Thinking of the universe as a bunch of small particles—atoms, molecules, photons, electrons—all constantly moving around in space. They meet, sometimes bouncing off each other, other times combining together to make larger things which in turn break up or combine to make larger things  which in turn break up again and go somewhere else, all in perpetual time.
Street photography of a different dimension

What happens when some of those particles come together to make a human being and that human, being part of the universe now knows sees itself. A separation of object and subject. Later, physically, these small things that make up a person separate and combine with other things take non-sentient things.

Cities often paint the streets, when others do it they call it graffiti. Their art work is usually informative . . .

During this process the subject becomes aware of itself as separated from the place where you not aware of any separation from the ”utopian place of oneness ”—Show me your original face before you were born?

. . . and often printed from a small set of standardized stencils, yet the entropy of time—weather, traffic, oil, paint qualities —always has something to say.

And responsibility for its actions. Where before it was just particles in space being moved around by the “Laws of Nature,” to remain in this form the person needs to do things, such as eat.

Its like these spots of paint in the street, not meant be Art, but designed they are, have life of their own


Individuals are alienated from something which they know nothing about except that they were not human—Being human means to share this common feeling of knowing there is no answer. This is not an uncommon theme . . .

There are like a Rorschach inkblot test., there to pass away forced moments of pedetrian time while waiting for a light or to meeing someone for lunch.

So, in emptiness, there is no body, 
no feeling, no thought, 
no will, no consciousness. 
There are no eyes, no ears, 
no nose, no tongue, 
no body, no mind. 
There is no seeing, no hearing, 
no smelling, no tasting, 
no touching, no imagining. 
There is nothing seen, nor heard, 
nor smelled, nor tasted, 
nor touched, nor imagined
From The Heart Sutra

I wonder if there would be some way to capture all to the different human responses to one single piece of street art as the changes tot he street happen through time .

Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil. And now, lest he reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…” Therefore the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. So He drove out the man and stationed cherubim on the east side of the Garden of Eden, along with a whirling sword of flame to guard the way to the tree of life.
Guess I am wondering who is the Lord God talking to in who are the “Us?“ Is there more than one member of the species of God?

For people it is only other people, artists, who con do this.

The modern western philosophical concept of alienation is focused on a conflict between the needs of society and the nature of individuals which results in individuals repressing their natural self.
Are individual needs being met when these small particles are not organized into humans? Are there just no individual needs in non-life existence? No needs, no unmet- needs; no ignorance, no lack of ignorance; no freedom, no lack offreedom.

Maybe “The Big Bang” broke the “oneness” of all particles into an eternity of moving around the universe joining and unjoining— and occasionally coming together as a person. And embedded somewhere deep inside each and every particle, no matter how big or small, is the desire to return to the oneness before the Big Bang. The Genesis story and Buddhist enlightenment are genetic archetypal metaphors for the alienation of particles from the original oneness before the Big Bang?

Sketches of Spain

Last week I bought Sketches of Spain CD at Half Price Book Store, I have it on cassette but the only players are my vehicles—in 1980s I recorded about 50 cassettes of my favorite songs, mostly individual songs arranged my preferred order and a few albums.  Now I only listen to them when driving.

I first heard Sketches of Spain in Fall, 1963, first year university in Minnesota, walking one day I found a neighborhood city library which had records to loan. I borrowed Sketches of Spain, Carolyn Hester with Bob Dylan on harmonica, Bill Lee on bass, and Bruce Langhorne on guitar and The Greenbriar Boys, I have listened to these albums over the past 50 years and still enjoy them

On Saturday mornings  a local community college broadcast “The Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show” which played and presented interesting and fun information about movie soundtracks. Movies are one media which can stream diverse kind of music next to each other— Mozart—Miles —Dylan— Mavis Staples—-Doc Watson—Perry Como—Madonna, and so on and the audience is not uncomfortable, yet try to do the same thing to an audience of a station with a “music style?” Few will listen to the music as intently as they do in a theatre.
They are listening for a different kind of experience.

Alameda Creek

Virus limited exposure to the outside world, walking along the Alameda Creek levee every day, gets me out of the house. I have been walking the creek since Spring 2007, thirteen years and maybe 10 years before walking our dog. People come and go, Always say hello, sometimes talk a little and some I meet often, we walk & talk, get to know a little about each other. Generally I think I make some people feel uncomfortable, maybe I talk too much or maybe I just do not know to listen to others.

Sometimes when people visit, and, for some reason a record gets pulled out from the mizuya tansu, and I start playing one song from it, and while the song is playing I am searching for another song recorded on another record which has a relationship to the one playing, and after about four songs of this guests get slightly annoyed and then its time to stop—if I am alone I cannot stop myself, its like opening a bag of potato chips, and will do it for hours.

Dear Miss Grey . . . My daughter and I had an argument as to whether a girl takes a chance in marrying a man who is a poor loser inspirits and displays his temper and character by throwing his tennis racket to the ground when things do not go right. I say I would not take a chance in marrying a man like that . . . Mother
REAL LIFE Louisville in the Twenties Michael Lesy

So, the day he left, it was around one o’clock in the day, and he had been sitting in the kitchen smoking a cigarette, and kinda mumbling to himself off and on, and so finally he got up and put out his hat on, and started out and said to her that he was gone, and she asked him what was the matter, and said he was tired of it all, ‘he didn’t like married life no how,’ and he went out, and has never been back since.
REAL LIFE Louisville in the Twenties Civil Case #159012, 1925 Michael Lesy

Don’t pay attention to the trade deficit. While economists make a big deal of this, it is more a sign of strength in he U.S. in that we are generating wealth which creates buying power that intern spills over to buying of foreign goods and services.
William J. O’Neil How to Make Money in Stocks Desk Diary 2004

For this man is aware; he may have skill; it is by skill; by consciousness by innocence, by intelligence by love, by magic we shall win and only thus; this skill he may have and by this skill speak; may talk or flute such mild commodious language that these beasts dissolve their brows, yearn sweetly in quavering and sobs of ardor toward and upon him, roll down before, and undefend their gold inhuman bellies at his feet in all heaven’s astonishment: . . .
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee and Walker Evens

The young man’s eye had the opal lightings of dark oil and, though he was watching me in a way the relaxed me to cold weakness of ignobility, they fed strongly inward to draw a focus; Whereas those of the young woman had each the splendor of a monstrance, and were brass. Her body was also brass or bitter gold, strong to stridency beneath the unbleached clayed cotton dress, and her arms and bare legs were sharp with metal down.
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee and Walker Evens

Ever since ancient times, people have conducted their lives within in an environment which possess a symbolic significance. . . . such a culturally impregnated environment is one in which the spiritual workings of people’s minds are given shape and form.
Masahumi Yamasaki Kyoto: Its Cityscape Traditions and Heritage, Process: Archecture

It didn’t seem to I’m as if there would be any harm in their eating as long as he didn’t take his credentials with him, even in his socks. On the other hand, his room might be searched again. It certainly was a problem. He said,“Where should we meet?
Graham Green The Confidential Agent

The pipes yowled, started to knock
A trickle spilled the porcelain, crawled like a glass worm through the light lozenges from the window high in the concrete. He put his orchid in the next sink and scrubbed hard at his hands, wrist and forearms, then bent to drink. He washed some more till his bladder warmed.

Dhalgren Samuel R. Delany

I used to really enjoy reading, I do not have the focus anymore for long durations, but I think its interesting to see random quotes with random images fromt he randomness of my book shelf.

Up so short it feels like down to me

Its always easy  to start the day  by looking down, no place to go but up


Once said, the karma of a person’s life expressed is their face when they are old


And the  hopes of ones’s life were  facially expressed  in youth.  On a street corner, waiting for the light to change the one word in English that we shared was “Bluegrass.”


My chants  steps in out of nowear  and  you miss it because you were working,


Whereas the Western child is early introduced to building blocks, keys in locks, water taps, and a multiplicity of items and evens which constrain him   to think in  terms of spatiotemporal relations and mechanical causation , the African child receives instead an education which depends much more exclusively on the spoken word and which is highly charged with drama and emotion.

Quoted from The Gutenberg Galaxy by Marshall McLuhan who is quoting a  J. C. Carothers  article in Psychiatry November 1959


Please ignore the out dated “ human bias” aspects of the above quote where the author is trying to connect words in a concept expressing the act of  comparing oral media society to a  print media society by pointing to “real life example.”  Just consider the concept;  compare oral  and print societies and how they might generate a very different “Cultural Reality” for the individuals in the each population.


Of course you need to understand that “Cultural Reality” is where all of the people in the society share the same unified reality, there is no “fake reality”  or “Alternative Facts.”

McLuhan  wants to express that in a print society people use visual knowing at the with a reduction  of “knowing by other senses” compared to oral societies which are less dependent on visual knowing and more on an other sense or  combination of  other senses.

(NOTE: Don’t get too hung up, its a concept).


And electronic media will generate a whole new “Reality”  at a time when the whole Earth will be in the process of a generating a “single global culture.”

Where previously the Earth was populated by different “cultures or societies”  with  their own view of reality—their culture— and the history of people was the evolution of larger and larger unified populations—caves and family, clan, village, polis, kingdom, nation state—electronic media generates forces of cultural homogenization which have the abilities  to generate a world culture.


Unfortunately without leadership with a vision, the past will be repeated, populists demagogues will eagerly emerge with their message of hate,  killing and revenge. The process will happen, no one wants to return to caves (almost)  but without leadership with a vision many people will suffer and die or more drastic, people will destroy human civilization.


Or you could just ignore it, maybe some alien culture will intervene or God will create a war that ends all wars saving two of each finding refuge in a bomb shelter ark.,


Can you find the mistakes? Are they mistakes because you think so? Would you give me an F grade for this effort?






A simple message, generally credited to Warren Buffett…but perhaps even watching your pennies may be beneficial…


At Ueno Zoo tickets to see the Pandas are still available at about 10:am,but this guy does not look too happy about it. What a job, wearing a blue polyester uniform,   holding a sign and being on call,


Ueno museum area, older generations electronically connected while unconnected younger ones in traditional face to face connected play mode. I hope the mother and daughter are not texting each other, but one time while exercising/fast walking  on the levee I met a mother and daughter who were walking  together while texting each other, and I stopped them and asked, that is why I  know but this is not them…


a little slower perhaps, and a red sweater,


Looks like a business of some kind nestled  in between high rises, or if you look closely the front is an add on to what appears to be a metal corrugated something, perhaps a  house or some kind of living quarters settled in behind.


One texting and two together   sharing the experience of the small screen, i wonder  do they both have a same or similar experience, do they discuss it later…?


How important is posture to your experience on the small screen?


a quiet  residential street


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When less and sell refuse to quell

I was so much  younger than  I would have been, Filene’s Basement in the 1960s and 70s, three floors similar to Ross or Marshall’s, but Filenes’  was the one  and only then, buying up last years left over stock, seconds, fire sales, and offering it for sale in their basement at huge discount prices.  Every year they had Brooks Brothers clothes for men, JAMMED PACKED!


Stop in for a little piece of pie…




I don’t usually give out investment advice, but then again, credit goes to credit due, the Oracle of Omaha.


San Francisco somewhere in Chinatown on the down side of the hill probably heading towards Broadway,


Once again  I am caught hoping for something  beyond my ken or at least beyond by liege,


Around a  corner,  down a side street  and a brass roof


Later afternoon,


You might think I am less confused than I was, say 35 years ago,  but you might be wrong, I have never understand to forgive what made yesterday.


But  even if I were a part of some whole I  would still feel for my heart…


And it is still beating, one day I visited a house  where a zen  priest lived , he was practicing brush and mad this image, its a mu shin, 無心,  read right to left and it looks like Daruma is chasing his mind,  “Show me your mind Daruma!”


Investing: stock in myshelf

This is the first of a series on individual  investing in the equities (stock ) market. When I was young, post college, my father gave me some stock in a Blue Chip company,  I held it for many years and sold it at a profit to be a part of the down payment on my first house.  Later he gave me 100 shares of a small but high quality company worth $17 a share ($17 x 100 = $1700.00) it split two for one, was bought by an aggressively growing company which has split a few times. I set up two accounts with an online broker, an IRA account and a cash account. I contributed yearly to the former from my income and I deposited the stock (I had not taken any profits) worth about $20,000 in a cash (non-IRA) account about 17 years ago.

Some say investing is more about not losing money than it is about making money.

I have made some trades  in the cash account, some  have been profitable, others losses and that account has about $65,000 as I write—it can normally fluctuate up to $1000 a day. In the 1980s I invested in mutual funds with a reputable funds company, made some money, lost some money in the 1999 correction, made some money, paid for much of my son’s education from the mutual funds, lost in 2008 and I have  been in the  bull market until now. I invested in a company which went bankrupt, another was mining gas in Russia, and doing just fine until putin used Russian law and courts to take the company and give it to a Russian mining  company. I have also bought a stock and helplessly watched it go down to nothing. And still I have made money.

I do not think Mr.Drucker needs someone to explain…

I officially retired last December but for the preceeding eight yearss I had not been actively prospecting for new business, just letting it die out, during which time I became more active in learning about investment. I am very lucking its been a bull market since then and I have had some profitable investments in the market. I hope to be as successful in a correction and/or a bear market.

Filene’s Basement in the 1960s

I think many people can be successful investing in the stock market, and by successful, I mean making profitable investments within their risk range. I hope these “investment posts” will influence others to consider investing in the stock market. Not everyone can be successful at all things and some may find it not in their interest and/or skill, but I think there are others who have the ability and if they knew a little more about the subject they might develop the interest . . . and it can be fun.

More to come…