Read karephoo Lee, as your options have not changed

Lawrence Ferlinghetti passed away recently, here is a fold-up-table street vendor in front of City Lights Book Store, not quite sure what he is selling but it looks like a regular chilly afternoon in the shadowed canyons of San Francisco.

Powell Street Bart Station at Market St— Some C level executive is somewhere wondering how to increase profits, maybe dealing with a recall of 200,000 products, some other person is operating a crane downtown, another person in a nursing home is cleaning up excrement off the patient and bed while this woman is busy finger-pointing at and lecturing the tourists standing in line for a cable car ride. I wondered what she does with the other parts of her life.

California, Street, runs one side to the other across the city from the piers of Embarcadero to the Pacific Ocean

Market Street I see this man, I think how lucky he can flex his hips and legs like that, maybe he is Christian and believes in Saint John .Maybe he looks at me and thinks “How lucky he ate this this morning .

I wonder if rural people understand the logistics of city life. Lots of people, lots of problems, lots of responsibilities , it can take years to build a tall building, a project with constant flow of materials, trash, critical needs human emotions, In the rural area they may burn their trash, store stuff in the barn, even stick useless vehicles in a field. and take a walk to get away.

Human made shapes are different than natural shapes, they organize the information of the landscape differently than natural environment creating a different experience of uniform lines, colors and shapes

Parks with open space are important for people, taxes are higher for upkeep of the parks, financial city managers are held to higher, often more transparent, standards than in private enterprise. and are dependent on taxes for their budget. this all requires a lot of politicking .

Alameda Creek

Now, I’ve got four or five puppies,
Got one shaggy hound,
Takes all them dogs to run my

Women down.
Saturday Blues Ishman Bracey

Walking pretty much daily along Alameda Creek I can listen to radio, podcasts, and sometimes just think—I can feel sorry for myself, think about a pressing problem, sing an old song or try to close up some inconsistencies in some theory,

What is Blues music?   Some definitions refer to the blues “feeling” of the music. Another refers to the technical aspect— each verse is twelve measures long  with one basic  chord progression and  a few common variations.

Maybe you think doing every song  the same would be boring, but get a few hours of the works of great blues artists, such as  Muddy Waters or  BB King ,sit down and lesson.

While jazz spread around the globe the twelve bar blues grew as a worldwide  musical language. .Pretty much anywhere in the world  where musicians play “popular urban music”, they know it and at the drop of a hat they con sit down, and join in from the first downbeat.

This is the origin of structured improvisation in jazz music. Whether its a specific musician/ instrument, or as in most jazz groups each instrument gets it chance to improvise while the rest of the group knowingly plays the 12 bars, this is a global language created in the USA.

Early 1900s King Oliver  a cornet player  who improvised over his band playing 12 bar—vertical bars separate the measures—blues. . Louis Armstrong  joined the band to improvise on top of King”s improvisation

FYI_King’s wife’s name was Ruby Tuesday, the same name as a 1960’s pop song by The Rolling Stones.

The chord progression using I,  IV amd V symbols for the three chords where the roman numerals  designate the basic three chords of a pop song, such as  A, D, E7;  or G, C and D7.

four meaures of I; 
two measures of IV, 
two measures of I; 
one measures of V
one measures of IV
one measure of I.
one measure of V.

So if you are playing-blues in they key of A then I =A; . IV = D; and V = E or E7

At the last measure the music may sound as it is walking up or down steps into another room, this is called the turn-around, it turns the song around to start the 12 bars over again and just on thisonemeasure part alone if you listen you will hear some interesting and creative variations.

There was also an Eight Bar blues, from the Louisiana  Delta region, known as Delta blues, artists such as John Hurt, Skip James, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Robert Johnson . Its not so common post 1950s, but  you could  hear Slim Harpo  doing eight bar blues and  personally I think his harmonica playing influenced that of Mick Jagger.

Chuck Berry had his own way of playing and listeners never seem to grow tired of it. Bob Dylan has used the 12 bar structure for many songs.

To say only one blues song, Statesboro Blues , written by Willie McTell who played 12 string guitar, a feat in itself as you either play the instrument or it plays you. He was blind and toured accompanied by his wife who might also sing on recordings. There are many great interpretations of this song, McTell was from Georgia, so was the Allman Brothers Band which did an excellent electronic version.


The Boston Phoenix was a “larger than usual” alternative tabloid in the 1960s closing in 2013, Five decades ago living on the Cambridge side of the river I had a small business which advertised in The Pheonix and once a month I would go down, stand in line and pay for the ad. There was a dearth of movers then, all you needed was a van, two men and a phone, show up on time and do the work. There were over 250 college and post high school schools in Boston lots of students and recent grads (hang arounds) in the area with a bed, dresser, some kitchen tools, a table, chairs and books—all fit nicely in a van which is convenient to park and drive on busy streets.

Jamaica Plain early one Sunday morning out behind some business buildings in a snow field about 50 years ago this kid and I crossed paths, I vaguely remember the overall duration, I saw him,. made the image and we passed, cannot even remember whether there was a nod or any sort of acknowledgement, just two people passing each other on a vacant lot in a city. Without the photograph I would have forgotten about it.

Photographer Unknown: I found this image in a frame in a second hand store many years ago, was immediately moved by the intimacy, and fascinated by facial expressions and body gestures, its larger, about letter size, probably a special order print OR perhaps the photographer is a friend, perhaps even a family member and has enough expertise in photography to make their own prints, but what ever one of the group is not in the photo or they set up on a tripod. The lighting is interesting, a flash from the right side? Perhaps a little dodging on the two women and man on the left side? but not on the man bent over blowing out the candles. The head shadow of the man on the far right is as if the flash source is to the right and above of him.maybe the camera is more directed toward the “Birthday Man.”

New England summer afternoon, sitting in the sun

Western Minnesota flat land farm.

A house and empty lot in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston, probably over near the railroad tracks.

Avalokiteshvara spoke the words of Heart Sutra to Shariputa—form is emptiness, emptiness is form

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha

heart Sutra calligraphy byJanney

Kens, dens and sum lesszens

Once when the World-Honored One, in ancient times, was upon the Mount Grdhrakuta, he held up a flower before the congregation of monks.  At this time all were silent but the Venerable Kasyapa only smiles. The World-Honored One said, “I have the Evey of the True Law, the Secret Essence of Nirvana, the Formless Form, The Mysterious Law-Gate. Without relying upon words and letters, beyond all teaching as a special transmission, I pass this all  on to Mahakasayapa.

Case Six;  Mummonkan     Ummon   Chinese circa 1200

The 28th Patriarch in the line of transmission in India, ‘Daruma, on instructions from Prajnatara, brought Dhyana to China to become Chan..

Standing outside a cave on cold snowing December day Hakuin paid the price of an arm for an answer .

The Sixth Patriarch wrote the “better poem” and was the last of the line of Patriarchs as Chan diversed into quick&easy or long&hard.

Is a Zen Master “a Buddha” or Buddha? Would I even recognize a Buddha if we met? Does Zen seem too simple for me and you ? Why if the Buddha Mind can be transmitted without words are there so many books written about it?

Various Japanese Buddhists such as Dogen Eihei visited China and brought Chan to Japan to become Zen.

. Calligraphy by Sengai

Are the Four Noble Truths, the Three Fold Refuge and the Eight Fold Path part of Zen? Does Zen have a purpose such as Awakening the Buddha inside yourself? Or The Great Prajnaparamitra Heart Sutra:
Form is no different from emptiness,
emptiness is not different from form.

The Heart Sutra, calligraphy by Janney

Do you think about someone who does not produce their own food or not earn the means to buy it, and rather lives by begging from others who do and claims to be on “ The True Path” to become Buddha?  Siddhārtha Gautama left his wife and family to earn living by begging.

Alameda Creek

Walking along the Alameda Creek Levee mos’ daily, i see other people, I take photos of them, each day seems like every other day . . .

Actually these photographs have no place thinking they are some broken records of a short term historian . . .

they are instances of color, shape, gesture, line, all stuff that happens, all-by-itself,-I do-not-need-to-be-here-to-make-it-happen stuff, and it happens everywhere you look.

White and Black plaid pants? Ean you think of a better thing you could be doing right now? when you are walking?, when you are bored? when you are eating? Anticipation makes the heart grow divided and disenfocuses the Mind.

How can a person be freed from all suffering? Can we all be free of suffering at the same time? Or does someone have to keep us safe from dangers?

Maybe this is what a music concert is supposed to do to the audience?

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds

Bob Marley Redemption Song

From What is it our minds need to be “freed.?”

The whole kit and caboodle is in disrepair
There’s no where to go that’s not here . .
So God bless motorcycles and far out heavy trifles
You know you can’t memorize Zen
Hang your hat on your nose, don’t hide in your clothes
Smile at someone, begin to begin

from Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon Michael Jay Johnson (August 8, 1944 – July 25, 2017) 

Is there really a Buddha inside of us? Is it our our personal Buddha and only we can awaken it? When we awakener Buddha will be we freed from our mind?

When ignorance arises, we have discrimination of the objective world and attachment to it , and a continuous sequence of such thoughts and feeling results inner having a mind,
Blythe in Mumonkan, Case I referring to a passage from The Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana (part 3 Section 1)

.Perhaps the very “natural survival skill” possessed by humans is the ability to differentiate and define (give it a name)— create the things in the Universe..

Why was Shaka Buddha a man and not a woman? The makes the Christian Genesis story more interesting . . .It was God who wanted Adam and Eve to live forever in a utopian ignorance under His’ care, It was ok forAdam, but Eve seemed to be toocurious, too inquisitive, and searching for something . .

they say curiosity will kill the cat, perhaps the persons too, as Eve could not repress her desire to taste the forbidden fruit of knowledge., but then again would it not be God who created the knowledge in the first place—why leave such a temptation for his “creations” to trip over.

So here I am, trying to use electronic media in place of “Without relying upon words and letters, beyond all teaching as a special transmission, ” to explain something which I do not understand in words no tongue can tell

You can try . . .

or give up


“Only thank God men have done learned how to forget quick what they ain’t brave enough to try to cure.”
The Hamlet  William Faulkner 

The below image is from last week in San Francisco, on the corner of Market and maybe 4th, . . .

the below image is from a few years ago, somewhere on Market St just about Powell Staton. It hurts to see life wasted yet its not that we can not solve our own problems, its that the way we solve our problems results in more problems.

Is the man withdrawing cash, or checking to see if someone prevaisly withdrew cash may have left something in their haste.

Entrance to Tokyo Tower, no place to sleep though.

It feels the only way I can know nothing is to no knowthing,

;If you study Zen, you must really study it.If you become enlightened it must be the real enlightenment. If you once see the barbarian”s reface intimately, then have at last got “it.” But when you explain what you saw, you have already fallen into relativity.”
Mumonkan Case IV Commentary Blythe translation

Know thin’ zen


Yellow flowers, Rape blossoms ,
You meet the spring once a year,
You paint the land by yellow.
When the wind visits, you flow.
During you are dancing,
I have a view of sea waving in yellow!

Poem and brush by Janney

Alameda Creek

Since Covid I have been walking along Alameda Creek almost daily.

An AlanWatts broadcast about 1973 mentioned the universe was happening in the same moment, perhaps the moment of no moment—a muMoment—everything happening in the same moment in infinity and time happens only inside the Universe, not outside of it, there is no outside. If its all happening at once why do we know the past but not the future?

The universe is estimated to be 6 billion years old—6,000,000,000; Homo Sapiens at 300,000 years. about 0.0005% of that time.

Time is one of the tools people created for survival, it seems real to us because as individuals we have “duration,” a life time, which has a beginning and an end. We live in societies where the “durations” of people overlap which, through communication extends individual experiences beyond those unique to a single life—we have a history.

.Around us the universe moves and we differentiate and define its patterns, some hourly, some daily, monthly yearly, all human created periods of time based on sensual experiences and reason..

Yet for the universe there are no years, no days, one second and 6 billion years are the same, there is only The Universe, no time outside of it. That is what makes the title of the book “A Brief History of Time”so interesting.

There is not anything which is not the universe, so how can it be aware of itself when it is itself? I am therefore I am.

To suggest the universe is not aware of itself implies that we know this, which implies there is a subject and an object, something outside the universe—us— which knows the universe,—but we are part of the universe, not separate. The more we know about the universe the greater is the distance between the universe and us, and the greater is our alienation. It is being human that alienates ourselves from our true self.

Sometimes I feel lke a motherless child a long way from home..
This is where we get the concept of alienation, the idea that human individuals are separated from their original self, their “true self.” and that separation is why we , as individuals, suffer. The Genesis Story, Freud, Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, psychology’s “divided self.” the Buddhist notion of awakening the Buddha “naturally”inside each of us, and more.

Most of these “alienation theories” suggest alienation is the result of human social adaption which denies individual wants and needs for the needs of society for survival. Humans are social but alienation, like birth and death, is experienced individually. The notion that we are separated from our “ true natural self, “ real or not, through history seems to find meaning for many people..

Humans are a part of the universe—if there were no universe there would be no humans? and the universe appears to humans as being older than the history of humans, and perhaps of life itself.

My feeling is if the universe evolved (created) people to look at itself, then to get an objective assessment it had to separate itself from people —it created subject and object. Perhaps in a vain attempt to admire itself the universe created its own mirror—people—or perhaps more accurate, the process of seeing itself also created “alienated people. The Universe created perfect people and then in a vanity to see self turned them into alienated people.
Or just as likely, humans created the universe to have something which they could never full understand, a perpetual challenge so they would never get bored.

Japanese Pottery

Seto is a famous pottery area outside Nagoya—pottery in general may be referred when using the term seto-yaki, a fired-thing from Seto. Ki-seto, yellow seto, popular during the Momoyama period , usually has an overall yellow color with green spots and darker brown “scorch marks.”

Guro (or kuro) means black, Seto-guro is a black Seto fired thing. Oribe comes from the same area of Seto and Mino. Oribe is often a warm biege with green, often in drippings, and some dark brown brush drawing..

Bizen guinomi by Nakamura Mokoto, the Nakamura lip has a certain charm to it. Inside is often a unique alteration of the form, the edge may get thinner and a ridge forms—in the 9-12 quadrant below see the shadow of the ridge on the inside lip which you can feel with your tongue when drinking. the sake as it flows out of the guinomi over the ridge into the mouth.

I saw this E-karatsu guinomi in a Japanese online pottery store, it cost about $150 and the store only took US mail money orders, i.e. no credit cards, checks or Paypal, so I went to the Post Office, stood in line, bought the money order, sent it, and then . . . . the dealer never received it.
Some kind of an investigation took place and they figured it got delivered to the dealer in the next door store, no one knew where it was, but it was canceled and I had to send a new one but I had to wait 6-8 weeks to get a refund. The Japanese dealer just sent the guinomi to me with a note to send the money when the Post Office made the refund.. The clay is dark orange and the glaze is thicker and thinner, so in the thinly glazed areas the influence of the clay on the color varies.

I found this Hagi yunomi in a store out towards the end of Grant Street selling “Japanese stuff” —mostly not new and back when it was in style. It had a crack in it and he did not understand why I wanted it, I paid $5 , brought it home, filled it with leftover rice and a little water, let it sit for five days, cleaned it out and when you ping it with a finger it sounds solid and true— and holds hot tea as well.

Shigaraki pottery often has a charming roughness to it, small stones may be embed in the clay. When using this guinomi its feels like one moment when I felt thirsty I naturally reached over, grabbed a hunk of clay, formed it into a cup and now I am using it to drink—it feels immediate as if I am at the beginning of what pottery means in the evolution of human beings.

Chinese, not Japanese, rooster bowls are commonly seen in Chinese restaurants. Usually they are larger for soups, this one was smaller, and the curves gave it a softer more nuanced feel, and beside,s my zodiac animal is Rooster.

End Papers

I like the places my feet can take me, along Alameda Creek, the streets of San Francisco or Tokyo. Besides if you start at the top, my head, and work your way down my feet are at the end . . .and,

with my head on top , I usually see my feet against the background of the ground while the ground experiences me walking all over it, often with little or no regard for any damage I might be doing to it.

Indoor, outdoor, feet are reflected outside on the rubber sandals.

The last few lines of The Heart Sutra in old script brushed by Janney

Scene too, the last.

春江水暖 Spring

Snow ices are melting ,
River  are flowing ,
Ducks feel warming,
So they are playing.
This is my poem for my painting .


Dragon Festival

The Dragon Festival, (Longtaitou Festival 龙抬头 ) Happens on the second day of of the second month of the Chinese calendar, or around our first week in March. Its name means “Dragon raising its head” because the dragon was regarded as the deity in charge of rain, an important factor in ancient agriculture.

Dragon Festival paintings by Janney

This is an ancient Chinese festival to welcome the coming of Spring, the warming of the season and the rain for the spring planting.

Alameda Creek

I wonder when I realized my parents were human beings, then again sometimes when I look back on my life I think maybe I never did. At 75 years of age I wonder if the physical ailments I have are the same ones my father felt and do I remember knowing he was undergoing these same experiences?

Can I appreciate that other people around me are human beings? I have no answers to it because I am not sure what it means. If we are all human beings by our biological being than all of this good and bad behaviour which happened in the past is what it means to be a human being and will continue as long as there are people.

I am sot sure what that mean? No end to War and no end to compassion and empathy?

Walking along the Alameda Creek levee you can often see over the fence into the yard,

Its different for those who view that we are what we have been in the past than for those who see what we are is what we could be.

At the question of whether people are “naturally” good or “naturally” bad we get stuck defining the terms good and bad, the same behaviour is good when “we are doing it and “bad” when they are doing it— Zappa had a line:

“We are the other people,
We are the other people,
You are the other people too.”

Rulers usually see their laws as reasonable and necessary for order, while those being ruled see them as lacking justice. and preventing them from getting the same benefits of the order available to the rulers.

But there will be no peace
‘Till men get equal rights
Equal rights and justice
Equal rights
Equal rights and justice

Bob Marley

Japanese TV shows

Autism has had exposure on popular TV shows in Japan. They are not documentaries, but artistic expressions finding a place in popular media for a discussion subject which has been commonly avoided in society.

Walk With The Light is about young parents with a challenging autistic son, the extended family dynamics and finding professional help to seek a workable future path.

Things You Taught Me features a young functioning autistic woman who is finding herself as she follows her dream of becoming a weather reporter, learning to navigate in society as well as about who she is as a person, including feeling love for a man amid normal the family dynamics that develop. This TV series, however shallow the characters, bring to a common front important issues for discussion.

End Matter

A hole formed inside the spout of the kitchen sink, I am 75 years old, never saw it happen before, and for the first3time in my life I hired someone to install a new faucet. I did not want to lay on my side, my ribs pressing onthe edge of the bottom of the cupboard under the sink with my hands held up n the air holding up this and screwing that and wishing I was a Hindu deity with another arm & hand. So I wrapped a sponge around it, secured it with a automobile tube clamp for a day and made this photograph

Trade shows and start ups and for me there were graphics tp be designed, not these in this image though,

School is out in Oakland Chinatown district. A printer I often used was located near the area and between press checks I might walk over and have lunch or just browse and spend some time.

A Japanese gold welcome-for-business-cat sits in the window watching the birds on the street.

My mother had a stroke with substantial memory loss and developed Expressive Aphasia. Sometimes we would look at her albums of photographs. She is stroking the image of my father, high school sweethearts and her husband of 60 years.My parents were nakodo when they lived in Japan.

I don’t know if seeing these photos of her life touched any memories for her, but we did it anyway. I left the books in her room but I never noticed that she looked at them while I was gone. Still, it seemed a good idea to m e and we often did it. Sometimes I would buy “child safe” cute things at the Daiso store and leave them around her room to discover on her own. She was curious person so it seemed like a good idea to create some discovery experiences for her when she was on her own.

Seeing feet realizes they connect me to the ground

and help me keep my head up high

Can you remember how you felt before you were born?
Is that the emptiness in The Heart Sutra’s “emptiness is form and form is emptiness”?

Still if there is another side to cross over to, once you are there will you want to cross over (back) to the other side, the one from where you came.? Buddha, do not leave me with such there will always be another answer and another question.

from the last few lines of The Heart Sutra brushed by Janney

More is know less no more


The Chinese Lantern Festival , a 2000 year old tradition, is held around this time, the fifteenth day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar or the 26th— last Friday. For the children there were lanterns, riddles and, dancing lions and dragons, and for everyone, a full moon.

Brush painting by Janney

Design is about creating and then resolving visual tension. Creating visual tension attracts the eye, it is interesting, it can be either or both, related to the common content ·what is it—where, when etc— or the visual elements of line, shape, texture, etc.

Sometimes the line, color, shape, texture are interesting in themselves, they are the image..

Alameda Creek

It is difficult to make blanket statements about causes which have meaning, the more specific they are, the less general or common they are.and the meaning is increasingly diluted..

Rubber necking on the highway, it commonly happens and always there is someone to comment that it “means people are morbid,” the commenter is trying to put a “content” meaning on it implying people enjoy seeing other people suffering. But some people are, some are not, some are just stuck in the traffic line and others maybe concerned about danger, but it clear that there is a visual interest which attracts the eye.

It is a tension, not necessarily good or bad, its just most people want resolve that tension, connect the dots . . . answer the question . . . solve the riddle. The viewer is interested because there is a question. Resolution means the viewer finds an answer. In successful design this is all done unconsciously, the viewer just “knows without thinking” the question and the answer.

its a photograph, and one part of that tension is, What is it?

For some a photograph is a record of a moment of time—a feeling of happiness, a wedding, a Pulitzer Prize image, a portrait of someone famous or infamous, a moment of personal achievement. Sometimes its some quality of the subject, enhanced, unique, an artistic image of some everyday thing or something we have never seen before such as an aerial image of patterns.

I think my images do not make judgements about the subjects . .
and the whole photograph is the subject, not any “thing, or sub-subject in it..

Design likes odd numbers which can always be reduced into two more and less groups, movement and stillness, large and small, anything which makes the viewer unconsciously, feel a question and seek an answer—this is visual interest.

Unconsciously? without thinking?. Humans have instincts, with a complex biological database-like relationship between the senses and the brain. The body is like radar, senses are always working but only call it to the attention of the brain when there is a reason, a sensual question which cannot be answered or the answer needs thinking. When you wake in the morning, sit up, put your feet on the floor and then stand up, you never think  “Will this floor hold me?”. Yet when the floor gives out your body knows it without thinking and responds..

Finding relationships and “causes for things to happen” is a successful pragmatic for survival but in the universe its just the universe, there are no reasons or causes or effects.

Things are this way or that way, there may or not be a “cause” but there is a relationship and for survival humans, as do other living things, have learned to increase their chances for survival by avoiding harm, and found successful in relating causes to danger. Its a tool of survival., if humans did not do it they would not have survived . . .

Still even after you have past the memory, Heart Sutra lingers on:
In this case, Shaariputra,
form is voidness and voidness is itself form;
voidness is not different from form, and form is not different from voidness;
that which is form is voidness, and that which is voidness is form.

Less is know more no less

Line is no line, color is no color, texture is no texture, form is no form.

A simple example of contrasting odd numbers, three mountains and five antelopes, or including reflections can be seen. as seven antelopes. Three mountains in groups of 1 and 2, and five antelopes in groups of 3 a2 or 3 and 4, the three are moving and the two are drinking.The mountains which are bigger in “real life” while than the smaller antelopes are bigger in the weaving, contrasting “illogical” big and small to create perspective.

Janney‘s painting also uses a creative sense of design— Surprise, The “empty space” is in the middle. It uses the elements of the Lantern Festival—the moon, lanterns swinging from tree branches and vendor stalls, and the children on a road to adventure, one with her lantern urges the other onward as the rhythm of the color red calls them up the road.

Japanese TV shows

I have been enjoying Japanese TV shows for decades. In the 1980s a local TV station broadcast them on Saturday and Sunday evenings and They stopped broadcasting about 2008 and I would buy them on DVD to play with an all region modified DVD player. Later thanks to WWW was able to get more from direct downloads. 

Sources  started to dry up. For years I have heard from others how great Netflix is and two months ago I read about the “great five new Japanese TV shows” on Netflix,, and from the PR description, they sounded interesting so I subscribed.

Most Japanese TV shows easily available in US , such as from Netflix, Amazon, or Raku are bizarre anime, violent horror or young people falling in love with stupid sex stuff. The only redeeming factor for me was that Netflix had some of the Midnight Diner series, but I already owned it, and watched again so not feel cheated, but after four weeks I canceled.

Japanese TV, like TV everywhere, is lowest common denominator. However some of the Japanese shows, in my opinion, have other redeeming qualities. In Still, Life Goes On as a child the young man lost his young sister to a brutal sex crime and murder committed by the older brother of the woman. Time passed, people moved on, the killer brother, now an adult, is released from prison, the couple meets, first without knowing their relationship, later discovering it, and having to deal with their feelings about themselves, towards each other and, in the past of shame and in the ugly head of recidivism, face challenges to their commitments and obligations to their family members and each other.

In Mother a young woman, with her own mother psychological baggage discovers a child in the garbage—wrapped & sealed in a black garbage bag— and undertakes a picaresque mission to protect the child, winding through a web of mothers so the viewer sees what it means to be a mother from different perspectives

If only people would do what I tell them to do, the world would be at peace, I guess its the same for 7.647 billion other people except the world would not be at peace, there is no way any one person can get every one else in the world to do things , though that does not seem to stop those who aspire to be political authortatians, dictators, who seek to use political power to force others do what they want. And knowledge, pragmatism and just common sense do not work either—especially look at the so-called “religious” groups who think “their “rights or perhaps “rites” is a better word, are being denied because as a group they want to spread the Covid disease in the name of worshipping their god. A lesson learned, you cannot even get the paid help not to leave the door open.

The side of San Francisco building on a corner on a Market Street corner, up near Civic Center, painting by Alicia McCarthy. I had an interesting conversation about this work with her father one day, not knowing it was him, we talked as if we were strangers who had just met on the street.

Mal Sharpe (April 2, 1936 – March 10, 2020) at the Savoy Tivoli across Columbus Ave on Grant Street, North Beach. Sometimes on a Saturday I would be walking around San Francisco, and late in the after noon work my way over to the Savoy Tivoli where for years a Mal Sharpe, playing trombone and band would be performing. For years on Lous Armstrong’s birthday he would put together a band— I have three CDs from three different performances.

Whatever about Mal Sharpe it would be great a understatement to say he enjoyed playing music, he enjoyed performing, and people enjoyed listening to him and whatever group of musicians he got join him. At the Tivoli the front of the bar was open to the street where the crowd on the sidewalk often blocked the way. Later I was told that the performances were stopped because the computer hi-tech new residents did not like the “noise” on a Saturday afternoon.

The gate of no gate, the person of no person, the light of no darkness, how to no my self.

Gate Gate, paragate,
Bodhi svaha