De-zens aties

Ira Harmon

Going through some of my packed-away stuff, I came some flats, story created and drawn by Ira Harmon sometime in the early 1980s. I like how he uses line and point of view while no words are needed to tell the story. Its not just that the things—the cars, buildings, people, trees—are there, the design of the things, including the design of light and dark, leads the eye through the page. And consider, a car chase between a Delorean and a Bug?

Not sure how I came to be in possession of them. At the time we both lived in the same six apartment building downtown San Jose. it was an older style eleven blocks east on Santa Clara.

Link to the comic

Website, has information about comics, fantasy films, reference and links to a variety of media creativity and even some drawing lessons.

Alameda Creek

I’d say the law is a set of rules  to make things run smoother,  written out so everyone knows what they are and what the penalties are . The rules hold for a lawman the same as anyone else  even more so . . . A prisoner in custody  is not able to take care of himself, its up to  the law to take care of him.”

Matt Dillion, Gunsmoke from Categorical Imperative   radio broadcast 01-20-1957

William Conrad voiced the role on the radio (1952-1961) if ever there was the voice of Matt Dillion his was surely it, however for the TV series he was said to be too short and too round—qualities which he embraced on his successful TV show Cannon.

I was born in 1945, I do not remember ever listening— myself, with my family or with friends to the old time radio shows or even anyone talking about them —though my father used to like Bob and Ray but that was a 15 minute comedy show in the 1950s, not a weekly radio story such as Fibber McGee and Molly, Henry Aldrich, Our Miss Brooks or Palladin —the last two also had their own TV series.

Law?? The King’s Law, the Khan’s Law, God’s Law, Natural Law, the Laws of Science ? Or political laws of a sovereign geo-political nation-state with taxpayer funded police and military.

For Nietzsche law was a tool for elites to control society. For Hobbes and Chinese Legalists law is a tool for controlling the base instincts of human nature using police action and jail.

What are laws and why do we have them?
To maintain order?
Why do we need order?
To survive?
What is order?

Order is when a group of people has food, shelter and survives over generations. I call it a society as individual behaviour interacts like a network.with each other. Order happens when individuals behave in a way that enables my definition above and t3hey survive—They do not kill each other; they “work” to get food and water; they ”co-operate” with each other .

The history of humans on Earth is the story of every human being who ever lived is not a story of being getting everyone to be good, but a story of Can the good overcome the bad?

Individuals must make behaviourial concessions to their own needs as well as the needs of society, be it family, spouse, parents, work etc.

Looking at the range of various societies which make up human history gives a sense of what individuals are willing to concede? or submit? As well as what people are willing to do to or for others to get something they want.

The idea of Democracy is not that the majority gets to impose their will on the minority, the assumption of majority and minority are not part of it.

words words words words

Society is made up of individuals who can understand their own situation in life, evaluate their life options and express them with others in communication, and learn to find a common ground which benefits the most possible for society at the least cost to individuals or at least those individuals who actively participate in the democratic process.

Success is when few enough individuals are so dissatisfied they are willing to commit acts which disrupt the society that they are just minor criminals and not seeking to overthrow the political power of the society. Maybe that is as good as it gets.


Street photography, what you can see on the street . . .

What you can see from the street . . .

No work, no eat—maybe some would think that child labor laws discriminate against the opportunuty for children to work 40, or 50, or 60 hours a week. Are homeless a part of our society or are they the enemy —

imagine being someone’s enemy and your own enemy at the same time —the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or imagine being 14 years old and for 10 hours a day be painting roosters and flowers on some potter’s bowls . . .

Lewis Hine

Better here cleaning up the garbage, or may be even dumpster diving behind The Simpsons Simpson’s studio

Shado blankets

I made images of my shadow, often you could see my head and the camera in my hand. Using those images I made repeating shado images to make patterns on something like I imagined Navajo Blankets.

How many dimensions is a shadow? You could say two dimensions but it takes three dimensions to make a shadow, its not just the surface but something has to block the light going to the surface.

When you think about dimensions there are no two dimensional things—except a shadow—or even one dimensional things; these are concepts we use as tools for understanding, communicating and making things.

People sensually (see, hear, taste. touch and smell) experience the universe in the three or four (space-time) dimensions, maybe we will never know any other way to experience the Universe. At same time we a part of the Universe, life through each of us is the Universe experiencing itself.

Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha

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