Able, lessable and miserable

Eighteen days in Tokyo, I am not is interested in strange people or people doing strange things. How is it people live, how do they behave most of the time,


Making  cents of it four sense,


or just looking fore a sign, another leading indicator,


it does not matter if it is a sign from God, or just a gut feeling about the next place to eat and you can get a good helping of sake here.


The separations between us  whether physical, imaginable or  emotionable, are dis-sustainable, and they can leave us misunderstandable  or better yet, happy.


Why wait for others, they  are always coming from  different places while going to different places, each of these people while waiting are think about something and we do not know what it is they are thinking about, yet we do know, though sometimes we forget, they have thoughts and feelings, they get hungry,  need to sleep and  have to pee and poop.


You are perfectly right if you think none of this makes any sense, and you are perfectly right when you find that there are many times when you have to make sense of it, i.e. you have to make decisions.


and live with the consequences of those decisions.


To me or not to me

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