Know tomorrow like yesturday

I never rode a cable car in San Francisco, though often I  like to stand on the corners at California and Powell. California Street going west and Powell Street going North are steeply rising. The traffic control  is a traffic  light on  each corner, usually blinking red, however some of the , instead of showing a round red light, show a red  “X.” Pedestrians and drivers sometimes get confused.


I never rode the cable car, it costs $7.00 to ride it, I’m too old to be comfortable paying that much money to ride something when I could walk, so I will probably never ride one. It looks as if these people might be a little board.

The I’s have it

San Francisco  evening, when I lived in New England, and for the first few years I was in California I used to hike in “backwoods area” but for the past 30 years I have found myself walking , you could call it hiking, around San Francisco.

Christmas week in San Francisco

Not pitching a tent for the night, of course, but taking BART ( Bay Area Rapid Transit) somewhere in SanFrancisco and then walking around, usually back to Market and a Bart Station before the bay tunnel.

Color, line, shape, texture, value

My feet sometimes feel like they belong somewhere else, sometimes its somewhere I do not want to be and the compromise is I get something to eat.

Feels, don’t fail me now

Some wear, sum save


It takes a little effort to see everything in this image, its in the window of a second hand store along S.Virginia Street in Reno.


It is the New Year,  we wish us all the best for 2018.

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