My grey shun

The fall is persimmon time.

This year I mix them with Trader Joe’s oatmeal, two minutes in the microwave, add some California raisins and almonds, another 30 seconds, then add persimmon (or apple or banana) and a little milk—protein, vitamins and carbs..

The moon far away . . .

and nearby is our faith in a near consumer economy.

Alameda Creek

Human beings—Homo sapiens—have been around for about 300,000 years..

Rome., Greece, China, MIddle East, , Aztecs, Incas, the Eurasian Steppes, wes3 of the Jade Gate — for peoples all over the world, primary written knowledge of the history of human beings is limited, give it 4000 years to be generous . . . or include art as an expression of primary evidence, painted images go back to 45000 years ago or on the Iberian Peninsula where art is dated to 64,000 years ago.

300,000/6000= 1/500 = 0.02 or or 0.2 %

Human life as we know it is about 0.2% of the history of the human species.yet is only the last 150 years that “technologically advanced civilized” humans‚ have created nuclear weapons and altered the global climate in their drive for more and more wealth

Its interesting how we see history, for example, when using the symbols BC and Ad , or symbols BCE and CE or where ever humans choose to designate the concept of something unknown , when they choose to divide the continuum of history from an unknown past to the known present on to the unknown future. Both ends, the past and future are undetermined—unknown— and yet we do not let that “unknown” bother us from our daily life in the middle—Its November 20, 2021, who cares about any other time, out of sight, out of mind.

Show me your face before you were born . . . why can‘t we remember the future? . . . What was happening before The Big Bang?

Life forms on Earth have all figured out a way to survive as a species. Survival of the fittest —reproductive success. No life forms are separate, they are all inter-related and part of why we survive on Earth

Here we are on Earth, our home in the Universe, the one planet in one solar system, out of billions of solar systems in one galaxy out of billions of galaxies in a Universe which is expanding. Will human beings survive long enough to have to migrate in search of another sun?

For 300,000 years humans have been living on Earth and increasingly we are learning that during that time many people traveled extensively , and in hard times when the fitness part of “survival” moved people to migrate, long before there were kings, or warlords, or geo-political nation states with “national boundaries” defended by standing armies paid for by taxes legitimized by the idealogical license of “National Sovereignty.” Migrating is what people naturally do. its geo-political entities with tax payer funded standing armies which is is unnatural

“Capitalism” —an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.— (Oxford Languages)

Capitalism is often thought of as an economic system in which private actors own and control property in accord with their interests, and demand and supply freely set prices in markets in a way that can serve the best interests of society. The essential feature of capitalism is the motive to make a profit. (Wikopedia).

The internet enables the world to inter-connect instantly and constantly —as long as there is electricity, which has to be produced. For the first time in history people all around Earth see other people, other societies, and compare themselves and dream of something better for themselves.and their families.

“Economically successful” western societies have developed consumer markets where fashionable new products are constantly created to compete for discretionary monies —planned obsolescence—and for many individuals in the developing world, the global economy is their chance to participate in a market with lower prices and better quality products—if only the “developed countries” actually believed in free markets.

For so many new products its cheaper to just take another piece of Earth from “over there“, bring it over here and make some new things to sell in the market, and just throw the old thing away, “over there, ” please, not here.

“Every proposition  on Earth can be figured on a basis of profit and loss and there is no other practical way to figure anything.”

.“When I say profit, I mean earned profit, but not in the  legal sense I mean earned   “De facto,”  and not “de jure”.”

“Take the income I will earn for the rest of my life from the ownership of stock  in Southdown Incorporated, that is called “unearned income” but actually I have earned it by years of of devoted service I have rendered to the company. I have earned it because I deserve it. But as a contrast  take the  profit, the income that Sarah Jaffe has been getting from her ownership of stock since the death of her father. Mrs. Jaffe, I’d like to ask you what have you ever done for the  corporation .Tell me one single thing  small or large. Your average income in Southdown dividends for the past five years has been more than 40,000 dollars, have you earned one cent of it? 

My father did the earning,.”she said

But you personally ?

No of course not, I’ve never earned anything 

Prisoners Base, a NeroWolfe novel by Rex Stout

Every person on this Earth has a birth right to life., still after 300,000 years of homo sapiens and 4-5 thousand years of “civilization”, humans still delight in finding reasons to murder each other .


For over three years I was personally involved with the care of mom, she had a stroke with severe memory loss and expressive aphasia. She lived in a memory facility and was in rehab for a couple of months.

Being involved in the care of one’s parent is a privilege and honor. For what ever reason one gets chosen even if its by default.

It takes a lot of time.

At rehab, she was there for eight weeks, the sliding front door was locked, needed a “buzz” to get in. Mom always curious and anxious to get outside would sit by the front door. When someone approached the door and the buzzer rang she would be waiting to make her escape by zooming out the door.

The staff let her roam around the facility in her wheel chair and she would visit other patients and give opinions to the professional caregivers as to “what they were doing wrong.”

My mother’s name was Lynn, which was also the name of town north of Boston, this railroad line ran through Union Square, Somerville, I would assume it might go there. Photo circa 1970

Gate gate, paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha.

Whenning my past


At 86 years Mom suffered stroke, severe memory loss and expressive aphasia, I was here and there for the next few months, this is her out of ICU with regular bed in rehab, She was telling me family stories from her childhood, It was a new situation for both of us.

Alone is her apartment,: a japanese lantern they brought back from Japan with a photo of them sitting together, smiling, in front of ofJapanese prints.

For the next three years she lived in a nearby memory care facility. In “memory care” the door to the outside world is locked.

After her operation she had the mental will, and developed the physical capability needed, I lived only ten minutes away, though at lunch time it could be difficult to find a place to park.

I never felt like she did, —she always wanted to be number 1!! Sometimes I felt that way, but she felt that way all the time—put a benchmark in front of her and she is off the races.

Being human we rarely know what is around the corner, except death, and still we rarely know which corner..

Alameda Creek

Of all the planets in all the solar systems in all the galaxies in all the Universe, we (scientifically) know of “intelligent life” only on one—and the “intelligent life form” on that one, Earth, is busy killing each other and has made killing each other a profession and a business in the name of their religion and politics. Who is the enemy?

We may veiw a camera as a machine which when adjusted correctly is used to make an image of “reality”— a photograph, which is a print of the “reality ” as the human eye sees . . .

except when its “photoshopped,” or perhaps is “incorrectly ” exposed, or maybe there was just not enough light for the human eye to see.

Or we make a photographic image from light sources not visible to the humane , such as x-ray, infra red and convert it to an image humans can see.,

The feelings people have about the photograph are in the present, as they see it. Different responses to the event in the image. will not influence the image but may influence interpretations of the image—i.e. how people respond to the image.

Its like the classic sci-fi story of the dinosaur hunting trip and the stepped-on-butterfly—only those people back from the past would know the difference in the present.

Earth quakes, hurricanes and landslides, often we accept the deaths because its a natural disaster—the word itself seems to absolve us of any personal responsibility.

I may get up at night, enter the bathroom, turn on the light and see a bug walking across the floor, I’ll pick it up and squash it—I cannot tell the good bugs from the termites and the house is an investment!!!. Though, when I see a spider in the tub, probably crawled up through the drain, I will pick it up and put it outside, Spider, or spider webs keep the wasps away..


Some say religion is an answer looking for a question.

Some say those who can”t do, teach. yet many of those I have known who can do, cannot teach.

Some say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely which in the end only serves to motivate those seeking absolute power.


Some say people are naturally good, or naturally bad, or born tabla rosa and their personality is a result of their experiences.—nature or nurture.

Here we are, to the best of our knowledge, the only “intelligent life” in the Universe and we are busy killing each other today while being even more busy making bigger and better weapons for the future of human relationships.

Gate Gate,paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha

calligraphy of Heart Sutra verse by Janney

Psy, ants and noing too know

Adrift along pure land shore

A smoke break at the back door of the business. Some people still smoke, even after all the medical knowledge andinformaiton about how bad it is medically. Still, Deng Xiaoping was a lifetime chain smoker who lived to be 94 years old.

Row of some of the 47 Samurai graves at Sengakuji.

Healthy food store in Vermillion South Dakota , 1971, bring your own shopping bag, scoops provided. The global economy and the internet enable people all over the world to start their own businesses.

For decade he has a small eclectic antique store along College Ave, Oakland, always something interesting. One of the things about antiques and Art ,is that if you buy it ands it it gets worn, , broken, used, enjoyed and has less value than if you.. bought it hid it away in a safe place for a few generations and then brought it out for sale.

Maybe that is a waste, but I have some nice favorite guinomi with chips in them, no resale value but I have enjoyed them.

Alameda Creek

A photograph is an extension of our senses, it enables us to see backwards in time as well as see things in places where we are not or have never been.

Science as a Way of Knowing, is experiencing the Universe through our five biological senses —receiving the data—and processing it through Reason, another human biological quality —all following a specific methodology., the Scientific Method

What you know and How you know it are of equal value.

Although the term “fact” is used to describe a discrete piece of information determined as “Real” or “True,” in science fact is only as good as it holds up to scientific standards and scientist may always provide a different position with evidence obtained using the accepted scientific method.

“Scientific method” is not a bunch of rules set up by an elite and forced on the world to somehow benefit the agenda of one group of people at the expense of others.

For centuries the efforts of human beings in knowing the universe , efforts which were also beneficial to most people—some more than others—have resulted from the efforts of people who in the process passed on knowledge and aggregately the common behavior associated with technological success were increasily emerged as the Scientific Method empiricism and science

As regards “bias” science is biased to empirical information, it has an“ Emprical Bias.” “Regarding normal human bias” scientific methodology includes a constantly adjusting scale, ordinal or interval, for adjustment.

In a sense science is the differentiation of things and their definition using the standards of the Scientific Method.

For the Universe there are no “things”, except perhaps these small particles which we keep discovering are smaller and smaller. Does, or can, the Universe see—“experience”—a thing such as a house, much less as a home?

Its just a bunch of small particles which if you see, like the human eye or the photograph, it looks like a house and if you are a person, maybe its a home.

To the Universe it is all just a bunch of small particles, subject and object at the same time.

Do the small particles exist without people, without scientists, “discovering” them —Dick Gregory used to say that Like Columbus “discovered” America, he was going out in the parking a lot and “discover a Cadillac.

We experience the universe through our five senses, this is our “data” which we are getting all the time. Often we do not think about data which is registering with our senses—i.e.background sensations—but when a tension occurs we contrast the tension to the background .

To be human is to experience, to be doing,—to be knowing and to be noing at the same time

Anecdotal experiences are not controlled like a scientific experience, and knowledge learned from them may be unique, not general and not scalable.

;Humans have the ability to compare their experiences.. and developed language as a way to communicate the commonness of the empirical experience.,

Empiricism is beneficial to the structure of science—Most people have five senses (not everyone but that is not the matter here). We see, touch, hear smell and taste and their is a common sense to these experiences, we have words for tall, green, rock, etc. and cross culturally we find many words which are definitively similar in meaning.

Scientists doing experiments record their methods in enough detail so that experiments can be critiqued and duplicated.

Any scientist with (professional qualifications) can replicate an experiment to see if the result is the same.because any scientist has the same five sense, the ycan measure the data using the same capabilities as the original experiment,

The very basic tool—the senses— which provides the ability to experience the universe also, using the scientific method provides science with a check & balance,


Ki-seto (Yellow Seto) tokkuri and kuro-oribe (black oribe) guinomi; Both Kiseto and kuro-oribe are fired in the Seto-Mino area, known for folk pottery. Ki-seto was the first of the folk potteries in Japan using glaze to vitrify the pot so that is could hold water.

For a few years my mother, after suffering a stroke and developing serious memory problems and expressive aphasia lived near me in a memory care facility. We visited her at least once a day, often more, both for the phsyical and emotional health.

There were times I thought she knew me as some guy who showed up for a while and left, or someone who took her out for a Sunday dinner and walk around Shinn Pond.What was it like for her never again to be taken seriously in a conversation.

In her life she had been an independent and articulate woman. Her memory never returned, she required care just to do basic things, and fortunately most of her post stroke time she live in a place where she could exercise some unrestrained behavior.

I think much of the time she spent knowing something significant had happened in her life, trying to understand it, while in memory care the door to the outside world is always locked. There were times when she enjoyed being with me, I knew it because she verbally expressed it or because as we wee going somewhere she got so excited that she was walking and talking with anticipation. Everyday I realize a little more what a great privilege it was to have this experience, ,and come to understand a little better why my mother continued to live with my father after his Alzhiemer’s became so very bad.

Maybe t3here was much more I could have done for her, Monday quarterbacking is easy, but I think I did enough for what she needed to get her through those last few years.

Gate Gate, paragate, parasangate, Bodhi svaha

High, ding insighed

Denkoroku is a record of the transmission of, and the circumstances of that transmission, of the Buddha Mind, based on talks by Zen Master Keizan (1268-1324). Daopi was the 40th patriarch of Zen. When you think you are such a person who are you not.

Abandoned homes., whether in country, urban or suburban, create a visual tension. Who lived in the house? Why did they leave? Why is no one living there?

Its missing the shutters on the ground floor and one on the second. The front door does not have a walk to it. The front door seems a bit narrow.

Some people on Earth make their living by creating visual art representing Buddha for inexpensive, sometimes cheap, markets. This seemingly very content, perhaps smug? Buddha was given me over 30 years ago as a “souvenir” from a visit to the birth place of Shaka Buddha. What does it mean, “Compassion of the Buddha” ?

Over 50 years ago, the Old West End neighborhood inToledo. In the USA many people have cars, drive places and park their cars.

Alameda Creek

Carbon dating enables humans to determine the age or date of organic materials.

A photograph enables us to go back to a moment in time and our mind & emotions enable us to give that moment a special value as amemory which, when needed, works to remind us of better moments.

A photograph may be a “real image” of what was in front of the lens, but what was in front of the lens may also have been a “constructed set” — movies do it all the time. Or perhaps worse, the image is “real” and the caption is misleading or lying—the former may happen with good intentions, but the the latter is usually with bad intentions.

All we can know is the past, but that ability to know the past is also the commitment of the present to communicate with the future.

The Universe created people to know itself, and people have become diverted to use that time to know themselves.

Perhaps its out of control, this constant differentiating & defining, the need to be creating, the need to have a history, the knead to no who we are by knowing, and noing, who we were—our history.

Creating tools to make marks —writing tools—and mediums on which to make those marks—most significantly paper— and the tools to make mass printings—the printing press and now light printed on the computer screen.

Electricity powers light which is not just to enable functioning in the dark, but for the expression of written language which is used to communicate with and between human beings as well as from machine to machine.

The problem with electricity is that people do not have individual biological anywhere anytime —natural— access to it Even Tesla coil needs the coil to get-go.


In September of 2008 mom suffered a stroke with severe memory loss and developed expressive aphasia. She lived about 5 hours drive over a 7200 foot mountain which could require chains by November. The first time I drove up immediately to deal with legal matters; during my second visit I began to think about the future. Out of ICU but still in the hospital undergoing therapy, we had lunch —I had a delicious tuna cheese melt on sourdough—I thought a “kind of not so healthy” menu item for a hospital but it tasted so good.

Somehow I think she always knew something had happened that qualitatively changed her life . . .

. . . but try as hard as she could, she could not understand what happened.

She knew inside she was someone, but she could not remember, no matter how she searched inside of her self, she could not find those memories that would tell her who she was, those secrets inside of her she was never to know again.

“The winds [of discrimination] cannot enter this place of knowing. When you penetrate it throughly and fully, [you will realize] that you have possessed it since time immemorial and that t has not been absent for a second. Even though you seek it through thought , that [itself] is the Self and nothing else”.
Denkoroku Francis Cook

Alienated from yourself—everyday you are you, busily preventing yourself from knowing who you are.

Awaken the you inside of you. Do we believe that if we do not have a stroke, do not lose memory, do not develop expressive aphasia, that we are in touch with our real selves?

Early in the morning they will chant Heart Sutra at Sensoji.

Seal script brushed by Janney.

No, ing is fore, ever.

Black Oak Bookstore and Okineos Press

In North Berkeley on Shattuck and Vine there used to be a popular bookstore selling books used and new called Black Oak, which for New Years and/or for other store events would print broadsides for their customers. It was a wonderful bookstore, always full with families on weekends.

On Sundays we would go up to North Berkeley, have a Chinese breakfast, browse the ACCI Gallery, and then wander over to the bookstore to browse, and, after go around the corner for a Pete’s coffee. Black Oak had a rare books section though I never browsed there, but I did get a book of five novels written by Dashiell Hammett for $10.00 which I have read many times. Sometimes when I feel intensely about something important and I cannot focus, it helps to wander a book store seeing all the other people’s stories.
The Broadsides were printed on quality paper, this one has a deckled bottom edge. The typography is excellent.

After the plague on bookstores, they moved over to San Pablo Ave south of University.
These broadsides were printed at Okineos Press and are Fine Works of Printing.

I Ching

The I Ching, 易經, is a very old book which has been in continual use for over 3000 years. Fu Xi observed the patterns of nature and established the eight trigrams  (八卦; bāguà), which comprise the 64 hexagrams which later were ordered by King Wen of Zhou. Later the Duke of Zhou added line comments and judgements and then, according to legend Confucius made more comments, which in a sense legitimized the I Ching , or as it was known then as the Zhou yi —Changes of Zhou— and now known as one of the Five Great books of Chinese philosophy. The name was changed to I Ching during the later Han dynasty.

A hexagram may have moving or stationery lines, moving lines indicate change between a Yin and Yang line which may be better understood by consulting the hexagram which it is becoming. Previous posts presented the hexagram Hsiao Kuo showing the possible changes when one line, two lines three lines and four lines are moving.
Here are the final options of the situation of five and six moving lines for the hexagram Hsiao Kuo. With five moving lines there are six possibilities and with six moving lines there is only one possibility. When a person consults the I Ching the opposite and complimentary forces of Yin and Yang are expressed through the eight trigrams further expressed through 64 hexagrams each which has tens of further options. Each consult of I Ching having 1-6 possible moving lines there are many possible separate and unique outcomes which in turn are experienced by many different and seperate people.

Feel the visual changes in the balance between Yin and Yang:

Just the lines without the words to feel the interaction between Yin and Yang. How does the relationship between Yin and Yang— broken or solid line —feel. Look at Hsiao Kuo and then immediately look at the right changing hexagram.
Here has been one—the same—hexagram changing into different hexagrams.
Imagine different hexagrams changing into the same hexagram, which is possible by changing each line that needs to be changed, on an ad hoc basis so to speak or if you use coins on the luck of the throw.

It feels different in black and white. I started I Ching with rounded black lines, going to rounded colored lines, then to rectangular colored lines and to rectangular black lines. Maybe next see how varying the width of white space between the broken lines effects the feel of the hexagram.

The Aztec Motel

The Aztec Motel was located on Central Ave NE in Albuquerque, aka Route 66 , going west, a couple of miles before you reached downtown Albuquerque. It was the first motel built along Route 66 and demolished in 2011. By the time I discovered it, probably in the late 1980s, it was mostly occupied by local people living there.

Alameda Creek

Its starting to get cold “here in Fremont” which means in the 40s at night and 50s in the early morning, I moved to California from New England and that kind of statement makes me laugh.

During the Covad I have done my four miles almost everyday.

DoI look at the same things everyday and see them differently?

Perhaps they change everyday.

Both are true, this person will not be at the some place tomorrow but tomorrow the place will be there.

And it will look a little different than the day before. In these daily differences can you sense the interplay of Yin and Yan between Heaven, Earth and People? I wonder how many pairs of underwear and socks I will buy before I die. Otherwise, I am set for good five years. My suit is 38 years old, maybe I have worn it 10 times. I do not know any people in my family beyond three generations back, what difference does any of it make.

Somerville MA, at the bus stop at the corner of Highland Ave and Belmont Sreet, 1971.

Tai Chi in Boston Common about 1971

In 2008 my mother living in another state about 250 miles away had a stroke. She was in ICU, then a regular room undergoing therapy and then she was to move somewhere else. I had a small point&shoot to document. Here she is during therapy stay, eating lunch and, I thought then, trying to figure out what the hell happened to her. Here we were in the hospital cafeteria. noise all around while our table was a deafening silence like being in a glass bubble in the middle of a crowd.

I don’t think she ever stopped trying to figure out what happened to her, and I think she never understood in the way that she understood things or had her version of “closure.”

One day after lunch when she was sitting on her bed, she asked “What happened to me ?” I told her she had a stroke . Usually when the word stroke comes into the conversation she denies it but this time she asked more and I told her some of her story and tshe asked “Did I have any children?”
I said …“Three.”
She replied “ I loved them all.”
That conversation is not just in my memory, I have a video of it.


These were a few questions I found on a discussion board:

How can we accept Lord Krishna as God, despite his actions of flirting with the Gopis (village maidens)?

How do you justify Krishna having sexual contacts with Gopis and Radha outside marriage?

Why did Sri Krishna ask the maiden girls (gopis) to come out of the lake naked and collect their clothes from him?

In 1960s people used to watch other people dancing and chanting hare krishna. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Same gesture, San Francisco store, 45 years later.

During the past year I have mentioned the subject of the Kerner Commission to many people, I am 75 years old, it was made in 1968 and I did not find anyone knew of it. I started thinking how much of the past we remember? Does it even make a difference? We often think what happens in the past affects the present, but because we do not know what happened then we do not know how it affected our now.

On the other hand we are sure there is a causal relationship so we make one up.

Last night I watched an NHK documentary about a Japanese man who had lost is parents in WII. His father was killed in battle but he did not know what happened to his mother and the story wass his search.. They lived on Okinawa and they we’re preparing for the US attack. His mother at 17 years was impressed into military service as battle field nurse and at time was required to do non-medical things that otherwise a solder would be doing such as transporting ammunition. He finds a formal government written record—She was “killed in battle.”

There was also some written diary information, the officer that forced her into military service told her that if she died she would get the honor of being enshrined at Yasukuni.

Here is a formally dressed mother taking her daughter to a visit at Yasukuni Jinja.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna at University of Michigan, 1969

all dharmas are marked with emptiness;
they do not appear or disappear,
are not tainted or pure,
do not increase or decrease.
Therefore, in emptiness no form, no feelings,
perceptions, impulses, consciousness.
No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind;
no color, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch,
no object of mind;
no realm of eyes
and so forth until no realm of mind consciousness.
from Heart Sutra