Mu, zen sayshun

“By the articles of confederation the people have three checks on their delegates in Congress; the annual election of them, their rotation, and the power to recall all of of them when they see fit: in view of our federal rulers, they are the servants of the people:  in the new constitution, we are deprived of annual elections, have no rotation , and cannot recall our members: therefore  our federal rulers will be masters and not servants.

Major Martin Kinsley on the Excessive Powers of Congress. January 21, `1788

Early one morning an TV video ad for a car was being filmed and a policeman was “directing ” traffic . The camera was mounted on a porsche and one person told me it cost over $85,000 to have it made. The car would come down Montgomery St. and make a fast left turn onto Clay St..

Walking out the door, across the street is the TransAmerica building.

They kept filming it over and over while the policeman was in the middle of the street “controlling ” traffic until finally, immediately after the car went through, the policeman directed two cars coming from different streets into the intersection into a crash.

Telegraph Hill in North Beach , its a steep climb, I usually walk up Grant Street close to the end and then up the hill and walk down to Columbus, and Broadway where the Carol Doda sign used to blink nipples.

San Francisco has many interesting side streets, its cute, and fun but must be time consuming, unless you are wealthy, to live here. Some of these houses have garages but it looks like a bit of work to get a car in and out .

Would there be enough room to park two cars in this apartment building and would you need to to wake your neighbor to ask to move their car so you could get yours out?

The gothic cathedrals of capitalism transmixed the message of Jude the Obscure

Alameda Creek

Generally when I walk along Alameda Creek, which is most every day, I carry a small point&shoot camera—Nikon S8200. It has a glass lens with a zoom and makes 16 MP images. My other camera is a Nikon 610 which makes 24MP images which using some photoshop strategy, I can enlarge to 24″ x 36″ with no problem.

I use the Nikon S8200, .it fits in the pocket and when it breaks I just buy another one, not a new anymore, its discontinued. but a used one..

‘For me (anyway), my photographs are like quick pencil sketches attempting to capture the feeling of the lines, the color, the shapes, the gestures without regard for completion. Generally the photograph is assumed to be a visual of some “things”, or some “thing” . . .

Like in life drawing class while you looking at the model and draw line without looking at what is happening on the paper.. The photograph could include many “things” perhaps a mountain, a sky, a forest and a cabin and when you identify the things and connect the relationship between the things, you understand this photograph is a landscape.

You have a name for it. This is what it means, generally, to understand or to know a photograph.. Its not just a “literal interpretation and not as visual one, but its your mind forcing you to override and dismiss the meaning of the visual experience as being less important than having a literal word for it. Censored by your own mind.

Daibai asked Baso, “What is the Buddha?”
Baso answered, “The mind is the Buddha.”

Mummonkan Case XXX Baso’s Very Mind Blyth translation

You don’t need to differentiate each thing, just enough things in the image to create a relationship which then defines the image— knowing the image becomes having a word for the experience rather than having the visual experience .

This process of “knowing the meaning of a photograph” happens very, very, very , fast and very very, very unconsciously. I prefer to generalize, less detail and more feeling for the visual experience, to prevent the mind from telling you what to think, it matters less to find a word and hopefully the visual feeling is enough to complete the experience. You are free to make your own story .

But once you have done this process, once you have found a word which defines the photograph ,you “know ” the photograph and can stop visually enjoying the image to celebrate your achievement. Generally looking at a photograph is a meaning-puzzle to be solved, as opposed to a visual experience to be enjoyed.

I met Tony yesterday. He used to play The Blues and then he had a stroke, lost use of his right side and took him 4 years to learn to be able to speak. We had a conversation and I was grateful he took his time to and effort to talk with me. Blues is a very special music, well all music is special, and the specialness about blues is its creative structure. A “blues verse” is 12 measures long— often called twelve bar music— with standard chord progressions, everyone in the band knows“ ”what’s goin’ on” and at least one person can improvise all they want. In the case of Mr. Louis Armstrong and King Oliver, it was King Oliver improvising on top of the band and Armstrong improvising on top of Oliver faster than the next beat.

I like to generalize the detail so that it does not give the viewer as much information as they might expect, from a photograph, but make the experience visually interesting so it does not matter.

“I don”’t need no stinkin” words.”

My shadow is separate from me, its the object in the photograph, a part of the photograph just like any other the photograph and I as the subject make the photograph separate from the object so when I make the image I separate myself from who I am or maybe the image leaks my hidden secrets anyway.


Chofas in the shadows are decorative ornaments on the Niles Wat, a Thai Buddhist temple .  The chofa is generally believed to represent the mythical creature Garuda , half bird and half man, who is the vehicle of the Hindu god Vishnu.

A blue circle, could be an enso , hidden in a a pile of trash.

We got up before the sun, took a drive to see the waking up. I left this relationship in search of myself, maybe I was too full of myself, more likely I was just too confused and did not know how to build the relationship I needed with someone who wanted to be there. Many years later she mentioned that I had so much confidence in myself then.

Again, my photographs are like sketches, incomplete, out of context, sometimes they interfere with each other trying to find some thing while knot even noing what is a thing.

Many times when I thought I had done good I was mistaken. We make so many mistakes in my life there were times I thought my life was my mistake, and then I heard Avalokiteshvara listening and realized it was God who made the mistake, and not me.

Gate gate paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha


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