My grey shun

The fall is persimmon time.

This year I mix them with Trader Joe’s oatmeal, two minutes in the microwave, add some California raisins and almonds, another 30 seconds, then add persimmon (or apple or banana) and a little milk—protein, vitamins and carbs..

The moon far away . . .

and nearby is our faith in a near consumer economy.

Alameda Creek

Human beings—Homo sapiens—have been around for about 300,000 years..

Rome., Greece, China, MIddle East, , Aztecs, Incas, the Eurasian Steppes, wes3 of the Jade Gate — for peoples all over the world, primary written knowledge of the history of human beings is limited, give it 4000 years to be generous . . . or include art as an expression of primary evidence, painted images go back to 45000 years ago or on the Iberian Peninsula where art is dated to 64,000 years ago.

300,000/6000= 1/500 = 0.02 or or 0.2 %

Human life as we know it is about 0.2% of the history of the human species.yet is only the last 150 years that “technologically advanced civilized” humans‚ have created nuclear weapons and altered the global climate in their drive for more and more wealth

Its interesting how we see history, for example, when using the symbols BC and Ad , or symbols BCE and CE or where ever humans choose to designate the concept of something unknown , when they choose to divide the continuum of history from an unknown past to the known present on to the unknown future. Both ends, the past and future are undetermined—unknown— and yet we do not let that “unknown” bother us from our daily life in the middle—Its November 20, 2021, who cares about any other time, out of sight, out of mind.

Show me your face before you were born . . . why can‘t we remember the future? . . . What was happening before The Big Bang?

Life forms on Earth have all figured out a way to survive as a species. Survival of the fittest —reproductive success. No life forms are separate, they are all inter-related and part of why we survive on Earth

Here we are on Earth, our home in the Universe, the one planet in one solar system, out of billions of solar systems in one galaxy out of billions of galaxies in a Universe which is expanding. Will human beings survive long enough to have to migrate in search of another sun?

For 300,000 years humans have been living on Earth and increasingly we are learning that during that time many people traveled extensively , and in hard times when the fitness part of “survival” moved people to migrate, long before there were kings, or warlords, or geo-political nation states with “national boundaries” defended by standing armies paid for by taxes legitimized by the idealogical license of “National Sovereignty.” Migrating is what people naturally do. its geo-political entities with tax payer funded standing armies which is is unnatural

“Capitalism” —an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.— (Oxford Languages)

Capitalism is often thought of as an economic system in which private actors own and control property in accord with their interests, and demand and supply freely set prices in markets in a way that can serve the best interests of society. The essential feature of capitalism is the motive to make a profit. (Wikopedia).

The internet enables the world to inter-connect instantly and constantly —as long as there is electricity, which has to be produced. For the first time in history people all around Earth see other people, other societies, and compare themselves and dream of something better for themselves.and their families.

“Economically successful” western societies have developed consumer markets where fashionable new products are constantly created to compete for discretionary monies —planned obsolescence—and for many individuals in the developing world, the global economy is their chance to participate in a market with lower prices and better quality products—if only the “developed countries” actually believed in free markets.

For so many new products its cheaper to just take another piece of Earth from “over there“, bring it over here and make some new things to sell in the market, and just throw the old thing away, “over there, ” please, not here.

“Every proposition  on Earth can be figured on a basis of profit and loss and there is no other practical way to figure anything.”

.“When I say profit, I mean earned profit, but not in the  legal sense I mean earned   “De facto,”  and not “de jure”.”

“Take the income I will earn for the rest of my life from the ownership of stock  in Southdown Incorporated, that is called “unearned income” but actually I have earned it by years of of devoted service I have rendered to the company. I have earned it because I deserve it. But as a contrast  take the  profit, the income that Sarah Jaffe has been getting from her ownership of stock since the death of her father. Mrs. Jaffe, I’d like to ask you what have you ever done for the  corporation .Tell me one single thing  small or large. Your average income in Southdown dividends for the past five years has been more than 40,000 dollars, have you earned one cent of it? 

My father did the earning,.”she said

But you personally ?

No of course not, I’ve never earned anything 

Prisoners Base, a NeroWolfe novel by Rex Stout

Every person on this Earth has a birth right to life., still after 300,000 years of homo sapiens and 4-5 thousand years of “civilization”, humans still delight in finding reasons to murder each other .


For over three years I was personally involved with the care of mom, she had a stroke with severe memory loss and expressive aphasia. She lived in a memory facility and was in rehab for a couple of months.

Being involved in the care of one’s parent is a privilege and honor. For what ever reason one gets chosen even if its by default.

It takes a lot of time.

At rehab, she was there for eight weeks, the sliding front door was locked, needed a “buzz” to get in. Mom always curious and anxious to get outside would sit by the front door. When someone approached the door and the buzzer rang she would be waiting to make her escape by zooming out the door.

The staff let her roam around the facility in her wheel chair and she would visit other patients and give opinions to the professional caregivers as to “what they were doing wrong.”

My mother’s name was Lynn, which was also the name of town north of Boston, this railroad line ran through Union Square, Somerville, I would assume it might go there. Photo circa 1970

Gate gate, paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha.

Sounds know words can no

Red, Yellow, Butterfly, Flower,
Last effort of Summer to Autumn
A memory to linger for a year.

Brush painting by Janney

For me, its difficult to see this image too close, it feels like these lyrics from an Eric Anderson song:

Yes, I would only like to show you
That is all and nothing more
But I will go unbounded
Looking outside of your door

I Shall Go Unbounded Eric Anderson

I was involved in my mom’s care for a few years, sometimes i wold visit her and while she did not know who I was, she was real glad to see me, I wondered if it was because I showed up everyday. During the period of this image sometimes I would arrive and stand in front of her and she did not acknowledge me. Often I had a small click-and-shoot camera in my hand which minimized the intrusiveness of the camera as well as always enabled me to have one hand free.

Early morning tobacco-drying barns in Amherst Mass.

Alameda Creek

We understand empirical information comes to each individual person using their five biological senses.While not every human being has five senses.perhaps for some related to genetic conditions and others from outside events later in life . . .

But all people don’t just hear or not hear—or see, touch, taste or smell—the “quality of hearing” is also distributed differently among everyone, each individual has different life experiences, associated with and because of their senses and Each experience is human.

This has an important affect regarding language which probably originated from, and is continually transmitted by, spoken words and human interaction. While individuals encounter ”Sounds&Words” uniquely most of the differences are very minor, you could say ”nano-differences.

In order to survive society (such as we might think of a “culture), i.e. has stability, even though each individual is unique, there has to be enough “close to common experiences” to produce a language, a common shared view of the world. Still there are those who think these human differences are worth killing over.

Words are not real in themselves. House? We all know what is a house, I say “Go to the green house on the left!” and even though that house is a unique house in this Universe, you know what I mean and can find it. We use the concept “house” in the conversation as a tool to see the individual unique house .

Human behavior in a society—which we are by nature—creates a shared common meaning to an individual sound creating common sounds representing general concepts which individuals use to apply to specific situations. The sound (word) is more than just a shared meaning for communication, its a human tool for knowing.

One human quality is the ability to differentiate a “thing” from other“ things.”People differentiate “things” from each other, create a unique sound , i.e. a word for the thing and by using it make it a common shared meaning..How long were people building this foundational human database of can eat this /can’t eat that; safe here not safe there; and so on and so forth. The same wall is different for everyone.

A phonetic alphabet enables people to creatively use letters to create new words and then pronounce a new sound. never before spoken. Over the past 40 years marketing has done this especially in corporate and drug names _though I personally enjoy when Joyce did it in Finnegans Wake.

What ever communication animals have it is not the same quality as human language which not only communicates as animals can do, but creates common meanings among people.

Its fascinating that this quality is a uniqueness of human beings. For other animals sounds are specifically used for communication, For people sounds have common meanings and individuals who share that common meaning may not have had the experience. Animals have common meanings when each of the individuals has the common experience g to be associated with a sound, such as “danger” or “food.” Unlike animals humans can “walk in each other’s shoes”—when we try.

Even though we are all unique, the natural process of be1ing a human being creates a commonness of the uniqueness —if it does not then the “society,” i.e. the individuals, does not survive.
We have survived, we are here ,we all have it, just some use it for their personal benefit at the expense of all.

Senses are how we know. Without sensual input we cannot interact with the Universe, we cannot know the universe. Language is a human created tool to successfully (survive) interact with the universe .

Marshall McLuhan argued that print had resulted in people disproportionately using more sight with less use of other senses, the implication being that print created a society in which people do not use their senses in balance. Specifically McLuhan suggested that the emphasis on “visual sense” ”resulted in only knowing the universe as a bunch of linear causal relationships.

I listened to a report on NPR by an anthropologist working in the Australian outback who was discovered by a group of people who had never encountered a “different people” before .On inquiry how did they discover them? The people answered that, from about a mile away., they could smell them. they know it was other people by the smell and they were curious. (Note: this explanation is over simplifed and over generalized but the important parts are as reported).


i like zen because of the stories.
Monks were arguing over the possession of a cat. Nan-ch’uan appeared, took hold of the cat and asked, “If any of you can say something to the point he will save the life of this creature; if nobody can, it will be killed.”
No one could so the cat was killed. Later when Chao-chuo returned Nan-ch’uan told him what happened. Chao-chuo took off a sandal .put it on top of his head and went away.
Nan-ch’uan said, “Had you been here a moment ago , you would have saved the animal’s life.”

Original Teachings of Ch’an Buddhism Chang Chung-Yuan

When you first read the story you cannot understand it. When you think about it a while you come to understand it and as time goes by you forget it—the story does its job and then goes away.

That’s why I wonder if I meet a buddha, or a bodhisattva, would I know it? Maybe it makes no difference to the buddha, but the bodhisattva who is delaying their “buddha hood” to help me, or someone like me—maybe someone not like me— become a buddha. Why waste their time?

The fashions in the 1960s, 50 plus years ago, three young fashionably dressed urban men on a small bicycle . . .

Three young men in blue jeans riding down the country road in the back of a pick up, the two on the ends look like brothers, maybe all three are, but I cannot know from this angle, maybe you can.

Sharing something common with myself, I could not do it without the camera as I am too selfie-ish.

After a day walking around Tokyo, just before closing I pickup some discounted sushi in the department basement store, some beer at the Ozeki Asakusa Kaminarimon store and transfer images to the hard drive before going to sleep.

The first time I stayed in a Tokyo Hotel my sister made the reservation. It was a big hotel in Shinjuku and it was the tiniest room I have been in. When I asked the english speaking-clerk he said that if I wanted a cheaper room there were two more smaller sizes for less less money.

from Heart Sutra, Seal style calligraphy by Janney

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Psy, ants and noing too know

Adrift along pure land shore

A smoke break at the back door of the business. Some people still smoke, even after all the medical knowledge andinformaiton about how bad it is medically. Still, Deng Xiaoping was a lifetime chain smoker who lived to be 94 years old.

Row of some of the 47 Samurai graves at Sengakuji.

Healthy food store in Vermillion South Dakota , 1971, bring your own shopping bag, scoops provided. The global economy and the internet enable people all over the world to start their own businesses.

For decade he has a small eclectic antique store along College Ave, Oakland, always something interesting. One of the things about antiques and Art ,is that if you buy it ands it it gets worn, , broken, used, enjoyed and has less value than if you.. bought it hid it away in a safe place for a few generations and then brought it out for sale.

Maybe that is a waste, but I have some nice favorite guinomi with chips in them, no resale value but I have enjoyed them.

Alameda Creek

A photograph is an extension of our senses, it enables us to see backwards in time as well as see things in places where we are not or have never been.

Science as a Way of Knowing, is experiencing the Universe through our five biological senses —receiving the data—and processing it through Reason, another human biological quality —all following a specific methodology., the Scientific Method

What you know and How you know it are of equal value.

Although the term “fact” is used to describe a discrete piece of information determined as “Real” or “True,” in science fact is only as good as it holds up to scientific standards and scientist may always provide a different position with evidence obtained using the accepted scientific method.

“Scientific method” is not a bunch of rules set up by an elite and forced on the world to somehow benefit the agenda of one group of people at the expense of others.

For centuries the efforts of human beings in knowing the universe , efforts which were also beneficial to most people—some more than others—have resulted from the efforts of people who in the process passed on knowledge and aggregately the common behavior associated with technological success were increasily emerged as the Scientific Method empiricism and science

As regards “bias” science is biased to empirical information, it has an“ Emprical Bias.” “Regarding normal human bias” scientific methodology includes a constantly adjusting scale, ordinal or interval, for adjustment.

In a sense science is the differentiation of things and their definition using the standards of the Scientific Method.

For the Universe there are no “things”, except perhaps these small particles which we keep discovering are smaller and smaller. Does, or can, the Universe see—“experience”—a thing such as a house, much less as a home?

Its just a bunch of small particles which if you see, like the human eye or the photograph, it looks like a house and if you are a person, maybe its a home.

To the Universe it is all just a bunch of small particles, subject and object at the same time.

Do the small particles exist without people, without scientists, “discovering” them —Dick Gregory used to say that Like Columbus “discovered” America, he was going out in the parking a lot and “discover a Cadillac.

We experience the universe through our five senses, this is our “data” which we are getting all the time. Often we do not think about data which is registering with our senses—i.e.background sensations—but when a tension occurs we contrast the tension to the background .

To be human is to experience, to be doing,—to be knowing and to be noing at the same time

Anecdotal experiences are not controlled like a scientific experience, and knowledge learned from them may be unique, not general and not scalable.

;Humans have the ability to compare their experiences.. and developed language as a way to communicate the commonness of the empirical experience.,

Empiricism is beneficial to the structure of science—Most people have five senses (not everyone but that is not the matter here). We see, touch, hear smell and taste and their is a common sense to these experiences, we have words for tall, green, rock, etc. and cross culturally we find many words which are definitively similar in meaning.

Scientists doing experiments record their methods in enough detail so that experiments can be critiqued and duplicated.

Any scientist with (professional qualifications) can replicate an experiment to see if the result is the same.because any scientist has the same five sense, the ycan measure the data using the same capabilities as the original experiment,

The very basic tool—the senses— which provides the ability to experience the universe also, using the scientific method provides science with a check & balance,


Ki-seto (Yellow Seto) tokkuri and kuro-oribe (black oribe) guinomi; Both Kiseto and kuro-oribe are fired in the Seto-Mino area, known for folk pottery. Ki-seto was the first of the folk potteries in Japan using glaze to vitrify the pot so that is could hold water.

For a few years my mother, after suffering a stroke and developing serious memory problems and expressive aphasia lived near me in a memory care facility. We visited her at least once a day, often more, both for the phsyical and emotional health.

There were times I thought she knew me as some guy who showed up for a while and left, or someone who took her out for a Sunday dinner and walk around Shinn Pond.What was it like for her never again to be taken seriously in a conversation.

In her life she had been an independent and articulate woman. Her memory never returned, she required care just to do basic things, and fortunately most of her post stroke time she live in a place where she could exercise some unrestrained behavior.

I think much of the time she spent knowing something significant had happened in her life, trying to understand it, while in memory care the door to the outside world is always locked. There were times when she enjoyed being with me, I knew it because she verbally expressed it or because as we wee going somewhere she got so excited that she was walking and talking with anticipation. Everyday I realize a little more what a great privilege it was to have this experience, ,and come to understand a little better why my mother continued to live with my father after his Alzhiemer’s became so very bad.

Maybe t3here was much more I could have done for her, Monday quarterbacking is easy, but I think I did enough for what she needed to get her through those last few years.

Gate Gate, paragate, parasangate, Bodhi svaha

Scene too, the last.

春江水暖 Spring

Snow ices are melting ,
River  are flowing ,
Ducks feel warming,
So they are playing.
This is my poem for my painting .


Dragon Festival

The Dragon Festival, (Longtaitou Festival 龙抬头 ) Happens on the second day of of the second month of the Chinese calendar, or around our first week in March. Its name means “Dragon raising its head” because the dragon was regarded as the deity in charge of rain, an important factor in ancient agriculture.

Dragon Festival paintings by Janney

This is an ancient Chinese festival to welcome the coming of Spring, the warming of the season and the rain for the spring planting.

Alameda Creek

I wonder when I realized my parents were human beings, then again sometimes when I look back on my life I think maybe I never did. At 75 years of age I wonder if the physical ailments I have are the same ones my father felt and do I remember knowing he was undergoing these same experiences?

Can I appreciate that other people around me are human beings? I have no answers to it because I am not sure what it means. If we are all human beings by our biological being than all of this good and bad behaviour which happened in the past is what it means to be a human being and will continue as long as there are people.

I am sot sure what that mean? No end to War and no end to compassion and empathy?

Walking along the Alameda Creek levee you can often see over the fence into the yard,

Its different for those who view that we are what we have been in the past than for those who see what we are is what we could be.

At the question of whether people are “naturally” good or “naturally” bad we get stuck defining the terms good and bad, the same behaviour is good when “we are doing it and “bad” when they are doing it— Zappa had a line:

“We are the other people,
We are the other people,
You are the other people too.”

Rulers usually see their laws as reasonable and necessary for order, while those being ruled see them as lacking justice. and preventing them from getting the same benefits of the order available to the rulers.

But there will be no peace
‘Till men get equal rights
Equal rights and justice
Equal rights
Equal rights and justice

Bob Marley

Japanese TV shows

Autism has had exposure on popular TV shows in Japan. They are not documentaries, but artistic expressions finding a place in popular media for a discussion subject which has been commonly avoided in society.

Walk With The Light is about young parents with a challenging autistic son, the extended family dynamics and finding professional help to seek a workable future path.

Things You Taught Me features a young functioning autistic woman who is finding herself as she follows her dream of becoming a weather reporter, learning to navigate in society as well as about who she is as a person, including feeling love for a man amid normal the family dynamics that develop. This TV series, however shallow the characters, bring to a common front important issues for discussion.

End Matter

A hole formed inside the spout of the kitchen sink, I am 75 years old, never saw it happen before, and for the first3time in my life I hired someone to install a new faucet. I did not want to lay on my side, my ribs pressing onthe edge of the bottom of the cupboard under the sink with my hands held up n the air holding up this and screwing that and wishing I was a Hindu deity with another arm & hand. So I wrapped a sponge around it, secured it with a automobile tube clamp for a day and made this photograph

Trade shows and start ups and for me there were graphics tp be designed, not these in this image though,

School is out in Oakland Chinatown district. A printer I often used was located near the area and between press checks I might walk over and have lunch or just browse and spend some time.

A Japanese gold welcome-for-business-cat sits in the window watching the birds on the street.

My mother had a stroke with substantial memory loss and developed Expressive Aphasia. Sometimes we would look at her albums of photographs. She is stroking the image of my father, high school sweethearts and her husband of 60 years.My parents were nakodo when they lived in Japan.

I don’t know if seeing these photos of her life touched any memories for her, but we did it anyway. I left the books in her room but I never noticed that she looked at them while I was gone. Still, it seemed a good idea to m e and we often did it. Sometimes I would buy “child safe” cute things at the Daiso store and leave them around her room to discover on her own. She was curious person so it seemed like a good idea to create some discovery experiences for her when she was on her own.

Seeing feet realizes they connect me to the ground

and help me keep my head up high

Can you remember how you felt before you were born?
Is that the emptiness in The Heart Sutra’s “emptiness is form and form is emptiness”?

Still if there is another side to cross over to, once you are there will you want to cross over (back) to the other side, the one from where you came.? Buddha, do not leave me with such there will always be another answer and another question.

from the last few lines of The Heart Sutra brushed by Janney

Know earthly desire

Walking along Alameda Creek

Last week on NPR’s Science Friday was a discussion with Avi Loeb, who has earned major academic credentials in astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology, discussing the subject of the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe. He suggested that Oumuamua was associated with alien life.

He is obviously much more knowledgable than me in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology as well as academic achievements

As a child I had this discussion and many time over the past seven decades.

There is a difference between “might be” and“is” and science requires empirical evidence for an “is.” Agree “there might be” alien life, but it is one thing to say that the human known conditions for life are the conditions where life will exist, more accurate it is where life might exist.

There is nothing to prove there is or is not other life in their Universe. And responsible thought based on scientific knowledge suggests there might be but there might not be either.

We know conditions on Earth can support and perhaps even create life and that other planets appear—to the best of our scientific knowledge—to have the same or similar conditions as Earth. It is quite another thing to say this means there is life in other places in the universe, it means logically there might be.

We cannot know what we cannot experience through our five senses and we cannot know what does not exist. WE have never sensually —see, hear, touch, smell or taste—experienced the existence of other intelligent life in the universe, and we have never experienced any material manifestation evidence of such life . Or perhaps we have experienced it and did not “know what it was.

Alien life could be similar to humans, or quantitatively, or qualitatively, different.

Suppose aliens and humans shared some senses and not others such as between humans and bats? Or humans and aliens could share the the same set of biological senses but different quantitative capabilities such as hearing and smell between human and dogs,

Suppose they had a completely different set of biological senses which organized the same small particles we know scientifically make up the Universe into different “things”—we might presume different dimensions. but dimensions themselves are problematic, Human experience the universe in four dimensions because we are biologically constructed that way but other life forms may well have different sensor functionality. But becuase humans experience and thus organize the small particles of the Universe in four dimensions doesn’t mean other life forms will.

Think of all the stories, novels, songs, tv and movie shows about aliens, and in many of them the aliens make contact with pretty much stereo types humans —Why would aliens want to get touch in government officials only, Why would they make contact by kidnappping a human and take it to their vehicle? Why would they be seeking either peace or war? Why would there be an Area 51 where the US government supposedly has decades of research on aliens but no one else in the world knows of the aliens ? It could ijust as easily be “The Day the Earth Stood Still? or Alien?

And perhaps worse, suppose that we on Earth achieved “World Peace” and after some generations no longer had the ability to defend ourselves militarily . . . and then we were invaded by aliens. Maybe that is what they patiently waiting for.


Over the past months I have presented images of Krishna wondering if people can get a better understanding of Krishna from looking at pantings rather than reading words. Words are ink on paper and painting are color on some medium—which tells you more.

Words seem “more objective” but pictures fill in the spaces between words and even letters . . . Krishna seems to like the girls.
Image from A festival of Krishna Harsha V. Dehejia


For 3 1/2 years I was involved with the care for my mother after she suffered a stroke, loss of memory, and developed Expressive Aphasia. She spent time in memory care facilities, hospitals and rehab-nursing care. During that time my wife and I saw her at least once everyday. with me using a small point&shoot making a photographic record,

Everyday can be a different situation. When she had to go somewhere for testing or consulting, first I made the trip alone to determine a time schedule, checking to see what parking was available, if there were stairs or other physical challenges, and whatever other problems I could foresee.

We went to the emergency room a few times. Mom was naturally curious and liked to be out and about, both before and after her stroke. Going to the ER could be an impromptu adventure, there was no planning for the event and once we were there for over 16 hours. The emergency room has a main desk with one or more rooms some of which may have more than one patient separated with a fabric curtain.

One long night in the ER—not because of Mom’s situation but there were too many serious emergencies that a doctor could not take the time out to sign her her out. We were alone enclosed by a sheet, for hours and behind the neighbor’s sheet was a loud-self-pitying- feel-sorry-for-himself drunk yelling at the top of his lungs that he wanted to die.

Waiting rooms can be a challenge, Mom may not have patience for a long wait, if someone else in the waiting room e is offensive to her she might speak her mind out loud. Generally “most” people were tolerant, but remembering the venue is a doctor’s office and at other times two patients with memory loss and whatever problems would have little patience and a discussion might develop.

My sister (Skype user) lives out of the US so we put a phone in Mom’s room in the first memory care facility, Generally my sister called when I was there, we scheduled it, it seemed to work better. I also used personal photographs to stimulate her mind and see her response to measure, I am not quite sure what, at least it felt like I was understanding her more.

“In the dementia field” the person receiving the care is generally referred to as “ loved one.” Mom was in the hospital a few times, its a different schedule. There is a doctor assigned to the patient, and I wanted to talk to the doctor directly. If I was there and the doctor was in the hospital and I tried to contact the doctor, usually by phone and usually had to leave a message and even in those rare times when you got the doctor on the phone, he or she phone might not remember the specific details. Or even if you made an appointment sometimes the doctor could not make it because of the normal other things that arise daily in the hospital.

But usually the doctor has a regular schedule which gives a window of time that you can plan a visit and generally, not always, you will have a face to face, all-in-one-place with the doctor, with the patient and with the patient’s record. Same with food, there is a schedule for lunch and dinner and the nurse at the desk can tell you.

During her life Mom was intelligent and curious, and after her stroke it seemed to me that she knew her life had qualitatively been altered, but she did not understand it—And she was determined to understand it. We would talk about it, I don’t think she ever found an understanding, just some way to forget abou it t for periods of time.

The first memory care was also an assisted living facility, Entering one would pass the check in/out desk and then the general room of the assisted living often with residents actively sitting around interrelating, Next walk down a hallway past rooms of assisted living, often with their doors open, to the locked door of the memory care facility.

As we walked down the hallway Mom would always see and want the independence of the assisted living.

For a while she seemed to believe it was something she had to earn and she loved a challenge. Other times she wold put up a tantrum in the hallway but after getting her past the locked door in 10-15 seconds he would have forgotten. But it was a very poor architectural design for its function.

She had a slight hip fracture, underwent an operation and spent two months in a rehab/nursing facility. In a California nursing facility the patient can be restrained without their permission, there is a doctor on staff who can legally “prescribe” a medical justification. Patients in memory care facilities can not be restrained without their permission and usually they cannot legally give their permission. State laws may may even consider bed rails an unacceptable restraint in memory care.

She had liked shopping before her stroke, and sometimes I would take her out to a mall and do fun things—You can look at a store as a place to buy things or you can experience at a store as just another place to walk around and have fun.

Like Dorian Gray, olde memories don’t die, they just fade away. or go out of focus. Not in focus, or not to the point??? but still fun and what else does a photograph need to be?
Filene’s Basement, about 1971