Seeing is be leaving

Noing, one seas

When we sense things there are two considerations: 1.) Are we limited to what we can experience because of the biology of 0ur senses?.; and 2) What effect does the brain’s “interpretation” on the experience of the senses?

San Francisco looking towards Berkeley

Look at my photographs is if they were printed words in a foreign language, not able to reading the meaning but visually experiencing the design of letters, or symbols, characters ,independent from any translated meaning. Can you feel the meaning of writing which you cannot read the meaning?

You know its a photograph, its not a “ real record of any moment in time”, rather a design of line, color, shape, texture, showing the capabilities of of a photograph and, if you should so choose, to make up your mind what you are seeing.

Alameda Creek

Our senses work well to navigate living on Earth. We have “identified” Gazillions of things— big , medium small; liquid, gas or solid; living or non-living; etc. We took aim at a big rock out in space, shot men there and brought them back —we know the moon is really there. Before we went to the moon, we had figured out that the moon was a big rock, \ not because we had been there to empirically experience it, but because our minds had developed Science which gave us tools to extend our sensual capabilities and “know” the moon. was a real thing, or at least in our experience of the Universe.

Two perspectives discussed a few hundreds years ago in western philosophy: 1) Are our biological sense organs capable of experiencing the “Real Universe,” or only what they can experience in the Universe or simply putswe do not know what we cannot sense or experience.

2) How different is the “original “unadulterated”visual experience” from how our mind tells us what it is..

Our senses experience the Universe and our mind “makes sense” of that experience —when people learn a language they also learn to see the Universe within the confines of the language. The process of culture through which people learn language enables individuals to evolutionary benefits—individuals do not have to learn everything about survival only through their personal experience.

Just the very process of learning language , a wonderful and important tool for the evolutionary development of human beings—through learning a language we come to accept the meaning of the words as ‘real things.”

People do not have to learn everything about life through their own experiences, human culture has been going on for over 300,000 years, we should appreciate it more. Its the glue that keeps society sane from the onslaught of the craziness of individual who view the cause of their short comings and failures as false jpustification for a culture war

In these images ignore any “ real meaning,” don’t spend time trying to figure out what some thing is. Let your eyes feel the image and define your visual experience,, leave the thinking for solving math problems.


It was a long light in Waltham , this is a reflection on a store window while stopped at a red light, intersection about 1972. When I exercise walk , 2-3 miles, for the past three weeks I have used a cane for my right side. At 77 years old, this image reminds me of all the things I did not understand about my father in his old age and when I remember him being the age I am now, I wish I would have asked him more questions. .

Our minds can put us into our own prison, or be a tool to find ourselves..

Morning after snowfall towards the end of Magazine Street, Central Square, Cambridge. “Magazine” refers to where ordinance was stored in New England colonial days, Interesting how the colonists came to see themselves as the victimized inhabitants of the land they stole from the people living there..

Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi Svaha


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