World Words, Work or Wore?

world words

Relentlessly Earth is becoming smaller and smaller, not in physical size but in the number of people and their increasingly accessibility created and enabled by the internet.


That is probably a major factor driving migration. Even with tv and landlines there was not the person-to-person contact enabled by the Internet. As population increases while space decreases the world is evolving and growing global culture

Sunday afternoon in the pizza store

Just think if one could just reach out and grab a piece of light and see the images it carries on your iPhone!!


Worn out. woman

When confronted with survival challenges for over 300,000 years homo sapiens, have used migration as a major solution resulting in various forms of political control for social solidarity. Since the 30 Years War and treaty of Westphalia, about 400 years ago mucho Earth has accepted the nation state, the geopolitical unit — the nation-state and endowed it with complete political sovereignty—the right to murder inits own interest.

Alameda Creek

Light or visible light is electromagnetic radiation within the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is perceived by the human eye.,” (Where a photograph is also perceived.)

In physics, electromagnetic radiation consists of waves of the electromagnetic field, propagating through space, carrying electromagnetic radiant energy. It includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. All of these waves form part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A photograph is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic image sensor, such as a CCD or a CMOS chip.

Light is expressed on the screen, and the gradation of light expressed on the screen determines the color and value of the printed image. Its like 4-color CMYK process inks on an offset press mixed in “screen mix” to print a photograph or a soup can except in CMYK more color is darker, in RGB less (reducing the color light) color is darker.

Light is traveling through Universe, transporting information as latent photographic images, if it meets no reflective thing on the way, then its last “latent images” might be accessible, and perhaps even more.

Or perhaps as light keeps reflecting off things its ability to express gets weaker. Maybe traveling through dark has a cost to light and maybe light has a limit.

Where does light go when it gets to the end of the universe?

When light is not light is “it” black, maybe its not that the light is black, but the absence of light is black. Or is it the “Presence of Black.”

If light is absent where did it go? Why would light be here, or there, or anywhere at all ?

Light is a mystical tour of the Universe waiting to be viewed—all over the Universe are gazillions of latent photographs —.It would be nice to see them — We do actually, i.e. X-Rays, CRT . . . and that technology keeps developing.


Is it intrusive to make this image? I didn’t know these people, I took their picture as if they were a carved stone in a Japanese garden.

The visual landscape in Tokyo, like Japanese in general, it has a unique Japanese feel and the Japanese sense of design is always a part of it ,

Tokyo land used for an automated two vehicle pay to park parking lot.

A photograph can be visually “more poetic” than “more real” . . .

It is difficult 
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is  found there.

from Asphodel, That Greeny Flower Pictures from Bruegel William Carlos Williams

Knew words, know words and communal electronic anarchy

Hail, hail rock and roll
Deliver me from the days of old
Long live rock and roll
The beat of the drums, loud and bold
Rock, rock, rock and roll
The feelin’ is there, body and soul.

School Day Chuck Berry

Small particles can unite to create an illusion of reality. Photographs are small particles, assembled a certain way.. A medium such as paper is a part of the photograph, without it we could not visually experience the image.

What about digital images? Small particles can unite to create an illusion of reality on a computer screen. I have a pile of photographic prints, which weigh two pounds. How much does the same information weigh in digital form on my hard drive or in printed form on my computer screen? Maybe the screen on which the words are printed weighs more than a piece of paper.

Kokopelli on a wall in Oakland playing the flute that moves people to dream.This “dream” is not the ones that come at night while sleeping, but the ones that come riding on the wheels of the future.

Haight Ashbury sidewalk signs

Is there a limit to the emergence and development of culture? Say perhaps a geographical boundary relative to qualities of travel such as access to and speed. On earth there were a bunch of cultures that developed, some survived and we may never know those that failed. But we do know of cultures that rose and descended, leaving remains, both living and material.

Culture is a process generated by past human interaction—how people interact with each other generates a field of culture and like planets, stars, dark matter and dark energy generate a gravitational field to give structure to the universe, human interaction generates a field which gives a structure to human relationships.

That structure is conservative, behavior was successful and it seeks to keep doing the things that were successful. People want to eat so they repeat doing the same things which enabled them eat because—it works . . .

Until it doesn’t. And then they have to change their behavior or go extinct.

.People often feel emotions which make it hard to change their behavior even in times of crisis. Other times some people want to change while others do not . In times of food shortages, wealthy may resent the higher cost of food while feeling no need to change but non wealthy struggling to eat may feel an urgent need for a change.

Alameda Creek

Walking along Alameda Creek ’mos’ every day, its easy to get bored seeing the same things. If I don’t make up stuff to think about I will start thinking about my problems and then feeling sorry for myself and then getting angry at myself and miss out on the

Does a hard drive weigh more when its full of information, even when there is no space to store anymore information on it?

The answer is no, the digital information is stored on a medium which is a bunch of switches, and to store digital information new information is not added to the disc but its whether the gates on the disc , i.e. the matter— are open or closed. The gate on your fence does not weigh any more whether it is open or closed, on the other hand whether its open or closed may make a big difference to what gets in or out.

However, we the people, do not experience the information until it is printed on a medium such as paper or screen. Compare the weight of a page from a book and the same page printed on a computer screen, the latter probably weighs more than the former.

Ink on paper is different than light on a computer screen. The piece of paper has mass, its a piece of paper and when I take it over there. its no longer here.. The thing about paper is I have a copy and all I and (almost) anyone else need to read it—get the information— are eyes and some ligh,t both whether occur naturally as properties of being human in this universe.

Digital information is electronic impulses, not some “thing”, but electricity is a field where movement occurs between some “things‚ i.e. the “things” the mass of the storage is already there and does not change as the electricity just passes through—its free, no toll, just depends on the semi-part of the semi-conductor.

Last week E. Musk published a video of a chimpanzee using a chimp with computer “Neurolink” implants who learned to play pong and then after disconnecting the implants, the chimp would see the pong screen, think the movements and communicate with the pong digital hardware to achieve the correct response on the game screen— just by the chimp thinking the correct movement.

The “hope” is that people who are paralyzed may be able to use these implants to think and then perform movements.

“Human “Neurolink implants” will likely be available, its just a matter of time, though at 75 years of age, not a matter in my time.

And from where do you get the electricity? We humans generate our own electricity, we do not just tap into a natural source. —its got to be plugged in or wi-fi.Are you plugged in may come to have a whole new meaning.

Tesla thought electricity was available into atmosphere and all we had to do was figure out how to tap into it like the famous old time sci-fi Hollywood “actor” known as the “Tesla coil.”

Having your head buried into your smart phone seems to very be popular now, perhaps soon your phone will be implanted into your brain which can, or will, be online all the time. E email will be like telepathy. between two people, and imagine group online meetings.

End matter

What would all this mean for The Heat Sutra? Emptiness is form, form is emptiness.

Humans experience the universe through our five sense, not in words, but in the wordless sensual experiences which send information to our brain which gives them a word, a human created word with we use to communicate with each other. Each of our sensual experiences are unique however small the differences, but having a common word moves us to find common meaning of the experience, see this as “reality”. In the universe and enables to communicate with each other, an important tool for our survival as a species.

Perhaps if humans are “neuro-linked” and we share our unique wordless sensual experiences directly with each other, our unique experiences without words to mediate in between it could be sensual overload, psychological anarchy, perhaps like an LSD experience..