Will or away

Linda Susoev has been on the ballot for mayor in Fremont since 1989, never misses an election, we met last Sunday while I was gassing up in my van, I guess she was doing a little campaigning.for the upcoming election. We spoke a little, I had cold groceries in the van, ,one thing led to another and I went home.

Conversation and discussion are an important part of human life.

They are important for communication

Hope is always in children, should exposing children to false information be considered child abuse?

Alameda Creek

I walk along Alameda Creek almost every day, beginning in Spring 2007 when I moved my office home.

Along the trail every season brings differences,

The flow of water through the waterway is constantly changing . . .

Covid brought new people out of their homes, often with kids .

Weekends are different from weekdays, certainly in the quantity and frequency of people but also the “kinds” of people.

More groups of people with a common interest, i.e. bikers, joggers and larger families mostly.

I wonder if and how changes in species of the migrating birds is related to climate change?

Along the path seasons return again, . . .

and again, and again. Its a nature and human effort . “Tending to nature” with a human effort to design can often be a process in process.

Nature does not always behave as humans, even when to the best of our abilities to, predict or plan,



After her stroke with memory loss and aphasia in 2008, Mom lived in a memory care residential facility near me . . . We would see her at least once a day, and usually more.

She was in “rehab” in a nursing home for eight weeks. Meals were in a small dining room, you might sit next to people you did not know, but somewhere in your mind is the image of having passed them in the hallways, . There is not much conversation and most vocal expressions are not directed to another individual. The residents there solely for “physical rehab” eat in a separate and different dining room where people have conversations.

Sometimes it was crowded in the dining room residents came or were brought at their own speed ,within a window,. , here mom is eating by herself.

I just pick these images “randomly,” there is no original pre-thought, Most of my images of mom have mom in the title, so I search mom . . .

After lunch we would return to her room, she would sit on the bed, I in the chair and talk until she would lay down and go to sleep.

. . . then just noodle around, whatever feels interesting . . .

She always drank her coffee black. At the memory care residents were served meals at tables in formal situations, with all untensils, napkins, etc, and coffee, or tea, served.

Often my images seem like photographs of myself, is this how I want to see her and not how she really is?

Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi Svaha

One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World. 


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