Light loosly ex-posed

This disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and the powerful, and to despise, or, at least, to neglect persons of poor and mean condition, though necessary both to establish and to maintain the distinction of ranks and the order of society, is, at the same time, the great and most universal cause of the corruption of our moral sentiments.

The Theory of Moral Sentiments Adam Smith

For a few years when I would come to San FranciscoI used to walk over to the site where the Sales Force building was being built..

A central bus staging is on the first few floors and then on top is a large open area with things growing and a walkway, pre pandemic there was a coffee shop with tables and a stage. The escalator igoes up three floors .

I never lived in San Francisco,, I just used to visit and walk around . BART is not very practical except if you see San Francisco as the hub —the only hub— and everything else is meant to service suburban commuter traffic.

It almost goes around the San Francisco Bay area, and with a little foresight could grow up to be like Tokyo in a few hundred years.

In the morning the sun light reflects off the Berkeley side of the Transamerica building down a few blocks to reflect in the windows of the Maritime Building, which points westerly, .

San Francisco has a nice feel for color, I am not sure if the sign says “Hell San Francisco,” or “Hello San Fancisco,” . but it appears the game is over and there are 0 seconds left.

Daishell Hammett wrote Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man , both popular books made into popular films. He served in WWI and reupped in WWII. You might be tempted to think he was a patriot but republicans did not. under the McCarthy misuse of political power at HUAC guided by representative Joe Pool asked him if he would rat out communists i Hollywood to which he replied that the US Constitution defended freedom of speech and refused to answer so HUAC sent him to prison , a damp unheated cell where he got TB and died. On the other hand the same republican party considers an ex-president who was a draft dodger during the“ ”Vietnam confilict,” a who called John McCain a loser and Alexander Vindman, who received  a Purple Heart medal for wounds he received from an  IED  attack  in the Iraq War as a   an antiAmerican a great patriot..

Alameda Creek

It seems that technology to manipulation light created images such as photographs or videos can easily be used to generate original content as well as fake content that looks and feels like the original creative.

(In the western world Imagine books before western printing (China had printing with mass audiences by 600), When you wanted a book you might hire a scribe. to“scribe it.” Books were very expensive.

Before printing , a technique which enabled publishers to reproduce the “same book ” “the same way ” with the same content , it was unclear what the “same” book meant.

What the “same book” meant was not the scribe created book, for likely each of those was different, maybe from slightly to very different. But they could have the same title, and be written by different scribes.

In the case of Chaucer‘ ’s Canterbury Tales, there were copies with the same title scribed by the same scribe with a different arrangement of chapters, both done while Chaucer was alive , both done while both were alive, but it is not known why. Did the scribe make the editing decision or the author?

Pre printing books with the same title, if they had a title at all—might be scribed by different people and considered to be different books—who was the writer? the author or the scribe? Was there a difference between between the creative and the production of the book?

When light based images can easily be manipulated and the viewer cannot tell the difference will have implications for how people see these images. Can you look at a photograph and not ask what is the “itthat I am seeing? The “truth” of a recorded visual experience, such as a photograph might be harder to know..

A next major technology that enables human beings to communicate with each other and over time, quickly, securely and truthfully might be an electronic connection between the brain of one person and another.

Daibai asked Baso, “What is the Buddha?”
Baso answered, “The mind is the Buddha.

Mumonkan Case XXX Blythe translation

Then maybe we find out does the mind actually “think in words,” or does the mind use words to tell us to how to think.


To me photography is fun, Its a tool to separate a piece of reality , isolate it so to speak,, from its context and for a moment . to treat it as something special in its own rite.We do it all the time. When we see, we do not see the whole universe, just what is limited to the ability of our eyes and like a camera which separates the light that enters its lens from everything else, we see things separated from the context, each inits own rite.

Often people use the term “street photography” when what they often mean is walking around the street pointing the camera at some thing they see and making an image.—they mean “on the street.”

Governments around the world are constantly making art. and the street is one medium they have in common, and in some cases some words , such as “STOP,” or “EXIT” may be used in most of the world. And if there is world wide competition for the stencils, streets have been around long enough that there may be large suppliers with discounts for a more common language like English or maybe for the three words previously mentioned and a higher demand could be reflected in lower prices for products which may be chosen ,.not because of any idealogical reason, but simply for practical budget.

The government makes paintings — often stencils to be more specific, we could call it“ art” A visual art which is created by the same tools and media and when created with stencils, each piece of art is basically the same.. But time brings out their unique character.

Are they get altered by God? Universe? Weather? how about Entropy? How do you think the Universe looks at the word STOP on the street compared to a van Gogh on a pice of canvas?

The Gate of Entropy

Particles keep moving around, going this way and that.,often in this or that group ,and combining with others here and dis-combining with others there. What if some particles do not want to join a a particular group ? Is there small particle violence? or is just a natural process to create new things.

Gata gate paragate parasamgate bohdhi svaha


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  1. If the self driving vehicles have their way with us, the streets would no longer need the “ stop” and “exit” signs, and could be covered with actual art, or literature. A literal choose your own story tale!

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