Rode and tired

Legacy country images from my lost youth when I could wander not knowing, and not caring,  what was around the curve in the road, What kind of house, what kind of people live there,  what is it like to lie in the bed  late at night  the sound of an approaching car, at first just distant, then approaching from far away, the sound becoming more and more,  it goes bye, the sound becoming less and less until its silent  again except in the summer when the insects  serenade all night. These buildings were filled with human experiences and  memories.


For lack of interest I might take a ride in a van, at night sleeping in a road side park , you could do that  in the 1960s. It seemed knot knowing what  is around the korner  was new and exciting but after 50 more years of life, no matter what I am doing everyday is like that,  I have  just learned  to  conveniently avoid it, acting as if it wasn’t really so, it just creates worries.


A big Maine house, probably built  add-on by add-on, and like any old rural house, being without central heating  can get cold in the winter, but its a beautiful house to IMAGINE living in.


The road not taken if I remember correctly, after making this image I turned around—more than once— I thought the memory was better and only disappointment was somewhere around the curve.


In August, when the corn is over your head, and you can buy it fresh picked at the farmer’s roadside stand, no one there, just leave the money in the can, those days too are gone, wear to? I don’t know, I guess that’s why some people like to have a God who will tell such answers.


Maine, what is here? a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath  and another bedroom and storage  on the second floor.


Vermont, early spring, early morning, too early in my life…


Western Minnesota, the buildings  and the spacings between them look as if  they grew out of the ground, each laying claim to  its personal space around them.


Western Massachusetts tobacco drying barns at sunrise, this was about 1970, I do not know if these are still there, and if they are, would they still be used for their original purpose, though cigarettes are still smoked around the world.


A soft summer’s day, broken windows  and a lonely barn.


In the same view if you were a person standing here, or to a wide angle lens you would see a medium size shopping center.


Another Maine house probably built add-on by add-on, as needed, perhaps life is like that, one add-on after another.



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