Last&first mu

First full moon of the New Year

Visit to Quanyin at Wat Buddhanuso in Niles. Quanyin, as Avalokiteshvara, spoke Heat Sutra to Shariputra.

Four face Buddha at Wat Buddhanusornto is the Thai Phra Phrom  representation of Brahama and is often a part of Theravida Buddhism. The front face represents career and life, clockwise, the second is symbolic of relationship and family, the third is for wealth, and the last for wisdom and health

Thich Nhat Hanh passed last week, he touched many people all over this Earth. I heard him talk in Berkeley over 35 years ago.

White Buddha

And if you are seeking a more aggressive deity, Guan Yu 关羽 Buddha Chinese military general served under the famous military leader Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.. And a hero of The Three Kingdoms. He was known as the general who defeats bandits.. He is a deity worshipped in Chinese folk religion, popular in  ConfucianismTaoism, and Chinese Buddhism, and small shrines to him are often found in traditional Chinese shops and restaurants.

Nakamise Main Street Madonna taking shelter, maybe from the ran or the unending work keeping the modern consumer. economy going g by being a worker spending days making a product and a second job of consumer,, buying the product.

Then using it, while later packaging, and used products go to the garbage dump OR perhaps are recycled, The product, has to be made from other “stuff, and from some meta-level, stuff is really just pieces of Earth. The Earth is our stuff , this is al we have to play with, do we us eit for $500,000 yachts or housing for poor people? At some point do we run out of pieces of Earth to make stuff? or do we learn to recycle everything.

Alameda Creek

I imagined someone doing back flips across the field.

Like Fujin and Raijin at Sensoji, the powering bare tree stands guard for the woods.

Momental records of a camera-computer visual cacaphony

Along Alameda Creek people do not always walk in a line, maybe they are walking three abreast—three -deep,and staggered— they feel like they share a disciplined purpose.

The bicyclist is in the “correct” lane.

One hesitant, the other rarin’ to go.

Looking for what do people do, Is this the way we really are?

Can we leave it on the ground like nature does in the name of entropy?

Reminds me of a line from the song by Michael Peter Smith . . .

The Dutchman’s not the kind of man
Who keeps his thumb jammed in the dam
That holds his dreams in,


Light misconverswaytions with my celph..

When I got interested in string theory, read about more dimensions than the ”ones we know,” I thought the “ones we know” are not even real. One dimension? Its a concept, no “thing’ except a mental concept is one dimensional ;

Two dimensions? Same thing, its a concept we all use, even those no good at math understand that when you buy a rug for a 9′ x 9′ room, you do not bring back a 12′ x 12′ rug..

shado shado

Three dimensions? Basically the same thing, a three dimensional thing is always changing, even if the only force of change is Entropy & Time, which means changing.

A shadow is two dimensional—to the best of our knowledge—even a photographic print on paper of a shadow has some dimension, no matter how small, but the real shadow has none.

A shadow is not a “thing,” its an absence of some real thing— Light. Its having Light misconverswaytions with my celph.

The left is a shadow on an Acoma bowl, the right on a balloon.

Its a universal emptiness which at times is a worrysum . . .

yet is also a reason to reach out . . .

She picked up the book and asked him the meaning of certain words.
“I am illiterate,” he replied, “But if you wish to know the purport of this text, please ask.” “How can you grasp the meaning of the text when you do not even know the words.?” To this he replied, “The profundity of the teaching of the various Buddhas has nothing to do with the written language.”

From a conversation between the Sixth Patriarch and Bhikkhuni Wu Chung Chong.
(I enjoy the translator’s choice of words.)

Gate Gate, paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi Svhava

Whiz, dumb’s inned

Issey Miyake poster maybe on a wall screen in Shubuya Station, or in a store window, I forgot. Fashion is a bit beyond my logic but I like the colors, the lines, and especially the sketching, especially when I can see the original sketches and the final product at the same time. Many fashion designer ae very skilled at expressing themselves in drawing.

When your work is founded on logic, it becomes very involved and complicated. That’s becuase the body does not conform to the dictates of logic.
Issey Miyake Bodyworks

Many people are deeply moved by fashion, you can see through history people have responded to fashion with a willingness to support it as a business.

Models, designers, photographers, come together to create clothes they hope people will feel passionately about.

How do people look in their clothes, how do people imagine themselves to look in their clothes and how do people feel when they wear their clothes.

Alameda Creek

Walking along Alameda Creek EVERYDAY!! Can it get this or that boring?

i can see people walk by and wonder who they are. I walk along the side of the paved trail because its better for my knees, Most people walk along the paved part, but every once in a while I meet someone coming the other way on the side, You can only walk along the creek side as the other side is less compatible for walking.

There is only room for one and ometimes someone is walking in the opposite direction, sometimes they make way for me, sometimes I make way for them, Usually I wait until the “ last moment” and sometimes they go early but it seems to work our. Except . . .

. . . twice I have encountered this young woman also walking on the side.The first time she told me I had no right to walk on the side and acted in a bellicose manner. The second time I encountered her she declared “What is wrong with you, I already told you not to walk on this side.” and more. I have been walking this trail for over 15 years, and have seen her twice, both times in the past year.

I came across a site called Rate Your Professor, I cannot tell if its a spoof or for real but looking at the comments makes it seem like a Harvard Lampoon piece.

Rating: Awsome
3 exams all essay form. Each exam includes 3 essay questions n u pick any 2. A few extra credits on the side. This class is a joke, simply sit in the back and you can pass with an A if u no what I mean. Highly recommend this professor. Also do all extra credit assignments, they are easy and it will work towards your advantage at the an A.

Rating: Awsome
He’s a very likable guy but as a professor, a little out there. Follows absolutely no conventional rules, which is okay, but becomes difficult when it’s time to study for tests. 3 exams, all essays. Not a whole lot of studying required, mostly common sense, but if you throw in some things he or the text talked about, your grade definitely goes up.

Rating: Average
Prof. Kramer is hilarious and a great teacher. The class was easy but boring at times, yet if sparked, class discussions can be a lot of fun. He also writes books that are a little out there but deal with some pretty interesting topics. Simply put, take this prof, you will love his class.

Rating: Average
Didn’t even buy book. Got an A. All common sense. Tests are essays. Classes can get boring. All in all a funny cool guy.

Rtaing: Average
This is an extremely easy class. There is a required textbook which you can get for less than 10 dollars, and the rest is online readings. He gives no papers, only 3 exams, which are extremely easy if you do the reading. He is such a nice guy and quite entertaining. Definitely take this class if you’re looking for an easy A.l

Rating: Awful
Bizzaro class…I got an A. Hardly read anything. Hardly covered the topic. From what I understand he is much better at teaching statistics. If you want an A based solely on 3 tests and attendance this class is for you. If you want to walk away with a firm grip on the basics of sociology look elsewhere.

Rating: Awful
I didnt enjoy his class. he has a raspy voice and he talks about everything except what is in the text book. exams are all essays and require too much writing. his information seems outdated. I will not do any course with him again. He is TOO UNORGANIZED!!!!!!

People have different opinions about things but it seems these students were not really there to learn the academic subject matter.

Roof repair, before the rain.

Back pages matter

The old Sam Wo Restaurant on Washington Street. I took my son there once.The kitchens on the first floor, upstairs are two floors of dining and food delivered via a “dumb waiter”—Three Harmonies Porridge and Noodles, and known for Edsel Ford Fung aka the “World’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter.”

Soba, tempura and sake and for New Year’s Eve. Bizen tokkuri by Nakamura Makoto and seto-guro guinomi. What makes Japanese design so fulfilling is that the most important “technique” is measured by feeling and not by some quantity— While the measure of Design is how it feels, and not some technical excellence, technical excellence is the base skill to achieve and then to be completely forgotten when creating.

Some years ago in the Japantown shopping building a small store poped up in an off the way kind small court where Japanese tea and untesils were sold. There were some interesting things for sale, including some nice chawan and I spent some time looking and talking. He said this was a karatsu chawan, it fits his hands. nicely.

These are the possessions of a homeless person who spent one night or perhaps more, outside, along Alameda Creek; maybe its all that he or she owned in his or her life. I cannot imagine why I would own these things nor imagine what it is like to be homeless.

On a wall near Harvard Square , Cambridge MA 1972—I am not sure what these words mean, is that “Cannot tolerate our minds” or could it be “Cannot tolerate your minds”? Handmade letters and torn paper though, are enough to make it interesting.

In the 1960s people did a lot of things, and whenever someone made a business out of something it was portrayed as hippie capitalism, often the business was a “head shop” or sold waterbeds. There were also various kinds of “Co-ops” managed by young-looking-for-experience-hopeful business managers to be..

I might write about Krishna but I think the visual art says it so much better than words, or words that I might write anyway. Does it feel strange that the arch is not in the middle of the image? Isarda, in the region of Rajasthan, is a town located in India, some 187 mi (or 301 km) South-West of New Delhi.

A Festival of Krishna Harsha V. Dehejia

Along Market Street, San Francisco, smoking a cigarette, a butt and lighter on the ground, how old is he? I am 75 years old and can see he has a long life to live, if he lives, or lived, and this is a hard way to start it out.

I used to try to talk to myself, if only to try and convince myself of something which I don’t know, though my wings have holes in them and no mater how much I flap them I get no lift.

Maybe I should not —might be unethical and illegal— use someone else’s dancing images to put on Janney’s beautiful calligraphy but who—not me anyway— can resist the combination of Heart Sutra and Issey Miyake in the celebration of emptiness.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha,

Site be, fore vision

When I read about String Theory and reached its assumption there are more dimensions than the four we know— D1, D2, D3, and Time-Space; . . . ?

?? . . . questions appeared. If there are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dimension than how can there be more of them?

Euclid mentioned this— there are no one-dimensional or two-dimensional “things,” these are concepts people created to use as tools to communicate, to design and to make other things..
A plane is a concept, it does not exist in nature, still when we go to the store to buy a rug for a 9′ x 12′ room, none of us buys a 15′ x 20′ rug. We use these concepts all the time as tools and treat them as if there are real because they have real meaning in our lives. But it too peole man years
Even three dimensions are not real — during the time to say the word “refrigerator” some small particles have changed and its not the “same” thing.

Can you look at photograph without seeing some thing?

A point is a concept, we may think of a point as a dot on a piece of paper, then how about . . .
7934 Center Road
New York City NY 66503

. . . and you easily grasp the concept of a point located anywhere on this earth.

A shadow is a one dimensional thing, when you put out a hand to touch it, suddenly it appears on top of the hand. It has no mass, still you can measure it, not by weight but by distance, a measurement which varies in cyclical correlation with the movement of the sun.

Shadows are effected by the direction of light and the things it meets anyhow effective they are in stopping the flow of light .

We moved here in 1993 , Alameda Creek is just a short walk and for many years Alameda Creek was a place to walk the dog, two miles before work, and two after dinner.

My office moved home in 2007 and I started walking four miles along Alameda Creek almost everyday. “Faster walking” is a better description, its not running, jogging, or formal speed walking, yet I often pass others and . . . more than once I have encountered people at stores who recognize me as“the guy who speed walks’ along the Alameda Creek trail.

While walking I would listen to the radio. In the morning might be iMan or KQED, In the evening There was Gene Burns on KGO and many others, But one show that I enjoyed in spite of “my biases” was Adventuress in Odyssey,Whit’s End.

Its a politically conservative christian series of podcasts that told individual and serial stories about the people and events in Odyssey, an ice cream parlor where kids and stories circulate, owned by Odessey’s own “know it all, compassionate, understanding, fundamental christian authoritarian, with forgiveness for all,”,Whit who had invented a time machine he called “the Imagination Station ” and kids in Odyssey could take trips back in time to be characters in biblical or often conservative patriotic stories about character.

For me the sound was the most fun, perhaps because the sound did not have so much religious-political agenda and it could be creative, professional and full of energy,

The stories could also be long and complex as a story about a “dark matter” evil media conglomerate seeking a secret take over of the world through transmitting wave at people in their homes over their TV network turning the viewers into supposedly “controllable zombies,” but as God created humans with choice, the true christian naturally finds the strength of faith to resist those forces of evil while others succumb to become “uncontrollable zombies and later rescued.

Adventures in Odyssey has its racial, gender and religious biases in its sound stereo types of characters even when the the writing is so overly pollyannaish that often to recognize them brough felt like was criticizing my mother.

One thing they did differently from“The Archers” a BBC audio drama production which plays multiple times a week since 1951 is worth noting, even if experience is anecdotal.
The characters in both shows are created and on their respective web sites The Archers has information about the characters posted with photographs of the actors and separate biographical information about the actors with their photographs.

Adventures in Odyessy uses realistic cartoons of the characters compatible with their characters in the story along with information about the characters while photographs of the actors only appear with their personal information,

The difference in viewing the two is on the Odyssey site the drawings are a close match for the characters in the story,

In the Archers site, the match is not as good as a quality tv show or the news, both which would be a likely standard for a lowest common denominator for the relationship between the what you “naturally“ look alike” and why you have the job.

On radio you do not have to look like the speaker. William Conrad was an example of that. He voiced Marshall Matt Dillion for many years No one knew he was short and chubby but the success of the radio show was in part due to his voice which projected to them what Matt Cilion should look like and probably set a standard for what James Arness looked like, here the success of the voice actor influenced the choice of his successor on TV.

Often all we know is a part of something but we may think its the whole thing. When we see a photograph we expect the understand the whole thing,

Looking out along the graves on the buildings side one afternoon at Sengakuji. The 47 Ronin are buried here with Lord Asana, and, I believe, his wife. You can visit the Temple, buy some sticks of incense, burn some at each grave, or select graves if you might have a personal reason.
After the Akō incident instantly the “story”burst into its career in many forms, all seeking to circumvent the Shoganate’s censorship rules. Puppet shows, Bunraku, street actors, Kabuki, plays, movies, TV series. Its a perfect PR match between Bushido and a Soto Zen temple.

Last year we visited the site of Lord Kira’s Edo period residence, it was on a side street on a corner around two other corners form where we saw Rakugo. For many Lord Kira is the bad guy in the Chushingura story although there was a poster on a wall next to the site with information about an annual parade in his honor. He was from Nagoya area where many to this day respect him as seems many do in his old neighborhood..

Onto the floor marched Miss Trinidad and Mr St Vincent and Miss  Barbados and Miss Kitt, each entrance effected to the burst of the Maine “Stein Song” each lady or gentleman being identified  by a broad purple ribbon bearing golden letters. Then came the standard-bearers, two gentlemen carrying a banner, the staves topped with the Union Jack on one side and the Stars and Stripes on the other. The banner read:

United We  Stand! Divided We Fall!!

After that the climax, Wilmoth Houdini.  He was splendidly done up in white tie and white grin.
H. AllenSmith   Low Man on a Totem Pole   1941

Photo of San Francisco along Market Street new UN Plaza.

Wilmoth Houdini, The Great Houdini, was a calypso musician during the 1930s who was popular in New York City, Once in a library looking through old Life magazines I saw a photograph of him on the cover.
I have some recordings and tapes of his music as well as other calypso musicians of that time. They had a very powerful way of phrasing, you can hear the words, its not clear what they mean, they are moving too fast to focus but the sound itself so delicious you cannot stop listening. Then the last line turns a corner and you understand the whole verse and are amazed at how they got you there..

Since early in this century (20th, ed,) the English-speaking worlds has been made to accept the principle that the diction od poetry should be no different from that of prose, Poetry, we have been taught , should make its effects in a less obvious fashion. So the translator today has no way of signaling to the reader that an artificial language is being used to translate a similarly artificial language. He is faced with a choice between explaining all the technical devices of the original and leaving many of them out.
Edward Seidensticker Japanese and I

Waiting in line at TJ’s

Warm&cool: the yin&yang of perpetual motion made in heaven

Last week I included some different chinese brushed characters for Heart, here is “Iron Heart” brushed by Ryuko Tomoyose in the spirit of Uechiryu Karate-Do.

Kokoro by Shingei Muho in the spirit of Zen

Daruma brought what is known as Zen in Japan (and the western world) from India (Dhyana) to China (Chan) in the 6th century. This half body view, often with a bold brush stroke, is one common motif of brush paintings of Daruma. .

Japanese have a fondness for Daruma images and even though, in a sense, Daruma is a “religious image,” Japanese do not fear hi s image. I have aof a glow-in-the-dark Daruma image bumper sticker; restaurant shoyu packages, tissue paper packages handed out on the street with Daruma images on them —Daruma loves life. Nana korobi ya oki” He would be friends with Kokopelli.

Even though he s a religious image, that image is part of everyday secular life in Japan. It only makes him more popular, but don’t tell him, it might go to his head.

Darumas wondering, Are they having fun yet?

Daruma ema, thees two do not look like Happy Darumas. Emas are small wooden votives, a string or cord, often twine, like a shoe lace goes through the hole on top and you hang it, sometimes you write something on it. You may hang it at a shrine or temple, take it home, or give it to someone for well wishes.

Back of a t shirt and note on the right side, halfway down . . .

Daruma was the 28th Patriarch of Dhyana in India, and the First Patriarch of Chan in China. This is his verse, the story of his enlightenment while living in India, in Denkoroku (伝光録).

Sign mounted between two vertical poles in the shape of a a Japanese ema. You can see influence of Kabuki traditional stage sets or maybe traditionally stage designers came from sign painters.

A cow and a pig, the cow feels masculine and the pig feels feminine, the pig looks happy and is looking to see if she is being noticed by others while the cow is thinking about something looking at the pig.

A sign, hanging in the window of a local gas station, feels as if someone thought they could fool people with it.
Visually it feels uncomfortable to read; the contrast between the black “2” and blue numbers and the size differences requires the reader to do more work to “read” (understand) only to learn after all that work to read it that there is no benefit to spending that much time figuring out what is going on, like this last sentence— the designer should have made it easier to read.

And a person will process this analysis by feeling, almost instantly, with no words ,just feeling.

Still, $29.95 is a good price, depends on the quality of the oil and filter, even at that price I would not expect oil and/or filter to be up my standard.

Its amazing we have so many words with so many meanings! If history is the story of increasing information, is there a limit to how much word information the biology can absorb. Will there be an overload to the human computing system, will computers save humans or can humans evolve biologically fast enough to deal with all that new information forced upon us by this market economy?

Morris Bellis in front of Tire Discount Center, Arlington Massachusetts. In the winter hands and any outside skin get exposed to cold, often irregularly, it makes it harder to use your hands. I would tuck the back of my shirt inside the back of my pants to keep the cold air from finding my skin.

But it didn’t matter, cold always finds a way, think of all the temperature differences throughout the universe. Get your coffee, put it on the table, This is one little spot in the universe where hot and cold are meeting, the universe is cooling the coffee—The same old question for 13 billion years Which one wins? hot or cold?

A closer look at Morris Bellis
; Cannot remember ever seeing him with an employee, he did the work of changing tires in the cold with his hands using metal tools.

Is warmer or cooler aggressing the other, disruptedly warmer like in a nuclear explosion on Earth or a star millions of light years away. ? Or is there a kind of mutual dissipation, both warm and cold snuggling closer and closer to each other until they become one like just before winter dawn creeps the window in you feel the chill.

Alameda Creek, almost every day a fast walk four miles along the levee.

The same thing that is going on all over the universe is happening as we speak across a kitchen table over coffee, the warmth of the coffee is dissapating into the room, while the cold in the room is seeking the warmth coffee.

How “large does the interaction have to be before the temperature is “normalized.” What is normal? Is there an absolute quantifiable normal? Why can’t the cold and the warm just be content in their own area. Why do they have to go making trouble everywhere?

I have been walking along the creek almost daily for over 13 years. Its a public space but some people treat it as if its their private space

Maybe its just happening all over the place. Or the Big Bang?? whatever was going on regarding temperature, at the Bang, was it more volitive and more extreme making all of history a process of cooling down. But then were does the “cool” come from that is causing the warmer to cool. Maybe what is lost from big bang is a constant decrease in the ability to produce heat.

Earth’s Global warming is only a small piece of this universal warming and cooling,

People who do not pickup dog poop, people with loud radios, people driving illegal vehicles, bicyclist who seek to dominate and intimidate walkers with their vehicle,

One difference is people on Earth created this problem. There is no reason to expect that the heating of the Earth will not expand outwards until it is dissipated or inwards until “unknown” happens, until a new balance reached or created

Most people pick up their responsibly , stlll there is a lot of it

We cans people on Earth created this problem however maybe its the other way around, cold is moving in and the warm is responding and humans are just caught along in it.

Different people are on the levee for different reasons. Some are even paid to be there . . .

Can we do something, should we do something, will we do something?

. . . while others are paid to play there.

How will we know what to do? I think most people do not really believe it can de-story the Earth.

A different season than last week,
the deciduous tree is shed of leaves,
leaving the house naked.

Throughout the universe the continuous dynamics between warm and cool are constantly changing, maybe just the constant interactions of small particle generate enough heat to confront the cold and even though the heat is dissipated as long as new heat is generated the process energizes and perpetuates itself.—A perpetual motion machine.

I was fascinated by her top, or dress or shirt or whatever its called, and the blue jeans, they seemed like adult clothes not on a little girl but on a small woman,( circa 1970).

To generate heat to create warmth to interact with cool gives the universe a reason to create things (particles)— A Raison d’être.

Who is this young man looking to meet? Its obviously a cold day and this mantas the top his chest open for public view. (Boston Commons Circa 1970) . . .

The universes does not want to freeze up, then all motion would stop, it would stop expanding, it would stop moving, it would die.

. . . and who is this man looking to meet? Maybe he is the drummer on break not wanting to risk leaving his drums unguarded. (in a park in Cambridge MA Circa 1970)

Gate Gate para gate parasamgate Bodhisvaha

Heart here her zen

The Heart Sutra by Janney


The Heart Sutra begins:

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
when practicing deeply the Prajna Paramita
perceives that all five skandhas are empty
and is saved from all suffering and distress.


I wonder what Janney felt as she wrote this sutra, Chinese characters are different than English phonetic alphabet and words, each character is a visual representation of a meaning while in English letters combine to make a sound which represents a meaning—contrast visual experience  to a sound experience.  Its a big artistic and design effort to  think this whole project out, get everything designed right  and then do  all of those brush strokes so nicely.  Maybe Chinese characters are more inclined to the experience of enlightenment.

The calligrapher may have

Early morning at Sensoji. Before 6 am people may gather to get in line to hear the chanting of The Heart Sutra.



Bodhisattva is a term referring to a person who is “one step” away from becoming a Buddha and chooses to delay “Buddhahood” to help others.

The priest may arrive a little early, stand at the door, talk, and at 6am open the  big door and people can take a seat.


Avalokitesvara is a specific Bodhisattva who represents the Compassion of All Buddhas, the Mercy Goddess, and also you may know her as Guanyin, Kannon, or Kuan Yin.

I wonder are not all Buddhas the same compassion?  or maybe no compassion and no  noncompassion.


Kannon is the Goddess of Sensoji.

The Prajna Paramita,  the Perfection of Wisdom, may refer to a state of being and/or the sacred literature.

People may wear kimono, even come in the rain .  .  .  there are stores near-by which rent kimono by the hour .  .  .


And then you could just say that people come there, everyone with their own personal, perhaps unique reason. 


People enjoy being there, you do not see this kind of happiness, the happiness of just being people, at western churches.

In western churches “happy gatherings” are people celebrating things they share that differentiate them from others, not things everyone shares as human beings. 


The  five skandhas are your five senses—our empirical senses, see, hear, touch, smell and taste, the common tools for human learning—NOTE:  having a dream,  God talking-to you  or knowing your gut are not included.

These terms are much more complex than I have defined them but my simplification enables you to get a feel for their relationships in the passage.

Walking at Coyote Hills  . . .


“Arriving in Kan-tung early in 1948 after three thousand miles of travel, the Master went to Nan-hua Monastery and bowed before the Venerable Master Hsu-yun, the 44th Patriarch from Sakyumuni Buddha At that first meeting the Venerable Master Yun, who was then 109 yeas, recognized the Master to be a vessel worthy of the Dharma and capable of its propagation. He sealed and certified the Mater’s spiritual skill and transmitted to him the wonderful mind-to-mind seal of all Buddhas. . . . 


. . . Thus the Master because the 45th generation in a line descending from Sakyamuni Buddha, the nineteenth generation in China from Bodhidharma, and the ninth generation  of the Wei-yang lineage.”
Records of the Life of Ch’an Master Hsuan Hua  Part II


“The Heart Sutra is a summation, not an introduction  . . .  it is nothing less than a summation of the wisdom of the Buddha . . . It is the heart in the heart within the heart.”
The Heart Sutra and Commentary  by Master Hua


If The Heart Sutra is a summation, than why need any of this other Buddha stuff,—temples, bels, books, chanting, drums, enlightenment, masters, meditating, scrolls, statues, sutras—all free from God—that’s why I watch TV, just to get away from it all.

Tofu with bits of anchovies and seaweed, carrots and beans for lunch.


On leaving we saw “. . . In green area there’s a red dot. . .


“Don’t use a Buddha to worship a Buddha.”

“To find a Buddha all you have to do is to see your own nature.”

attributed to Daruma

I guess it means do not let  your own nature worship a Buddha or maybe do not let a buddha worship your own nature,

Painting by Janney


Here we are in this constantly increasing evolution of the division of labor as we produce new things requiring new education, new skills, new tools, new businesses, new jobs,  and the  old ones fall  by the way side  or just slowly  fade away . . .

How to care for those whose job fades away before they can retire And, How to educate  those for the new jobs that emerge before we even know what they will be until after they are needed.

its like making a painting, and its like Durkeim‘s anomie.

“ I remember my father went to town, real early in the morning, and got the mea for dinner, ’cause we didn’t have any way of keeping it. We didn’t have ice or refrigeration  to keep the meet, so he’d go to town and get the groceries and what we needed real early in the morning,”
Sadie Davis, 79, Decatur County,    from Feeding Our FamiliesMemories of Hoosier Homemakers   1983


One thing I noticed in my life, when I am with people I like to engage them in conversations about things they have done in the past, their opinions,  Who is this person? How do they describe themselves, are their words different than how they act,


Brett Ponsett (“The Six Gun”) said.   “There is often a difference ’tween the doin’ an’ the tellin’,” and I wonder if,  or when,  or why,   I’m doin’ or I’m tellin’.