Mind hiding fore matter

Almost everyday I fast walk four miles along Alameda Creek between Beard Road  Staging  Area and Isherwood. I don’t mind it.


At home with my evening meal  I like to drink sake using “japanese folk pottery”—Nihon Rokkoyo.

A Bizen  tokkuri and a Mashiko guinomi are a fun combination.


As is Bizen and Kuo-Oribe. Bizen uses ash glaze, the tokkuri below is the father,  the one above is the son.  While using a tokkuri from one  kiln and a guinomi from another makes an interesting visual experience, its the tactile experience that is sought after. Bizen feels rough and with oribe  everytime you pick it up you  experience something new about the shape


Oribe tokkuri and a Setoguro  guinomi. I prefer “functional pottery.”   Functional  pottery and more so high fire pottery was a major human creation that enable people to survive and grow. Functional pottery used everyday as basic tools of survival and thankfully great potters who made the everyday experience more meaningful  than just another tool. I do not see how something that sits in a museum where the “potter” calls himself (or herself ) an “artist because they made  something meant to not be used but to be looked and admired?”just misses the point.


But then again fake news is knowhere and you have to respond for yourself.


Hui-neng (惠能) was the Sixth Patriarch of Chan, he could not read or write, maybe he was not educated  into thinking he actually knew something.

Imagine before printing, a book  was written—first draft, editing , second draft, layout and design, all done at once, any editing was done in the second printing and  as they were hand printed”  the first one and the second were not the same. After printing every edition was the same, until after it was read  when it was “personalized” not by the author or published, but by the reader.  Yesterday inHalf Price Bookstore clearance section for $2 I got a copy of Frankenstein: Or The Modern  Prometheus. There was no new layout or typesetting, rather the pages of a previous early printing was photocopied. Its been many years since I read it,

“I learned that the possessions most esteemed by your fellow creatures were, high and unsullied descent united with riches. A man might be respected with only one of these advantages; but without either, he was considered , except in very rare instances ,as a vagabond and a slave, doomed to waste his powers for the profits of the chosen few! ”


After awhile or a while after, or perhaps  it was actually before, Hui-neng was lucky he was not asked to cut off his arm like Huike (大祖慧可), maybe he was not educated to mind..


For my celph , I just  try   to keep my feet on the ground


And blind my mind to line my ways


We all may start out the same but too much exposure makes each of us an individual. These are images of something we see everyday—the top of the letter “S” (in one case the bottom) in the word “STOP” painted on the street. Laws of Entropy? or nature just cannot control itself.


Beautox and silly cones

I was trying to remember what it felt like to kill someone . . its an exercise I do, remembering something that never happened.


You might be inclined to ask,  “Is it better to eat or not to eat before undertaking this kind of effort?.” Is it better to be hungry and work harder to finish faster or be physically  satisfied and only driven by your own choices?

Or maybe not driven all,  just meaningless incoherent dead ends


Many people treat “culture” as a noun defined by a bunch of  things such as you migh tfind in a museum, listen to at iTunes, behaviour at dinner . . .


You might also think it aa field, like in the term  gravitational field,  things  larger and smaller in space and they could be dropping  but just be being where they are it appears something  (we call gravity)  holds them in place, there is a predicable structure to their positions  in space and while  its always changing, we can predict the changes.

Wherever people are in a group, i.e. family, clan, village, city,  short term, long term, the interactive  behaviour  of the individuals  generates a structure of human behaviour, a structure of society.  Its always conservative as it is generated by past (or trailing) behavior.  When change occurs there is a meeting, but what causes changes?


Living in the suburbs , walking along,  looking or just enjoying the changes along Alameda Creek ,


I have lived here for 25 years, walked tens of thousands of miles,


And it changes all the time.


Circles make it simpler.


its just one continual change  the never ending, never the same while  ever the same . .


Little differences, smaller meanings where my androids, while plotting my demise, dream of electric ecstasy.


While the blue is the same color, the small circles appear darker, we learned that in color class , an important skill for designing posters  when to make the   small type and large  type visually look the same color you make the smaller type lighter or the larger type darke.


Corners are still corners . . .


and I change all the time too, but no one notices, my feelings   get bigger or smaller depending on where you see me but people still think its the same me as was seen   before.




Remorseless refractions reframed

Marshal McLuhan tells the story of  two women approaching on a side walk, one pushing a baby carriage.  They meet, stop, the single women says “What a beautiful baby!” The mother replies, “Oh, you should see the photographs.”


Professionally I was a graphic designer working both periods of pre computer and computer creating  logos,  corporate communications , B2B packaging and consumer packaging. Photographs were about visual representations of reality.  Sometimes I made them myself, pre-computer I would sketch out the images, get client approval and then hire a professional and post computer royalty free images became the dominant source, 



Even way back when, before I became a designer,  circa1970, I wondered why  was  I here and  not there, even though I did not know where there was, much less understood where was here.


I had not learned the word when or why yet, so I enjoyed meeting people I did not no . . .


and seeing friends through my lens lightly


Everyday I walk on the Alameda Creek trail, I enter at the Beard Rd staging area, mostly I go east but sometimes I go west, and I walk four miles at a fast pace . . .


but at 74 years the pace gets slower and slower.  Its different every day,


But my memory gets sharper even while the reality becomes increasingly  blurry.


Its fun when I am in a store and someone approaches me to say “You are that persoa who I see walking on the trail every day.”


I saw these Rune-like  markings in San Francisco at what looked like a sleeping place for homeless people,


Perhaps a forgotten  Rothko moment in San Francisco, South Beach area, and over the top of the wall  which you cannot not see  in the photograph, you can see the Sales Force building.


I read in a book that the reason  I look at my feet is  because  it just makes me feel good inside to look down on other people or myself  . . .


An at least its an acceptable  reason for not doing the work on time


But some would say we live in a different time from when I grew up, a time calling for new answers to the same old problems . . .


Or old answers to knew  problems or maybe  just stop seeing problems.

















Artistical inspite of technicality

Today anyone using a camera can express something  visually complex. Human beings have been around for over 400,000 years while most  people being able to express something visually complex has been around for barely  120 years,  arbitrarily choosing the introduction of the Brownie Camera in 1900.


Expressing oneself visually and expressing oneself artistically are not the same thing and the former is necessary to  achieve the latter while being able to express yourself artistically is not necessary  to express yourself visually.


Many people will have different definitions for what “artistic” means but most will approach agreement concerning  what technical means. Is that photograph just a recording of a moment in time or does it have meaning that I don’t over or understand?


One difference is that to merit artistic accomplishment among  viewers there will be a shared experience, a common feeling.  When  viewers experience an artistic piece of  Art—which is technically proficient—they experience a common feeling.


Many people might say that “Art is in the eye the beholder” but people are not clones, they are dynamic and different. Popular has a lowest common denominator position, the less  you  have to say the more it will appeal to a larger group, while if you  have nothing to say it may not appeal to anyone or if you have something really substantial to say it may require that the viewer be sophisticated (have a developed knowledgable standard).

Do you use your camera to invade the private moments of others? Is the camera expressing a feeling or just what you (and out people) would have seen had your eyes been in the position of the camera lens.


Maybe the camera and you are looking down on me, thinking probably I am too old for this job or that I have been promoted up the professional  ladder until I reached the job for which I was not qualified and just left there waiting to retire.


Some simply  prefer pickled salted mackerel on ekaratsu.


Some of these are no longer with us, and some were potted by Gary Holt from  Berkeley. One American-shino style bowl is of a set of four, found in a local museum of art in Roswell sometime in the 1980s.

Generally in the morning I eat fruit,— we have various fruit trees for much of the year” raison, almonds, granola and milk . . .no Japanese pottery here,  only a few Chinese noodle soup bowls with an image of  rooster—in a Chinese restaurant  you may get served with one of these bowls as they have been  used in restaurants for many years. While mine are old, you can get them cheaply in a Chinese goods store.


Or sometimes I have natto.  This is a Kuro-Oribe chawan— a black Oribe kiln tea bowl.


Designs, made using a photo shadow  image of myself taking an image of myself  It puts  me  in the company of like minded clones


I am not too likely to wander away  frustrated and in rage when I just don’t get it,  the blind bleeting the blind, it is a safer position  than the one  left behind.


Everywear I look the universe looks the same, whenever I look it looks the same, how I look, it looks the same, its enough to drive me sane.


Some thought I was having too much fun to get hit, and even though they said it was their independent judgment and they were just being  honest, my feelings were hurt.


We all have our own struggles, these two arrived  from Appalachia in a car almost out of gas,  barely running,  had not eaten for days . . .


McLuhan wrote about two women approaching each other, one behind a baby buggy. When they meet one says “What a beautiful baby!,” to which the other replies, “Oh but you should see the photographs.”


And then just color is enough, at least it doesn’t make me feel a lone.











Fleeing my being fore less

On another day it might have been a lasting memory, standing there outside it seemed sad, like the way a dog feels when finding a cold in the nose.


The complexities of Troying to keep it out, would the wall close enough to filter out  those hiding to seek.


That was why I thought to write a letter to record my last words before I die . . .


when then, or perhaps it was a few days later or even befour,  I could not find any to say bye which I wanted to be remembered.


You could decide for yourself  if I were to write them, then again bye the words not written here you can imagine where, wear and ware and no, the meaning not there,  before I could, should or would.


I thought if I just looked hard enough, there was a place for me and you, together, it did not matter if anyone found us, hiding was not necessary when we did not care to see them, and explicitly not to invite them over for dinner or on a Sunday drive in  the country.


Instead it was always outside, on the street without hopes or dreams and with commitments and obligations that know one, or two or  three (n, n1, n2, . . .) wanted.


I address you You’re Excellency, but will not ask for what I knead, that would give you power to hurt me, never more, never more . . .


This would be how you would see my last words when.