Knew you’re hear

Know knough no noh

My father used to talk about how new products were made with cheaper quality parts needing to be replaced sooner.— It was called “planned obsolescence.”

Now with computers, we not only have to deal with hardware parts failing earlier, the part is run by an Operating System which needs to be updated on a regular basis and then are out of date in a few years and need to be updated, not replaced

This one looks inviting to do whatever its telling you not to do.


ts like a double whammy, Everything with computer chips connected to a network needs to be “upgraded” , and generally the software up grades need to be done long before the hardware is not working but now it it can not run under the newly updated OS, or some of new features cannot be used by the older OS.

Maybe if one was to chart out the movement of leader stocks and their updates, and correlate it to sales and stock price/volume you can find a rhythm for trading.

Alameda Creek Alameda

They say the Universe is expanding’ they say that nothing —ie. no thing— can travel as fast as the speed of light Is light a part of the Universe or seperaqte ?

Light may be the fastest “thing” in the Universe . . .

So by definition light is faster than the rate of expansion of the Universe . . . or do I mean that speed of light and the rate of expansion of the universe are not comparable qualities?

Yet if the speed of light is faster than the rate of expansion of the universe then the light must reach the end of the Universe.

Light travels through space with embedded image.. Where was the origin of the light? Is darknessa default. and light just randomly happened??

Does light travel through space recording and moving Images from around the Universe—outside of our solar system,, outside of our galaxy, billions of years of traveling duration they arirve arrive to out medium and as they pass us by . . .

We can reach out our hand, to grab a piece of that light and get an image— like a film photograph is made with a camera, lens, and a media to record the image, film to convert it to a print within the human visual continuum—which is basically what theWeber telescope does.

A photograph records a moment of light as it passes through space and makes a digital image which can be printed on a screen using light, or printed on other media, such as paper, plastic or metal

Light contains “latent mages” and perhaps one day we will have a “computer-screen” in our own home with which we can reach out like the Weber Telescope, point anywhere, any direction in the universe and on the screen see history.

May be better to see the future., but one step at a time.


A winery on a narrow Sunol rainy road . . .

Focused on the image,
Fretting a wet camera,
Forgetting what was important
In the morning rain.

Note the “waist-band” looks like a “lotus blossom haramaki”. The buddha in the center is taller because the head is pulled upward.. What kind of clothes would a buddha wear in our society?

Does a stone have Buddha,Nature? These guys sit more solemn through everything, except maybe taliban.

Sometimes, it seems (to me) that Buddha is like some unanswered question asked again and again.

Happy New Year  新年快乐 


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