Sat till light

There are pieces of your life which I will never know, and pieces of my life which you will never know. Its often a problem of knowing, What does it mean to be a human being??? A paper bag which is 100% recyclable and a man whose  life is not.


The following patterns were made with images from “My Shado” series, each pattern begins with photo of my shadow and the camera.






An optical illusion, the horizantal lines are parallel . . .






Ki-seto tokkuri and Seto-guro  guimoni. While porcelain was used in Kyo -yaki —pottery  for use by the wealthy ruling class in Kyoto— the “folk kilns” still had not developed high fire. Potters in Seto/Mino area  attempted to duplicate Chinese celadon and developed this ki-seto, or yellow seto which was high fire, meaning the glaze vitrifies (melts into  glass)  and the container holds liquid—very useful!.

To measure why was going on in the kiln potters made little throwaway pots sticking them uneasy to reach places in the kiln to be pulled out  at various times during the firing process to measure the progress of the firing. It seems one day someone stuck one in water, it turned black  and Seto guro (black Seto) was born. They complement each other  and are  great for drinking sake.


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