of motivational meaning to the experience.

Shinn Historical Park and Arboretum is a 4-1/2 acre hidden gem in Fremont. The Big House dates back to 1876 and is surrounded by large trees and beautiful gardens.  The park restrooms are only opened during private rentals and are not available for public use.

Shinn Park is an old Fremont farm,– well, not that old—nothing in this area of California is “that old” when “history” starts with the arrival of Europeans, but its one of a few of Fremont’s claim to a history.

from inside a little Japanese shelter one can see the lantern.

The Shinns planted trees and plants from all over the world including a little Japanese garden. Its usually a quiet peaceful place, sometimes I visit here when I am alone and confused. This time I met these Fremont school boys getting down to their Fremont roots.

Alameda Creek

Its been said, and written, that Immanuel Kant, a famous Western Philosopher (1724–1804), never left his hometown of of Königsberg (Prussia) or at least never a greater distance than he did not return home that same afternoon.

He was strict and self disciplined about a schedule and local people used to set their clocks by the rhythm of his daily activities.

So I wondered, if he was such a rigid, self controlled person, how or why is he associated with major achievements in western philosophy . . .

. . . considering that creativity and diverse experiences are commonly thought to be essential qualities of achievers.

Sometimes answers are found through creativity,

sometimes through doing what was done before.

The Kiss

For some getting up every day and doing the same thing works fine.

‘Others might expect a little more in life,

Sometimes I feel forever lost in the fog of my inexcusable karma.


Sarco suicide tube, available in Switzerland or if you live in a country where suicide is not legal you can purchase the software to print out the tube using a 3-D printer. The goal of Sarco is to remove the need for any assistance. This ensures any use of the Sarco is legal. You have to give them points for their marketing slogan

Still maybe its a good offer if you life looks like this, or . . .

maybe it can turn into this:


The pure saint Who Observes the Sounds of the World
In the discomforts of pain, agony, and death
Can be a point of reliance.

The Lotus Sutra Chapter 25: The Gateway to Everywhere of the Bodhisattva He Who Observes the Sounds of the World

Last week was the one year anniversary of Bill’s passing, I thought the service would be about Bill, but it was a regular Sunday service with a couple of lines about Bill patched in at the end of a sermon discussing a buddhist perspective on the physical confrontation at the Oscars,—one headline was the slap heard round the world and I wondered if Avalokiteshvara: heard it. At the end of the service each came up to burn incense and make prayer in Bill’s memory.

The back of the magazine was a full page/full bleed photograph of tablet, hands and feet. Its my stomach, pants and my feet on top. I had the little point & shoot —its for fun. and it s life mimicking art.

How do you know when advertising speaks from the heart and the color of the day is blue.

Sometimes when I go to San Francisco I stop for awhile at UN Peace Plaza, read the inscriptions cast in bronze in the walkway, and then looking downeast make an image of TRUTH.


to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and . . .

to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and . . .

to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and . . .

to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom. . .

Gate gate para gate parasamgate bodhi svaha

Know weigh you seigh

Older than now

For about 3 1/2 years my mother lived near me in a memory care residence, two different places actually, with eight weeks sandwiched in at a nursing facility while recovering from a hip operation while receiving occupational therapy to learn to walk again. .

She suffered a stroke with serious memory loss and developed expressive aphasia. At the first place, I got her a phone, she could talk, thoughI am not sure she knew who she was talking with, I think most of the time she did not know who I was, much less someone on the phone My sister would call from Japan—thank you Skype — whether or not mom knew it was her. they used to talk, and later mom would let me know she was happy because she got a phone call

I took her to appointments, mostly medical related, when it was a new location I would make a trial run by myself to assess the logistics and have a strategy— How was the parking? How many steps? What were check-in procedures,? etc.

Nursing home rehab facility

In the beginning they fed her in the bed and then one day, no warning, she was to eat in the dining room—I did not even know where it was. One woman would, very loudly, say, over and over and over, “I want to die! and other similar stuff. One day she was seated at our table, started her monologue and mom started yelling at her to “stop feeling sorry for yourself!” Mom was yelling and she was chanting, not missing a beat. It was a little weird but was resolved quickly.

After a hip operation physical therapy was used to get her back to walking again. I tried to be there but sometimes they would change the time with no warning. Here are two people with professional medical training employed to spend 30mins? 40 mins? with an old woman helping her learn how to walk again. And they have to fill out documents and reports., on which others will make judgements about mom’s care.

After lunch she would come back, sit on the bed, we have some talk, then she would lay down and go to sleep. i was never sure if, or when, or why, sometimes she seemed to know I was her son. But she knew I was there. And, I think if I wasn’t there there were many times she knew I was coming.

Some days we would walk, she liked to walk, It can be stressful to visit people in this condition but there is no other option except not to see them, and that option may soon be gone.

Alameda Creek

When you look at these photos, obviously you are not seeing a “visual record of a moment in time.” or at least an “accurate” record relative to the “normal” human visual experience.

A photograph is a place where the past and the future once met, and even though the photograph itself, print or digital, when seen in the present actually happened in the past, the image itself which while being visually experienced in the present may, for people with a connection to it, bring additional meanings because the mind will interpret the “personal meaning” of the image,

A photograph is never the whole or comprehensive experience, It is a piece of a light reflection through what was in the lens of the camera.

What human eyes experience and what meaning that experience has when it is “defined” by the mind are not the same thing.

People will have a visual experience and the mind will put words to it.—Always with a photograph is the question “What is it?” which is communicated to, or understood by, the viewer’s feelings

Those personal feelings are individual. Some things we learn as part of a group—such as culture — while some are personal and individual.

We know “Its a photograph” because we visually feel the “thing” that we commonly define as a “photograph,” but . . .

We also have individual experiences our mind uses to ask “What is it?”

“Human nature?” Human beings differentiate “things” one from another and define them, give them names. That seems kind of obvious?? Can we only know the “things” in the Universe which we can sense?

A spoken language is a bunch of sounds with commonly hold meanings. We can make sounds and communicate with other people . . . there are common meanings. Even if we speak different languages, when we experience a photograph we share a common feeling of “This is a photograph” that measurement of assess the “thing being viewed ” as a photograph. The medium and the content are different and equally iportant.

Assassin bugs

As individuals we all have had our unique experiences . The content, or image of the photograph may effect, more or less, the mind’s interpretation i.e the individual’s meaning of the image.

Its a memory , Some viewers might be confused, and then another (usually the photographer who “shot the snapshot”) says “Well you needed to be there to get it.” As professional photographers show, its not the being there that matters , but the skill and care of the photographer.

Its amazing the same photograph can have different meanings for different people but its as amazing that the thing called “a photograph can be measured by human feeling.—We don’t even think about it—I, without thinking, know its a photograph when I see it.

Computers and photoshop have made the “feeling judgement’ more complex, Many people enjoy the digital manipulation in film and tv and others use it to spread misinformation.

For the photographer and some select others, some part of the “meaning” of the visual image —the memory or how the brain interprets it— is not about the present, but about the moment of the image. Not the moment we are in when looking at a print of the image, but the moment we were in when the image was made.

For others it may be about their own personal experiences. A photographic news story about a grisly murder scene with a well known landmark in the background may awake a feeling of a wonderful visit in some faraway viewer

The photograph has, as its own right, a common feeling which marks out its own “thing in and of itself.” Still, too often its a photograph of some thing or things —a bird, plants, water, a reflection, some air.

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Street photography

Street photography

a handful of love

lunch at high noon, Albuquerque NM

In Chofu, a suburb of Tokyo there are homes, apartment complexes and farms. This one has an auto-mat to purchase freshly picked farm produce.

“In everything no matter what it may be, uniformity is undesirable ”
Tsurezuregusa (Japanese Philosophical text)

Bizen is a Japanese folk kiln—(one of the 六古窯 Rokkoyō) traditionally fired around the village of Imbe, in Bizen Provence. The clay comes from this area, and perhaps because when fired the clay undergoes more shrinkage than other clays, Bizen is not glazed.and fired in wood ash resulting in a symphony of beautiful wood tones in the surface.

However innumerable the sentient beings, I vow to save them all,
However inexhaustible the passions, I vow to to extinguish them all.,
However immeasurable the dharmas I vow to master them all,
However incomparable the truth of the Buddha I vow to attain it.

Vow of Bodhisattva

Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhisvaha