Shamen & Sketchly

When all the dark clouds roll away
And the sun begins to shine
I see my freedom from across the way
And it comes right in on time
Well it shines so bright and it gives so much light
And it comes from the sky above
Make me feel so free, make me feel like me
And it lights my life with love.

Van Morrison from Brand New Day

On Sundays we may go down and have a pizza. Two big TV sets. high ceilings,

In line at TJ’s a few months into the pandemic.

Before the pandemic samples were common at TK=J’s

You could say life in Fremont is boring,

Alameda Creek

Its sick and its tired,
Its hungry and torn.
It looks like its dyin’
And its hardly been born.

Bob Dylan lyrics I think its called Song to Woody.

Each week includes some photographs of walking along Alameda Creek. These days are numbered now, I have been diagnosed with arthritis in hips, as well as other places.

Universe is maybe 13,7 billion years old, Earth is 4.543 billion years old,—300,000 for homo sapiens —that’s us!—about 300,000 years.

To the best of human knowledge—— it took 13.7 billion years to evolve human beings, 4.543 billion years to find a place suitable for home, and homo sapiens represent 0.0000002 of that time.

Science will never be “Truth,” its always to the best of our ability to know . . . until we know every “thing” in the Universe.

Look around at what we are, how we behave on this on Earth,

We are how we treat each other, not how we tell other how to behave, but too many think we are the latter.

I heard professor Stephen Hawking once comment (my paraphrase) — Philosophy used to know more than science , but now science knows more than philosophy and it will be like that until science knows every thing in the Universe.

Thus, O Sariputra, all things having the nature of emptiness have no beginning and no ending. They are neither faultless nor not faultless; they are neither perfect nor imperfect. In emptiness there is no form, no sensation, no perception, no discrimination, no consciousness.
Maha-Prajna-Parimita-Hridaya from A Buddhist Bible ed: Dwight Goddard

On the other hand, perhaps Universe evolved humans for a purpose; more likely humans prefer to think they are here for some purpose, they don’t know what is that purpose but that has not stopped from acting like they know and forcing the behavior of others to their purpose.

And in a sense we are. What other life form studies Universe, no other life form developed Science just to get to know Universe.

What we call “knowledge” is our human experiences as a part of Universe.

We often believe this is a“ ”Truth”

The flowers make a background, the roof, the sky, different leaf colors

Universe is an amazing, ongoing, phenomenon. Here I am writing being part of Universe—birds are singing, Sun is rising, noise coming in my ear, jogger passing by, clouds moving in the sky.

And beyond, Jupiter is in orbit, Milky Way is traveling through space and light is busy traveling to the end of Universe

Universe made of gazillions of particles coming together, then parting ways, creating and disassembling, always aUniverse in motion and change.

We are how we treat each other. our present behavior was created by past human behavior, while people pass on, how we treated each other in the past has created a structure of human behavior. behaviors we may think are good behaviors we may think are bad things; behaviors we think are outdated and no longer needed and behaviors we may believe are important not to lose.


Feet are our connection to the Earth, gravity enables us to walk upright while not falling off Earth.

In-door slippers, outdoor sandals, tennis shoes and stockinged feet.

Textures, shapes, some color and line


Sometimes I wonder if I am just following in the footsteps of someone else.

When I see my self, do I recognize myself? Photographs help me to ensure that my selfs have the same visual and don’t try to trick me in to believing fake experiences .

At the festival its always nicer to have someone with you. Painting by Janney

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    1. David, Thanks for your comment, I think that would depend on the purpose and the behavior resulting from that purpose. Belief in God is about what a person believes is Truth, If an individual believer compromises his/her belief in God, they are no longer a Truth believer. Good people and bad people have found their purposes in religion resulting in doing good and bad things. But when they are doing bad things, as history has shown, their religion is used to justify murder, stealing, slavery, and whatever inhumanities they can get away with. Many examples in history, such as European colonialism.

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