Other than you, or me.

‘We are the other people.
‘We are the other people.
You are the other people too.
Got to get through to you.

Frank Zappa

Some San Francisco images, people sitting inside and legs and buildings standing outside. It makes no difference who they are, or that I will never see them again, nor that they have no idea what I see, as I have no idea what they see.

With all the shapes and colors running free , there are people on a street corner waiting for a traffic light, talking to each other, probably in Chinatown or maybe across Broadway.

Russian Hill looking East, Transamerica building is off the page on the right side. A photograph never shows you the complete picture., there is always something left out,. AND there is always something unexpected.

Shadow of a tree on the side of a building, with windows

Alameda Creek

When the hog’s were hung to cool,
the hog’s bladders were cleaned and blown up,
then given to us children to play with,
as children play with balloons today.

FEEDING OUR FAMILIES Memories of Hoosier Homemakers Violet David, 79, Brown County Eleanor Arnold, editor, published 1983

I walk along Alameda Creek almost every day. I don’t know why .just because its here, and I don’t want to drive anymore, especially on highway 880.

So I see this same stuff everyday, some days I go left, some days right, but its ok, its just a walk,. Any direction I go I am still me.

Mind is the root of the myriad phenomena.
All phenomena are born from mind.
If you can completely comprehend mind
the myriad practices are complete.

Treatise on Contemplating Mind Bodhidharma translated by JC Cleary

Some days I see people I know, . . .

Somedays I meet new people, sometimes people just walk by ignoring me, perhaps talking on their phone, or maybe they just want to be left alone or maybe I just do not look interesting to them.

I don’t mean for my photographs to make it seem as if the people are not important . . .

They all are important, I like to see them as if I was not there, not to spy on them or stalk them, its the shape , color and gesture that interest me, or just give me pleasure.

There is one man, I only see him from across the water. First I hear him clapping to get my attention, and he walks about 50 yards waving his arms and clapping his hands as I intermittently wave back. This has been going on for about two years and I have never been on the same side of the water as him

Things in dream simply happen. The true artist gives rational order to these private images so that others can can comprehend and identify with them. In essence, good art fixes in space and time the floating realities of dreams, integrated by conceptual thought, allowing us, as we do in our dreams, but in a more disciplined manner, to explore realities that lie deeper than reason can penetrate.

Space and Spirit in Modern Japan Barrie B .Greenbrie

There is no need to feed the sort of person who is never hungry,
even on an empty belly.
Likewise, the person who always wants more,
even on a full stomach.

Rosanjin UNCOMMON CLAY The life and Pottery of Rosanjin Sidney B. Gardozo/Masaki Hirano

I wear Levis or kahki pants,, When I was young Levis were $3.05, and only the shrink-to-fit were available.. I think each mother’s dryer was different, so you had trial & error the correct size for your personal situation.


I baked bread since I was a— — could reach the table to knead the dough. And we didn’t use a recipe. And we didn’t have a thermometer on the oven. You put your hand in and felt and learned whether it felt hot enough to bake. And I learned to bake when you made as much as 12 loaves of bread at a time. That’s how I learned to bake bread.

FEEDING OUR FAMILIES Memories of Hoosier Homemakers Edna Winter Pulaski County Eleanor Arnold, editor, published 1983

Walking west from Ueno, Park a green grocer on a Tokyo side street .

Picking up the acorns
the temple boy of Yokawa
in his hour of leisure.


I bought some sake from Shigaraki prefecture and added a guinomi and tokkuri to make a picture

To make food taste better put it in a better serving dish. . . .
There should be artwork in the room,
either paintings or calligraphy—
the more artistically elevated the better—
to provide nourishment for the soul and
the development of character.

Rosanjin UNCOMMON CLAY The life and Pottery of Rosanjin Sidney B. Gardozo/Masaki Hirano

Mother and I always canned 400-500 quarts of things every summer. iI was always our aim to get 100 quarts of tomatoes and 100 quarts of beans canned to serve during the winter.

FEEDING OUR FAMILIES Memories of Hoosier Homemakers Agnes Bell 85, Hamilton County Eleanor Arnold, editor, published 1983

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha


2 thoughts on “Other than you, or me.

  1. 501 Shrink-to-fits became my go-to pants in high school when I got my final growth spurt to 6’-4” and only weighed 145 pounds (wringing wet). 30” waist and 40” inseams that shrank to 36 or 37 inches! Levi’s cords came in 36” inseams so those worked for church. JCPenney jeans were the standard before that, but once I got tall I got to wear what everyone else wore in the early 1970s. I may have been unusually tall and skinny but at least got to wear Levis! 50 years later and preshrunk 501s are my daily wear. The waist is now 32, but needs a belt after one days wear after laundry! And I’m slipping below 6’ 4” by a few fractions. And if the nurse lets me step on the scale with shoes on I can still get up to 145 pounds.

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    1. I remember before 6th grade (about 1956) the JCPenny jeans were worn until the 6th grade and then the “big boys” wore the levis. I still wear them now.. the 501s with button fly or the 505 pre washed with zipper. Popular at my school then was the JCPenny teal shirt. My mother thought wearing blue jeans to school was not appropriate so I used to keep them in my locker and put them on when I got to school. In junior high it was popular to “peg” the pants leg—rip the seams out and sew them up skinny to be tight around the leg. I learned how to use a sewing machine and used to make money doing it for other guys. There was a time we used to bleach them and get white jeans. The school I graduated from we used to have to wear coat and tie everyday. In my life I have owned one suit, bought when I started my business in 1980, traditional 3 button suit, and vest, I have worn it so few times it still looks like new now, I liked that Steve Jobs legitimized levis and turtle neck shirt.My clients were all hi tech anyway in Silicon Valley so it worked out fine.

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