Mist beginnings fore gotten futures

Centuries ago seen from today, Gothic temples seem like phallic symbols, each new one going higher and higher competing to connect (or re-connect‚ people and God. .Our modern temples, built not for worship of God, but for secular business.

Morning reflection in the windows of the Maritime Building

Blue sky, looking up the building appears to be a pier thrusting into the ocean. or even a walkway to God.

In different places around the neighborhood the building shows itself.

A bit of this or a but of that

From up around where Monk used to touch the stop sign in the opening credits scene.

Afternoon a couple of blocks above Stockton Street.

I sometimes wonder if all this moving parts of the Earth —raw materials— from there to here, and concentrating buildings in a few geographical places does not effect a rebalance, or even an imbalance, of the earth.

Alameda Creek

That we see is profound enough, eyes get a “work-out” walking daily along Alameda Creek . . . well actually walking around anywhere., Seeing is fun.

We see light when it reflects off a “thing,” . . .

What is a “thing?” is an interesting question to ponder, seeing a “thing” is light.
If there was no light would things not exist?

It reflects light? But not all “things” reflect light—Ideas, concepts, and “generality” words which can represent many “particulars.” . . .

Ideas are often represented in writing on a medium which is made by people to reflect light and the marks on the surface— An the paper we make we can see the writing (or printing), read the letters and know the meaning.

We can also think the concept, hold it in our mind, remember it tomorrow, and we do not need light to see it nor a place to store it.

Photographs are about “things ”which reflect light. and don’t reflect light, things we can see as well as dthings we cannot see.

Often people have a common feeling about a photograph, its not just a list of the things in it but how the things fit together to express concepts such as compassion; curiosity; love; disgust; commitment..

The whole is more than the sum of the parts..

All of these images are just things that have been, or could have been or may be, seen here or somewhere else in the Universe.


‘After her stroke, Mom could not read, I don’t know what the little graphic marks of letter forms meant to her. Western letter forms are not like kanji or hanzi. embedded in their pre historical visual clues.

Mom’s was very bright, with a large sophisticated vocabulary—she knew a lot of words as well as grammar. Yet it seemed she would look at letters knowing they were supposed to mean something but no matter how long or how hard she looked at them, meaning never came to her—her mind could not make a connection with the letters.

Its very different than how people “normally ” look at lines of strange little marks —that is what writing is to the uninitiated , the ones who cannot read.

I imagine its a little like looking at a foreign language but still one knows it has meaning..Still, there were times I chose to try to communicate with letters.

We see these unfamiliar marks on paper, not only do we not know what they mean—how to read them —but when we see the marks we cannot but help notice the visual qualities of shape, texture, color, etc. —the human braind, always trying to differentiate and define sensory input.

After we can read a language when we look at the little marks we know what they mean and no longer find the shapes of the marks interesting We read for the meaning of the words and not the visual experience of seeing the little marks on the paper.. Its the meaning .

Mom was in the “rehab” facility for eight weeks , after a few weeks she was up and around a little and was allowed to sit —with seat belt on —in a wheelchair She could move with her legs which was good exercise and she explored the facility.

When we read, usually the “meaning” defines the visual experience of seeing the little marks in rows and columns. Those non-meaning visual experiences are still there to be had, but many people in modern society with its emphasis on “meaning” have become less sensitive to the sensual experience.

There is no Heart Sutra for horses, or dogs, or cats, or for any other living things. Maybe God thought only people needed it.

Child asked, “Does a horse have Buddha-Nature?
Joshu, still, said, “Mu.”

Gate gate paragate, parasamgate ,Bodhi svaha

World Words, Work or Wore?

world words

Relentlessly Earth is becoming smaller and smaller, not in physical size but in the number of people and their increasingly accessibility created and enabled by the internet.


That is probably a major factor driving migration. Even with tv and landlines there was not the person-to-person contact enabled by the Internet. As population increases while space decreases the world is evolving and growing global culture

Sunday afternoon in the pizza store

Just think if one could just reach out and grab a piece of light and see the images it carries on your iPhone!!


Worn out. woman

When confronted with survival challenges for over 300,000 years homo sapiens, have used migration as a major solution resulting in various forms of political control for social solidarity. Since the 30 Years War and treaty of Westphalia, about 400 years ago mucho Earth has accepted the nation state, the geopolitical unit — the nation-state and endowed it with complete political sovereignty—the right to murder inits own interest.

Alameda Creek

Light or visible light is electromagnetic radiation within the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is perceived by the human eye.,” (Where a photograph is also perceived.)

In physics, electromagnetic radiation consists of waves of the electromagnetic field, propagating through space, carrying electromagnetic radiant energy. It includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. All of these waves form part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A photograph is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic image sensor, such as a CCD or a CMOS chip.

Light is expressed on the screen, and the gradation of light expressed on the screen determines the color and value of the printed image. Its like 4-color CMYK process inks on an offset press mixed in “screen mix” to print a photograph or a soup can except in CMYK more color is darker, in RGB less (reducing the color light) color is darker.

Light is traveling through Universe, transporting information as latent photographic images, if it meets no reflective thing on the way, then its last “latent images” might be accessible, and perhaps even more.

Or perhaps as light keeps reflecting off things its ability to express gets weaker. Maybe traveling through dark has a cost to light and maybe light has a limit.

Where does light go when it gets to the end of the universe?

When light is not light is “it” black, maybe its not that the light is black, but the absence of light is black. Or is it the “Presence of Black.”

If light is absent where did it go? Why would light be here, or there, or anywhere at all ?

Light is a mystical tour of the Universe waiting to be viewed—all over the Universe are gazillions of latent photographs —.It would be nice to see them — We do actually, i.e. X-Rays, CRT . . . and that technology keeps developing.


Is it intrusive to make this image? I didn’t know these people, I took their picture as if they were a carved stone in a Japanese garden.

The visual landscape in Tokyo, like Japanese in general, it has a unique Japanese feel and the Japanese sense of design is always a part of it ,

Tokyo land used for an automated two vehicle pay to park parking lot.

A photograph can be visually “more poetic” than “more real” . . .

It is difficult 
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is  found there.

from Asphodel, That Greeny Flower Pictures from Bruegel William Carlos Williams

Country rodes

Here in 2022, for tax purposes the IRS still categorizes work as “Farm work” or “Non-Farm work— even though the latter is many times the former.

In the 1950s there were comedy films about farm life—Ma and Pa Kettle was quite successful film series from the 1940s and 1950s. .

An old Maine farmhouse, wood heat, a pump inside the kitchen and barn in the left background,

They had an old car with a backseat full of stuff and no gas, no money, no place to stay, 4:oo in the afternoon. Just arrived in Toledo from Appalachia. OH! did I say “Very Hungry!
Toledo Ohio, Model Cities Program circa 1969

Tom and Nance moved to rural Maine 1968 – ’69. Both couples are about the same age about the same time.

A couple times we bought tires from Mr. Bellis who had different situation than I had known, if you believe his story,

He had a thriving business on a major commuter road into Boston and Urban Renewal changed the land his was on, he lost his lease could only relocate to this more isolated area in Arlington.

or perhaps what parts do you believe—its still a compelling story ? He had worked hard for his money. It was a cold winter day in Somerville.


The camera is a lens to translate light into a meaningful visual experience for people . . .

The photograph.

Generally the photograph is commonly held as the benchmark of visual expression which is closest to a common sense of “reality.” —the ‘things’ in the photograph appear most similar to the ‘things’ people see.

Of course that makes sense, why would we develop a camera that made images of things we could not see.—except science has discovered things we could not see or hear and developed tools to hear and see them.

Sometimes people will see a photograph and have a very strong, perhaps emotional, reaction while another person, will not moved at all.

Students in photography class will be given an assignment and the submitted “same subject” images will be different

The students have a subject, which is the same, and then, the images are different. Sometimes understanding an image is to understand the “general subject” and how the particular images fit as representatives of the “general subject.”

How different are we from each other? How same are we with each other? ? We are each made of the same materials but with different mixes,and maybe sometimes a little here or there does not make it to each and every individual.

What difference does it make how the particles in the Universe are joining and separating, who cares? People and a few other living things such as elephants.!!

I find myself wondering if most of my photographs are images of myself, is this how I want to see people or is it how they “really ” are . . . or were . . . at some moment captured in light—maybe just want people to see me taking photographs.

Are my photographs actually capturing some “image of the real person”? How often is a “portrait” of a person insightful because it shows you the deep lines on their face, or the rough hands of a craftsman and you feel somethings about the person’s “inner character.”

Last week we saw NASA images from 3 billion years ago —they are always there to be expressed ,always there to be captured, Maybe Universe is bunch of images traveling at the speed of light seeking a medium to present itself ,but maybe only to humans.


After Mom had a stroke and suffered serious memory loss she lived in a memory care residence facility near our home, about 10 minutes drive. This was pretty much a decision my parents made,.they had long term insurance specifically for that purpose.

It fit comfortably with our situation, much of the basic “care work” in a residence is just that— daily repeated basic care which needs to be done correctly and to a schedule each day with compassion and consideration. If you try to do this at your home, the negative aspects may overwhelm and disrupt everyday life., . Who do you take out your frustrations on??> spouse, the one being cared for. and yourself.

We saw Mom at least everyday and even 3 or even 4 times a day.

At the residence even though memory care residents may often seem socially non-interactive, it seems to me that the individuals recognize others, navigate in a social network, have personalities and wants and desires. And there are the personalities which develop with the staff. Perhaps any level of social interaction gives them a social meaning to their life.

When we did see her, usually it was “quality time”, we took her out to eat, an outing, dinner at our house or friends, friend’s house,—things that were fun for all of us..The staff would dress her in special clothes she would feel good, staff would have her ready on time and we were there to pick her up on time.

In this way we combined the residential care milieux with a close family relationship, sorting the best parts of both to give her a good life. There are many different ways people can take care of their families and achieve positive outcomes.

Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi Svaha

Will or away

Linda Susoev has been on the ballot for mayor in Fremont since 1989, never misses an election, we met last Sunday while I was gassing up in my van, I guess she was doing a little campaigning.for the upcoming election. We spoke a little, I had cold groceries in the van, ,one thing led to another and I went home.

Conversation and discussion are an important part of human life.

They are important for communication

Hope is always in children, should exposing children to false information be considered child abuse?

Alameda Creek

I walk along Alameda Creek almost every day, beginning in Spring 2007 when I moved my office home.

Along the trail every season brings differences,

The flow of water through the waterway is constantly changing . . .

Covid brought new people out of their homes, often with kids .

Weekends are different from weekdays, certainly in the quantity and frequency of people but also the “kinds” of people.

More groups of people with a common interest, i.e. bikers, joggers and larger families mostly.

I wonder if and how changes in species of the migrating birds is related to climate change?

Along the path seasons return again, . . .

and again, and again. Its a nature and human effort . “Tending to nature” with a human effort to design can often be a process in process.

Nature does not always behave as humans, even when to the best of our abilities to, predict or plan,



After her stroke with memory loss and aphasia in 2008, Mom lived in a memory care residential facility near me . . . We would see her at least once a day, and usually more.

She was in “rehab” in a nursing home for eight weeks. Meals were in a small dining room, you might sit next to people you did not know, but somewhere in your mind is the image of having passed them in the hallways, . There is not much conversation and most vocal expressions are not directed to another individual. The residents there solely for “physical rehab” eat in a separate and different dining room where people have conversations.

Sometimes it was crowded in the dining room residents came or were brought at their own speed ,within a window,. , here mom is eating by herself.

I just pick these images “randomly,” there is no original pre-thought, Most of my images of mom have mom in the title, so I search mom . . .

After lunch we would return to her room, she would sit on the bed, I in the chair and talk until she would lay down and go to sleep.

. . . then just noodle around, whatever feels interesting . . .

She always drank her coffee black. At the memory care residents were served meals at tables in formal situations, with all untensils, napkins, etc, and coffee, or tea, served.

Often my images seem like photographs of myself, is this how I want to see her and not how she really is?

Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi Svaha

One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World. 

July forth past or perhaps the future.

Another 4th of July about 1973. While camping in Maine a grandfather pulled in, parked the car and the grandson came out shooting. just a toy gun.

“ I wrote me a song ’bout the white winged dove
And a toy gun for Christmas in
place of love.
I hear the children yell with their hands on a gun
I’m better than you are ’cause I got one…
My playmates respect me, my Mommy does too

Cause she bought it for me to shoot whenever I choose.
Sometimes I wish this gun it was real
But I can pretend that it’s made out of steel.
Bullets and powder and a trigger to pull.

Then I’d be grown-up like the rest of the world..”

a few lyrics from the song White Winged Dove written by Mark Spoelstra