Who’s peak hear, there, or wear?

Confucian scholars often specialized in a single classic, passing on to their disciples their understanding of each sentence in the work. Two separate sets of texts of the classics gained currency—the “new texts”, recorded in Han period script from the oral recitation of elderly scholars who had memorized the classic before the Qin destroyed all copies, and the “old texts”, based on books in the Zhou-period script discovered hidden in a wall in the home of descendants of Confucius.

China  Cambridge Illustrated History      by Patricia Buckley Ebrey

Get in the car, leave home, drive to a restaurant, park the car, enter, get a table and order food, eat and go home.

We don’t use the dining room room much any more . . . A bizen container with rose arrangement, Noguchi style lamp and “corn candles” from Old Town in Albuquerque. I was just passing by and saw the shadow of the flower. I should set it up and redo it, but for now . . .


Often people say Art is supposed to say something, Perhaps even say something about the meaning of life? What is it that you would hang on your wall to see every day? Might there be a different piece for different rooms? or maybe rooms have different themes, like a “trophy room.

Alameda Creek

A “thing ,” or the “concept ” of a thing is about as close as we get to the infinite flexibility of the human mind—I guess one would not see if looking at the political interaction here, but those “disagreements” only represent a small portion of all “things” we share in common with no questioning, no wondering, just blank acceptance as we go on with our lives. That is what keeps us, human beings, surviving.

Having the capability of language qualitatively differentiates human beings from other life forms. Its not a matter of if only some species had a little more of “this or that” they could also do it .

Are we the them who evolved to us?

The contemporary knowledge of science is that life evolved. Somewhere in this evolution process a qualitative step happened or as perhaps as previously thought, there is a “missing link.” Do quantitative changes become qualitative changes. And . . . how do you measure qualities as opposed to quantities and compare them?

Other life forms have various kinds of communication, most of which we may not (yet?) understand, but it is the difference in the quality, not the quantity, of this language biological capability which separates human beings from other life forms.

Theoretically all human beings can talk to each other. Even when people do not speak the same language, history shows that people can learn other languages as an adult than the one they learned as a child, and talk to each other.

And most of the words we use, we agree on their meaning. Words represent things, when people grow up they learn the words they hear in many different social situations, and find a place in society.

The language with the largest vocabulary in the world is English with 1,025,109.8 words.(www.lexilab.it—not quite sure what to do with a 0.8 of a word, I guess that’s the difference between language and math.

In theory, if there is a finite number of “things” in Universe , a language would be complete when it had a word for each thing, if a language had more words than another it would mean the former had discovered more things about Universe before the latter.

Different peoples may experience same things as different, different things as same. How can words be translated—Literal or meaning? As Earth becomes one culture, just in ordinary everyday human interaction words be will spoken. increasingly people will be speaking a more common body of words which is increasingly being effected by different languages.

A global culture will emerge seeking a global sense of order, perhaps through violence, perhaps diplomacy, more likely some of this and some of that, but if anything like periods of historical cultural growth, there will be a lot of violence, deaths and property destruction.

Whatever that means? Cannot tell from here! Putin attacking Ukraine is being watched in real time news videos all over a world which sees the West calling out “War Crimes, ” but there is no police force to enforce the “breaking of the International Law.” What is a law without the ability to enforce it?

For 300,000 years homo sapiens when confronted with survival problems have packed up and immigrated. Geopolitical sovereign nation states have been around for about 600 years (Thirty Years War?)? compared to 300,00 years—which is the “normal behavour?” Which is the “abnormal behavour?”


Personal visual moments

Decades ago I used to visit the Fogg Museum, once they were showing three head portraits by Rembrandt, all about the same size, small, same layout , images of Christ, Rembrandt, and his father.

Here and there I see hint of myself for a moment and wonder— At 76 years old its more about what has passed than what is to come, this moment will never again be, these particles in the Universe will never again be in this relationship to each other . I guess it all just mirrors and reflections. Maybe this image is latently zapping around the Universe at the speed of light until it finally meets a medium on which to reflect.

Just the everyday instability of being a part of an constantly changing Universe.

Gate gate parapgate, parasamgate, Bodhi svaha


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