Ill lose shun or just another rejected remedy

Its a photograph!!,


an image created by passing light through a lens.  Its process like silk screen or etching.


A moment in time, a visual record that I can see over and over again


I was told this  young man died in a car accident in NYC  shortly after this photo was taken in Western Massachusetts  about 1972.



Almost everyday I walk along Alameda Creek trail, twelve years ago when I started I used to do four miles in about 50 minutes, now its about 70 minutes


Its still as real as it was then, but its a photograph . . .


of something, a photograph of a house is also a photograph of the sky, of trees, but people will generally, when they say its a photograph of _______ they say  its a photograph of the most complete, comprehensive  thing in the image,


Perhaps they say it that way because  people commonly assume a photograph is an image of something , its really a thing.


What is a thing?? We all know what a thing is, daily we use the word  even when we do not know what it means, or even when we do not share a common meaning..


Think of all the nouns we have in our language, and that languages all over the world have nouns.


Sky, clouds, and feet




People, usually  hired by the government,  put paint  on the streets and as time goes by it wears expressing something different than its original purpose


There can be all kinds of things make up one  thing — pottery


Loneliness is a thing,


A chance interaction?; a professional relationship?;  neighbors meeting in the park?


There should have been  moments when I took my self  seriously when  I could not connect future and present and was hiding from past.


The camera is a window to see into yourself or  its just a joke or a sutra or Gutei’s finger.


It was said of Gutei:

Gutei cheapens the teaching of Tenryū,
Emancipating the boy with a knife.
Compared to the Chinese god who pushed aside a mountain with one hand
Old Gutei is a poor imitator.


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